Falck, Thomas

4th International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2007)

Falck, Thomas - 4th International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks (BSN 2007), ebook


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Table of contents

1st Session. Communication I

1. Modelling and Characterisation of a Compact Sensor Antenna for Healthcare Applications
Akram Alomainy, Yang Hao, Frank Pasveer

2. Performance Analysis of 802.15.4 and 802.11e for Body Sensor Network Applications
Dave Cavalcanti, Ruediger Schmitt, Amjad Soomro

3. Low Energy On-Body Communication for BSN
Hoi-Jun Yoo, Seong-Jun Song, Namjun Cho, Hye-Jeong Kim

2nd Session. Smart Textiles

4. Bioimpedance Spectroscopy with textile Electrodes for a continuous Monitoring Application
Guillermo Medrano, L. Beckmann, N. Zimmermann, T. Grundmann, T. Gries, S. Leonhardt

5. Contactless EMG sensors embroidered onto textile
Torsten Linz, Lena Gourmelon, Geert Langereis

6. Bio-sensing textiles - Wearable Chemical Biosensors for Health Monitoring
Shirley Coyle, Yanzhe Wu, King-Tong Lau, Sarah Brady, Gordon Wallace, Dermot Diamond

3rd Session. Posters

7. Wearable Joint-Angle Measurement with Modulated Magnetic Field from L/C Oscilators
Michael Barry, Agnes Grünerbl, Paul Lukowicz

8. In-body Wireless Communication Made Real
Henry Higgins

9. The PSI Board: Realizing a Phone-Centric Body Sensor Network
Trevor Pering, Pei Zhang, Rohit Chaudhri, Yaw Anokwa, Roy Want

10. Groggy Wakeup - Automated Generation of Power-Efficient Detection Hierarchies for Wearable Sensors
Ari Y. Benbasat, Joseph A. Paradiso

11. A Low Power Compression Processor for Body Sensor Network System
Hyejung Kim, Sungdae Choi, Hoi-Jun Yoo

12. Path Loss For Short Range Telemetry
Yong Liu, Kairaz Contractor, Yunjuan Kang

13. Acoustic Monitoring of Lung Sounds for the Detection of One Lung Intubation
S Tejman-Yarden, A Zlotnik, L Weizman, J Tabrikian, A Cohen, N Weksler, G M Gurman

14. Automatic Step Detection in the Accelerometer Signal
Hong Ying, C. Silex, A. Schnitzer, S. Leonhardt, M. Schiek

15. EMFi in wearable audio applications
Satu Kärki, T. Salpavaara, J. Lekkala

16. Policy-based Management for Body-Sensor Networks
Sye Loong Keoh, Kevin Twidle, Nathaniel Pryce, Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho, Emil Lupu, Naranker Dulay, Morris Sloman, Steven Heeps, Stephen Strowes, Joe Sventek, Eleftheria Katsiri

17. Design Issues and Implementation of Query-Driven Healthcare System Using Wireless Sensor Ad-hoc Network
Wan-Young Chung, Gaurav Walia, Young-Dong Lee, Risto Myllyla

18. The Development of an In-Vivo Active Pressure Monitoring System
Chihkang C. K. Lin, David Jea, Foad Dabiri, Tammara Massey, Robert Tan, Majid Sarrafzadeh, Mani Srivastava, Peter Schulam, Jacob Schmidt, Carlos Montemagno

19. Optimizing On-Chip Piezoelectric Energy Scavenging for Integration of Medical Sensors with Low-Power Wireless Networks
Elizabeth K. Reilly, L. M. Miller, P. K. Wright

20. A Smart Phone-based Personal Area Network for Remote Monitoring of Biosignals
M. J. Morón, J. R. Luque, A. A. Botella, E. J. Cuberos, E. Casilari, A. Diaz-Estrella

21. Real-Time Pervasive Monitoring for Postoperative Care
Benny Lo, Louis Atallah, Omer Aziz, Mohammed ElHew, Ara Darzi, Guang-Zhong Yang

22. Embedded Real-Time Heart Variability Analysis
Eleftheria Katsiri, Mel Ho, Lei Wang, Benny Lo, Chris Toumazou

23. Behaviour Profiling with Ambient and Wearable Sensing
Louis Atallah, M. ElHelw, J. Pansiot, D. Stoyanov, L. Wang, B. Lo, G. Z. Yang

