Heidhues, Franz

Sustainable Land Use in Mountainous Regions of Southeast Asia

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Table of contents

1.0. Introduction

1. Introduction
Franz Heidhues, Jens Pape

2.0. Sustainable Resource Management in the Highlands

2. Introduction
Mattiga Panomtaranichagul, Ludger Herrmann

3. Variability of Soil Resources in Northern Thailand
Ludger Herrmann, Klaus Spohrer, Ulrich Schuler, Karl Stahr, Niwat Anongrak, Thanun Hongsak, Dusit Manajuti

4. Water Allocation and Management in Northern Thailand: The Case of Mae Sa Watershed
Andreas Neef, Chapika Sangkapitux, Wolfram Spreer, Peter Elstner, Liane Chamsai, Anne Bollen, Jirawan Kitchaicharoen

5. The Environmental Fate of Agro-Chemicals: A Case Study in the Mae Sa Noi Watershed
Holger Ciglasch, Julia Busche, Peter Ballarin, Christopher E. Tarn, Wulf Amelung, Martin Kaupenjohann, Kanita Ueangsawat, Pamornwan Nutniyom, Suphot Totrakool, Gunnar Kahl, Joachim Ingwersen, Thilo Streck

6. Biodiversity and Landscape Structure: Challenges for Insect Management Strategies in Lychee Orchards in the Mountains of Northern Thailand
Dirk Euler, Konrad Martin, Joachim Sauerborn, Vichian Hengsavad

7. Synthesis: Constraints to Sustainable Use of Soil and Water in the Northern Thailand Highlands and Consequences for Future Research
Ludger Herrmann, Mattiga Panomtaranichagul

3.0. Sustainable Fruit Production and Processing Systems

8. Introduction
Pittaya Sruamsiri, Sybille Neidhart

9. Stabilisation of Fruit Production by Optimised Plant Nutrition
Sithidech Roygrong, Pittaya Sruamsiri, Fritz Bangerth, Ludger Herrmann, Volker Römheld

10. Strategies for Flower Induction to Improve Orchard Productivity: From Compensation of Alternate Bearing to Off-Season Fruit Production
Pittaya Sruamsiri, Amonnat Chattrakul, Pawin Manochai, Martin Hegele, Daruni Naphrom, Winai Wiriya-Alongkorn, Sithidech Roygrong, Fritz Bangerth

11. The Plant-Physiological Basis of Flower Induction in the Control of Fruit Production
Martin Hegele, Fritz Bangerth, Daruni Naphrom, Pawin Manochai, Pittaya Sruamsiri, Winai Wiriya-Alongkorn, Amonnat Chattrakul, Sithidech Roygrong

12. Alternative Techniques for Water-Saving Irrigation and Optimised Fertigation in Fruit Production in Northern Thailand
Somchai Ongprasert, Wolfram Spreer, Winai Wiriya-Alongkorn, Saksan Ussahatanonta, Karlheinz Köller

13. The Control of Postharvest Ripening Processes and its Implications for the Productivity of Mango Processing
Sybille Neidhart, Ana Lucía Vásquez-Caicedo, Busarakorn Mahayothee, Isabell Pott, Werner Mühlbauer, Pittaya Sruamsiri, Reinhold Carle

14. Innovative Strategies for Sustainable Lychee Processing
Sybille Neidhart, Piyatip Hutasingh, Reinhold Carle

15. Synthesis: Food Safety, Productivity and Environmental Awareness as Key Objectives in Sustainable Fruit Production and Processing Systems
Sybille Neidhart, Pittaya Sruamsiri

4.0. Livestock Production Systems

16. Introduction
Anne Valle Zárate

17. The Contribution of Livestock to Sustainable Development of Mountain Farming in Northern Vietnam
Werner Doppler, Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, Do Anh Tai

18. Suitability of Local and Improved Pig Breeds for Different Smallholder Production Conditions
Ute Lemke, Anne Valle Zárate, Brigitte Kaufmann, Javier Delgado Santivañez, Le Thi Thuy, Le Viet Ly, Hoang Kim Giao, Nguyen Dang Vang

19. Local Livestock Genetic Resources in Northern Vietnam
Le Thi Thuy, Nguyen Dang Vang, Hoang Kim Giao, Le Viet Ly, Anne Valle Zárate, Ute Lemke

20. Genetic Diversity of Vietnamese Pig Breeds
Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy, E. Melchinger, Andreas W. Kuss, T. Peischl, Heinz Bartenschlager, V. C. Nguyen, Hermann Geldermann

21. A Survey of Selected Livestock Parasites in Son La
Thomas Romig, Tina Jehle, Phan Luc, Ute Mackenstedt

22. Synthesis
Anne Valle Zárate

5.0. Farm Economics and Marketing Dynamics in Support of Sustainability

23. Introduction
Franz Heidhues

24. The Impact of Family Decision-Making on Sustainable Rural Livelihoods
Werner Doppler, Do Anh Tai

25. Sustainability of Mountainous Farming Systems
Jürgen Zeddies, Nicole Schönleber

26. Sustainable Farming Systems Planning Using Goal Programming in Northern Thailand
Suwanna Praneetvatakul, Aer Sirijinda

27. Fresh Longan Marketing and Reference Market: A Case of Longan Grown in Northern Thailand
Somporn Isvilanonda

28. Interregional Trade Flows and Market Stability
Angela Hau, Matthias Oppen

29. Synthesis
Suwanna Praneetvatakul, Franz Heidhues

6.0. Institutional Framework for Sustainable Land Use

30. Introduction
Andreas Neef, Benchaphun Ekasingh

31. Resource Tenure and Sustainable Land Management — Case Studies from Northern Vietnam and Northern Thailand
Andreas Neef, Prapinwadee Sirisupluxana, Thomas Wirth, Chapika Sangkapitux, Franz Heidhues, Dao Chau Thu, Anan Ganjanapan

32. Sustainable and Less Sustainable Developments in the Rural Financial Market of Northern Vietnam
Thomas Dufhues, Gertrud Buchenrieder, Franz Heidhues, Pham Thi My Dung

33. Participatory Research for Sustainable Development in Vietnam and Thailand: From a Static to an Evolving Concept
Andreas Neef, Rupert Friederichsen, Dieter Neubert, Benchaphun Ekasingh, Franz Heidhues, Nguyen The Dang

34. State Administration and Local Networks: The Case of Pang Ma Pha District, Northern Thailand
Rüdiger Korff, Hans-Dieter Bechstedt, Patcharin Nawichai

35. Synthesis, Conclusions and Implications for Institutional Development and Future Research
Benchaphun Ekasingh, Andreas Neef

7.0. Conclusion and Outlook

36. Conclusions and Outlook
Franz Heidhues


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