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Advances in Data Analysis

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Table of contents

Part I. Clustering

1. Mixture Models for Classification
Gilles Celeux

2. How to Choose the Number of Clusters: The Cramer Multiplicity Solution
Adriana Climescu-Haulica

3. Model Selection Criteria for Model-Based Clustering of Categorical Time Series Data: A Monte Carlo Study
José G. Dias

4. Cluster Quality Indexes for Symbolic Classification — An Examination
Andrzej Dudek

5. Semi-Supervised Clustering: Application to Image Segmentation
Mário A. T. Figueiredo

6. A Method for Analyzing the Asymptotic Behavior of the Walk Process in Restricted Random Walk Cluster Algorithm
Markus Franke, Andreas Geyer-Schulz

7. Cluster and Select Approach to Classifier Fusion
Eugeniusz Gatnar

8. Random Intersection Graphs and Classification
Erhard Godehardt, Jerzy Jaworski, Katarzyna Rybarczyk

9. Optimized Alignment and Visualization of Clustering Results
Martin Hoffmann, Dörte Radke, Ulrich Möller

10. Finding Cliques in Directed Weighted Graphs Using Complex Hermitian Adjacency Matrices
Bettina Hoser, Thomas Bierhance

11. Text Clustering with String Kernels in R
Alexandros Karatzoglou, Ingo Feinerer

12. Automatic Classification of Functional Data with Extremal Information
Fabrizio Laurini, Andrea Cerioli

13. Typicality Degrees and Fuzzy Prototypes for Clustering
Marie-Jeanne Lesot, Rudolf Kruse

14. On Validation of Hierarchical Clustering
Hans-Joachim Mucha

Part II. Classification

15. Rearranging Classified Items in Hierarchies Using Categorization Uncertainty
Korinna Bade, Andreas Nürnberger

16. Localized Linear Discriminant Analysis
Irina Czogiel, Karsten Luebke, Marc Zentgraf, Claus Weihs

17. Calibrating Classifier Scores into Probabilities
Martin Gebel, Claus Weihs

18. Nonlinear Support Vector Machines Through Iterative Majorization and I-Splines
Patrick J. F. Groenen, Georgi Nalbantov, J. Cor Bioch

19. Deriving Consensus Rankings from Benchmarking Experiments
Kurt Hornik, David Meyer

20. Classification of Contradiction Patterns
Heiko Müller, Ulf Leser, Johann-Christoph Freytag

21. Selecting SVM Kernels and Input Variable Subsets in Credit Scoring Models
Klaus B. Schebesch, Ralf Stecking

Part III. Data and Time Series Analysis

22. Simultaneous Selection of Variables and Smoothing Parameters in Geoadditive Regression Models
Christiane Belitz, Stefan Lang

23. Modelling and Analysing Interval Data
Paula Brito

24. Testing for Genuine Multimodality in Finite Mixture Models: Application to Linear Regression Models
Bettina Grün, Friedrich Leisch

25. Happy Birthday to You, Mr. Wilcoxon!
Marc Hallin

26. Equivalent Number of Degrees of Freedom for Neural Networks
Salvatore Ingrassia, Isabella Morlini

27. Model Choice for Panel Spatial Models: Crime Modeling in Japan
Kazuhiko Kakamu, Wolfgang Polasek, Hajime Wago

28. A Boosting Approach to Generalized Monotonic Regression
Florian Leitenstorfer, Gerhard Tutz

29. From Eigenspots to Fisherspots — Latent Spaces in the Nonlinear Detection of Spot Patterns in a Highly Varying Background
Bjoern H. Menze, B. Michael Kelm, Fred A. Hamprecht

30. Identifying and Exploiting Ultrametricity
Fionn Murtagh

31. Factor Analysis for Extraction of Structural Components and Prediction in Time Series
Carsten Schneider, Gerhard Arminger

32. Classification of the U.S. Business Cycle by Dynamic Linear Discriminant Analysis
Roland Schuhr

33. Examination of Several Results of Different Cluster Analyses with a Separate View to Balancing the Economic and Ecological Performance Potential of Towns and Cities
Nguyen Xuan Thinh, Martin Behnisch, Alfred Ultsch

Part IV. Visualization and Scaling Methods

34. VOS: A New Method for Visualizing Similarities Between Objects
Nees Jan Eck, Ludo Waltman

35. Multidimensional Scaling of Asymmetric Proximities with a Dominance Point
Akinori Okada, Tadashi Imaizumi

36. Single Cluster Visualization to Optimize Air Traffic Management
Frank Rehm, Frank Klawonn, Rudolf Kruse

37. Rescaling Proximity Matrix Using Entropy Analyzed by INDSCAL
Satoru Yokoyama, Akinori Okada

Part V. Information Retrieval, Data and Web Mining

38. Canonical Forms for Frequent Graph Mining
Christian Borgelt

39. Applying Clickstream Data Mining to Real-Time Web Crawler Detection and Containment Using ClickTips Platform
Anália Lourenço, Orlando Belo