24. Role of signal processing in wearable devices: application to sleep evaluation
Anna. M. Bianchi, O. Villantieri, M. Mendez, S. Cerutti

25. Evaluation of a new, wireless pulse oximetry monitoring system in infants: the BBA bootee
Yves Rimet, Yves Brusquet, Dominique Ronayette, Christian Dageville, Marc Lubrano, Eric Mallet, Caroline Rambaud, Christian Terlaud, Larissa I. Netchiporouk, David Blanc, Jérôme Silve, Olivier Lerda, Francis Klefstad-Sillonville, Jean-Luc Weber

26. Electrochemical noise properties of different electrode materials in different electrolytes
Jarno Riistama, J. Lekkala

27. Smart textiles for automotive: application to airbag development
Emilie Drean, Laurence Schacher, Dominique Adolphe, François Bauer

28. Celeritas — A Wearable Sensor System for Interactive Digital Dance Theatre
Brendan O’Flynn, G Torre, M. Fernstrom, T. Winkler, A. Lynch, J. Barton, P. Angove, S. C O’Mathuna

29. The Use of Telemetry-Evoked Compound Action Potentials (TECAP) in Cochlear Implantation
Justus Ilgner, W. H. Döring, M. Westhofen

30. Medical Sensors of the BASUMA Body Sensor Network
N. Loew, K. -J. Winzer, G. Becher, D. Schönfuß, Th. Falck, G. Uhlrich, M. Katterle, Frieder W. Scheller

4th Session. On-Body Sensors

31. Reflective Photoplethysmograph Earpiece Sensor for Ubiquitous Heart Rate Monitoring
Lei Wang, B. Lo, G. Z. Yang

32. Multi-Axis Inertial Measurement Units measuring human Posture and Motion
Martin Trächtler, D. Hodgins, L. Kenney, M. Dienger, T. Link, Y. Manoli

33. In-Ear Acquisition of Vital Signs Discloses New Chances for Preventive Continuous Cardiovascular Monitoring
Olaf Brodersen, D. Römhild, D. Starke, A. Steinke, S. Vogel

34. Micro Capacitive Tilt Sensor for Human Body Movement Detection
L. Zhao, E. M. Yeatman

5th Session. Applications

35. A System for Wearable Monitoring of Seated Posture in Computer Users
Lucy Dunne, P. Walsh, B. Smyth, B. Caulfield

36. Ambient and Wearable Sensor Fusion for Activity Recognition in Healthcare Monitoring Systems
Julien Pansiot, Danail Stoyanov, Douglas McIlwraith, Benny P.L. Lo, G. Z. Yang

37. Physical Activity Monitoring for Assisted Living at Home
Roozbeh Jafari, Wenchao Li, Ruzena Bajcsy, Steven Glaser, Shankar Sastry

6th Session. Wearable Computing

38. BLIG: A New Approach for Sensor Identification, Grouping, and Authorisation in Body Sensor Networks
Jacob Andersen, Jakob E. Bardram

39. Approximate Data Collection using Resolution Control based on Context
David Jea, Winston Wu, William J. Kaiser, Mani B. Srivastava

40. Recognizing Soldier Activities in the Field
David Minnen, Tracy Westeyn, Daniel Ashbrook, Peter Presti, Thad Starner

41. Probabilistic parsing of dietary activity events
Oliver Amft, Martin Kusserow, Gerhard Tröster

7th Session. Communication II

42. An All-Detailed Architecture of a RF Wireless Transmitter
Mourad Melliti, Salem Hasnaoui

43. Towards Plug-and-Play Interoperability for Wireless Personal Telehealth Systems
Lars Schmitt, T. Falck, F. Wartena, D. Simons

44. On-Body Measurements and Characterization of Wireless Communication Channel for Arm and Torso of Human
Elisabeth Reusens, W. Joseph, G. Vermeeren, L. Martens

8th Session. In-Body Sensors

45. Healthy Aims Overview
Diana Hodgins

46. Communication and Control for Reanimating Paralyzed Limbs via a Network of Wireless Micro-Implants
Nuria Rodríguez, Jack Weissberg, Gerald E. Loeb

47. Minimizing Thermal Effects of In Vivo Body Sensors
Daniel Garrison


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