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GIS for Health and the Environment

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Table of contents

1. Exploratory Spatial Analysis Methods in Cancer Prevention and Control
Gerard Rushton

2. Environmental Risk Factor Diagnosis for Epidemics
Jin-feng Wang

3. A Study on Spatial Decision Support Systems for Epidemic Disease Prevention Based on ArcGIS
Kun Yang, Shung-yun Peng, Quan-li Xu, Yan-bo Cao

4. Development of a Cross-Domain Web-based GIS Platform to Support Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases
Cheong-wai Tsoi

5. A GIS Application for Modeling Accessibility to Health Care Centers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Abdulkader Murad

6. Applying GIS in Physical Activity Research: Community ‘Walkability’ and Walking Behaviors
Ester Cerin, Eva Leslie, Neville Owen, Adrian Bauman

7. Objectively Assessing’ Walkability’ of Local Communities: Using GIS to Identify the Relevant Environmental Attributes
Eva Leslie, Ester Cerin, Lorinne duToit, Neville Owen, Adrian Bauman

8. Developing Habitat-suitability Maps of Invasive Ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia.L) in China Using GIS and Statistical Methods
Hao Chen, Lijun Chen, Thomas P. Albright

9. An Evaluation of a GlS-aided Garbage Collection Service for the Eastern District of Tainan City
Jung-hong Hong, Yue-cyuan Deng

10. A Study of Air Quality Impacts on Upper Respiratory Tract Diseases
Huey-hong Hsieh, Bing-fang Hwang, Shin-jen Cheng, Yu-ming Wang

11. Spatial Epidemiology of Asthma in Hong Kong
Franklin F. M. So, P. C. Lai

12. An Alert System for Informing Environmental Risk of Dengue Infections
Ngai Sze Wong, Chi Yan Law, Man Kwan Lee, Shui Shan Lee, Hui Lin

13. GIS Initiatives in Improving the Dengue Vector Control
Mandy Y. F. Tang, Cheong-wai Tsoi

14. Socio-Demographic Determinants of Malaria in Highly Infected Rural Areas: Regional Influential Assessment Using GIS
Devi. Prashanthi, C. R. Ranganathan, S. Balasubramanian

15. A Study of Dengue Disease Data by GIS Software in Urban Areas of Petaling Jaya Selatan
Mokhtar Azizi Mohd Din, Md. Ghazaly Shaaban, Taib Norlaila, Leman Norariza

16. A Spatial-Temporal Approach to Differentiate Epidemic Risk Patterns
Tzai-hung Wen, Neal H Lin, Katherine Chun-min Lin, I-chun Fan, Ming-daw Su, Chwan-chuen King

17. A “Spatiotemporal Analysis of Heroin Addiction” System for Hong Kong
Phoebe Tak-ting Pang, Lee Phoebe, Wai-yan Leung, Shui-shan Lee, Hui Lin

18. A Public Health Care Information System Using GIS and GPS: A Case Study of Shiggaon
Ashok Hanjagi, Priya Srihari, A.S. Rayamane

19. GIS and Health Information Provision in Post-Tsunami Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Paul Harris, Dylan Shaw

20. Estimating Population Size Using Spatial Analysis Methods
A. Pinto, V. Brown, K. W. Chan, I. F. Chavez, S. Chupraphawan, R. F. Grais, P. C. Lai, S. H. Mak, J. E. Rigby, P. Singhasivanon

21. Avian Influenza Outbreaks of Poultry in High Risk Areas of Thailand, June-December 2005
K. Chanachai, T. Parakgamawongsa, W. Kongkaew, S. Chotiprasartin-thara, C. Jiraphongsa


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