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Table of contents

1. 4th Nassau Mössbauer symposium analysis and summary
E. Ercan Alp, Clive I. Wynter

2. Scientific legacy of Stanley Ruby
G. K. Shenoy

3. Mössbauer spectroscopy methodology at the cutting-edge of high-pressure research
Moshe P. Pasternak, R. Dean Taylor

4. Vibrational dynamics of Fe in amorphous Fe-Sc and Fe-Al alloy thin films
B. Sahoo, W. Keune, E. Schuster, W. Sturhahn, J. Zhao, T. S. Toellner, E. E. Alp

5. Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS) of Fe-S model compounds, Fe-S proteins, and nitrogenase
Stephen P. Cramer, Yuming Xiao, Hongxin Wang, Yisong Guo, Matt C. Smith

6. On Spin Hamiltonian fits to Mössbauer spectra of high-spin Fe(II) porphyrinate systems
Charles E. Schulz, Chuanjiang Hu, W. Robert Scheidt

7. Mössbauer effect of 151Eu in europium salen complex nanoparticles
C. I. Wynter, D. E. Brown, M. Iwunze, S. G. Sobel, Leopold May, F. W. Oliver, A. Adeweymo

8. Velocity scales for Mars Mössbauer data
David G. Agresti, M. Darby Dyar, Martha W. Schaefer

9. Nanowires of iron oxides embedded in SiO2 templates
N. A. Fellenz, J. F. Bengoa, S. G. Marchetti, F. R. Sives, S. J. Stewart, R. C. Mercader

10. Nuclear forward scattering vs. conventional Mössbauer studies of atomically tailored Eu-based materials
A. Konjhodzic, A. Adamczyk, F. Vagizov, Z. Hasan, E. E. Alp, W. Sturhahn, Jiyong Zhao, J. J. Carroll

11. A complete solution to the Mössbauer problem, all in one place
C. J. Voyer, D. H. Ryan

12. Anisotropic contributions to the transferred hyperfine field studied using a field-induced spin-reorientation
Laura K. Perry, D. H. Ryan, G. Venturini

13. Use of Mössbauer spectroscopy to determine the effect of salinity on the speciation of triorganotins in Anacostia River sediments
George Eng, Xueqing Song, Leopold May

57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopic study of (25−x)MnO-xZnO-15Fe2O3-60B2O3 glasses
Roshan Lal, S. P. Taneja, C. Wynter

15. Studying surfaces and thin films using Mössbauer spectroscopy
Laura K. Perry, H. Ryan, R. Gagnon

16. Variations of BaSnF4 fast ion conductor with the method of preparation and temperature
Georges Dénès, Jamil Hantash, Abdualhafeed Muntasar, Philip Oldfield, Alan Bartlett

17. The Mössbauer community in the USA
J. G. Stevens, A. M. Khasanov, N. F. Hall, A. Khasanova

18. Two earth years of Mössbauer studies of the surface of Mars with MIMOS II
G. Klingelhöfer, R. V. Morris, P. A. Souza, D. Rodionov, C. Schröder

Keywords: Physics, Laser Technology, Photonics

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