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LASER 2006

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Table of contents

1. Optical spectroscopy of radioactive atoms
H. Henry Stroke

2. Tests of fundamental symmetries and interactions — using nuclei and lasers
Klaus Peter Jungmann

3. Experimental test of special relativity by laser spectroscopy
C. Novotny, B. Bernhardt, G. Ewald, C. Geppert, G. Gwinner, T. W. Hänsch, R. Holzwarth, G. Huber, S. Karpuk, H. -J. Kluge, T. Kühl, W. Nörtershäuser, S. Reinhardt, G. Saathoff, D. Schwalm, T. Udem, A. Wolf

4. A vision for laser induced particle acceleration and applications
K. W. D. Ledingham

5. Penning trap mass spectrometry for nuclear structure studies
Klaus Blaum, Dietrich Beck, Martin Breitenfeldt, Sebastian George, Frank Herfurth, Alexander Herlert, Alban Kellerbauer, H. -Jürgen Kluge, David Lunney, Romain Savreux, Stefan Schwarz, Lutz Schweikhard, Chabouh Yazidjian

6. Precision spectroscopy at heavy ion ring accelerator SIS300
Hartmut Backe

7. Development of a RILIS ionisation scheme for gold at ISOLDE, CERN
B. A. Marsh, V. N. Fedosseev, P. Kosuri

8. The ALTO project at IPN-Orsay
S. Franchoo, F. Ibrahim, F. Blanc, M. Lebois, A. Olivier, C. Phan Viet, B. Roussière, R. Sifi, D. Verney

9. Upgrade to the IGISOL laser ion source towards spectroscopy on Tc
T. Kessler, T. Eronen, C. Mattolat, I. D. Moore, K. Peräjärvi, P. Ronkanen, P. Thörle, B. Tordoff, N. Trautmann, K. Wendt, K. Wies, J. Äystö

10. TRIUMF resonant ionization laser ion source
E. J. Prime, J. Lassen, T. Achtzehn, D. Albers, P. Bricault, T. Cocolios, M. Dombsky, F. Labrecque, J. P. Lavoie, M. R. Pearson, T. Stubbe, N. Lecesne, Ch. Geppert, K. D. A. Wendt

11. Resonance ionization spectroscopy of bismuth at the IGISOL facility
I. D. Moore, T. Kessler, J. Äystö, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, B. Tordoff, M. L. Bissel, G. Tungate

12. Optical pumping in an RF cooler buncher
P. Campbell

13. LaSpec at FAIR’S low energy beamline: A new perspective for laser spectroscopy of radioactive nuclei
Wilfried Nörtershäuser, Paul Camphell

14. Nuclei near the closed shells N=20 and N=28
Yu. E. Penionzhkevich

15. Mg isotopes and the disappearance of magic N=20 Laser and β-NMR studies
Magdalena Kowalska

16. Laser spectroscopy measurements of neutron-rich tellurium isotopes by COMPLIS
R. Sifi, F. Blanc, N. Barré, L. Cabaret, J. Crawford, M. Ducourtieux, S. Essabaa, J. Genevey, G. Huber, M. Kowalska, C. Lau, J. K. P. Lee, G. Scornet, J. Oms, J. Pinard, B. Roussière, J. Sauvage, M. Seliverstov, H. Stroke

17. Nuclear charge radius of 11Li
Rodolfo Sánchez, Wilfried Nörtershäuser, Andreas Dax, Guido Ewald, Stefan Götte, Reinhard Kirchner, H.-Jürgen Kluge, Thomas Kühl, Agnieszka Wojtaszek, Bruce A. Bushaw, Gordon W. F. Drake, Zong-Chao Yan, Claus Zimmermann, Daniel Albers, John Behr, Pierre Bricault, Jens Dilling, Marik Dombsky, Jens Lassen, C. D. Phil Levy, Matthew R. Pearson, Erika J. Prime, Vladimir Ryjkov

18. Towards a nuclear charge radius determination for beryllium isotopes
M. Žáková, Ch. Geppert, A. Herlert, H.-J. Kluge, R. Sánchez, F. Schmidt-Kaler, D. Tiedemann, C. Zimmermann, W. Nörtershäuser

19. Investigation of the low-lying isomer in 229Th by collinear laser spectroscopy
B. Tordoff, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, D. H. Forest, T. Kessler, J. Lee, I. D. Moore, A. Popov, G. Tungate, J. Äystö

20. Laser spectroscopy of high spin isomers — a review
Yu. Gangrsky

21. Nuclear charge radii and electromagnetic moments of scandium isotopes and isomers in the f7/2 shell
Y. Gangrsky, K. Marinova, S. Zemlyanoi, M. Avgoulea, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, B. Tordoff, M. Bissell, D. H. Forest, M. Gardner, G. Tungate, J. Huikari, H. Penttilä, J. Äystö

22. Laser spectroscopy of stable Os isotopes
M. Avgoulea, M. Mahgoub, J. Billowes, P. Campbell, A. Ezwam, D. H. Forest, M. Gardner, J. Huikari, A. Jokinen, A. Nieminen, G. Tungate, J. Äystö

23. Study of the neutron deficient 182–190Pb isotopes by simultaneous atomic- and nuclear-spectroscopy
M. Seliverstov, A. Andreyev, N. Barré, H. Witte, D. Fedorov, V. Fedoseyev, S. Franchoo, J. Genevey, G. Huber, M. Huyse, U. Köster, P. Kunz, S. Lesher, B. Marsh, B. Roussière, J. Sauvage, P. Duppen, Yu. Volkov

24. Experimental investigation of the stability diagram for Paul traps in the case of praseodymium ions
W. Koczorowski, G. Szawioła, A. Walaszyk, A. Buczek, D. Stefańska, E. Stachowska

25. Correlation effects on the charge radii of exotic nuclei
M. Tomaselli, T. Kühl, D. Ursescu, S. Fritzsche

26. Testing QED with resonance conversion
F. F. Karpeshin, M. B. Trzhaskovskaya

Keywords: Physics, Laser Technology, Photonics

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