40. Plagiarism Detection Without Reference Collections
Sven Meyer zu Eissen, Benno Stein, Marion Kulig

41. Putting Successor Variety Stemming to Work
Benno Stein, Martin Potthast

42. Collaborative Filtering Based on User Trends
Panagiotis Symeonidis, Alexandros Nanopoulos, Apostolos Papadopoulos, Yannis Manolopoulos

43. Investigating Unstructured Texts with Latent Semantic Analysis
Fridolin Wild, Christina Stahl

Part VI. Marketing, Management Science and Economics

44. Heterogeneity in Preferences for Odd Prices
Bernhard Baumgartner, Winfried J. Steiner

45. Classification of Reference Models
Robert Braun, Werner Esswein

46. Adaptive Conjoint Analysis for Pricing Music Downloads
Christoph Breidert, Michael Hahsler

47. Improving the Probabilistic Modeling of Market Basket Data
Christian Buchta

48. Classification in Marketing Research by Means of LEM2-generated Rules
Reinhold Decker, Frank Kroll

49. Pricing Energy in a Multi-Utility Market
Markus Franke, Andreas Kamper, Anke Eßer

50. Disproportionate Samples in Hierarchical Bayes CBC Analysis
Sebastian Fuchs, Manfred Schwaiger

51. Building on the Arules Infrastructure for Analyzing Transaction Data with R
Michael Hahsler, Kurt Hornik

52. Balanced Scorecard Simulator — A Tool for Stochastic Business Figures
Veit Köppen, Marina Allgeier, Hans-J. Lenz

53. Integration of Customer Value into Revenue Management
Tobias Martens, Andreas Hilbert

54. Women’s Occupational Mobility and Segregation in the Labour Market: Asymmetric Multidimensional Scaling
Miki Nakai

55. Multilevel Dimensions of Consumer Relationships in the Healthcare Service Market M-L IRT vs. M-L SEM Approach
Iga Rudawska, Adam Sagan

56. Data Mining in Higher Education
Karoline Schönbrunn, Andreas Hilbert

57. Attribute Aware Anonymous Recommender Systems
Manuel Stritt, Karen H. L. Tso, Lars Schmidt-Thieme

Part VII. Banking and Finance

58. On the Notions and Properties of Risk and Risk Aversion in the Time Optimal Approach to Decision Making
Martin Bouzaima, Thomas Burkhardt

59. A Model of Rational Choice Among Distributions of Goal Reaching Times
Thomas Burkhardt

60. On Goal Reaching Time Distributions Estimated from DAX Stock Index Investments
Thomas Burkhardt, Michael Haasis

61. Credit Risk of Collaterals: Examining the Systematic Linkage between Insolvencies and Physical Assets in Germany
Marc Gürtler, Dirk Heithecker, Sven Olboeter

62. Foreign Exchange Trading with Support Vector Machines
Christian Ullrich, Detlef Seese, Stephan Chalup

63. The Influence of Specific Information on the Credit Risk Level
Miroslaw Wójciak, Aleksandra Wójcicka-Krenz

Part VIII. Bio- and Health Sciences

64. Enhancing Bluejay with Scalability, Genome Comparison and Microarray Visualization
Anguo Dong, Andrei L. Turinsky, Andrew C. Ah-Seng, Morgan Taschuk, Paul M. K. Gordon, Katharina Hochauer, Sabrina Fröls, Jung Soh, Christoph W. Sensen

65. Discovering Biomarkers for Myocardial Infarction from SELDI-TOF Spectra
Christian Höner zu Siederdissen, Susanne Ragg, Sven Rahmann

66. Joint Analysis of In-situ Hybridization and Gene Expression Data
Lennart Opitz, Alexander Schliep, Stefan Posch

67. Unsupervised Decision Trees Structured by Gene Ontology (GO-UDTs) for the Interpretation of Microarray Data
Henning Redestig, Florian Sohler, Ralf Zimmer, Joachim Selbig

Part IX. Linguistics and Text Analysis

68. Clustering of Polysemic Words
Laurent Cicurel, Stephan Bloehdorn, Philipp Cimiano

69. Classifying German Questions According to Ontology-Based Answer Types
Adriana Davidescu, Andrea Heyl, Stefan Kazalski, Irene Cramer, Dietrich Klakow

70. The Relationship of Word Length and Sentence Length: The Inter-Textual Perspective
Peter Grzybek, Ernst Stadlober, Emmerich Kelih

71. Comparing the Stability of Different Clustering Results of Dialect Data
Edgar Haimerl, Hans-Joachim Mucha

72. Part-of-Speech Discovery by Clustering Contextual Features
Reinhard Rapp

Part X. Statistical Musicology and Sound Classification

73. A Probabilistic Framework for Audio-Based Tonal Key and Chord Recognition
Benoit Catteau, Jean-Pierre Martens, Marc Leman

74. Using MCMC as a Stochastic Optimization Procedure for Monophonic and Polyphonic Sound
Katrin Sommer, Claus Weihs

75. Vowel Classification by a Neurophysiologically Parameterized Auditory Model
Gero Szepannek, Tamás Harczos, Frank Klefenz, András Katai, Patrick Schikowski, Claus Weihs

Part XI. Archaeology

76. Uncovering the Internal Structure of the Roman Brick and Tile Making in Frankfurt-Nied by Cluster Validation
Jens Dolata, Hans-Joachim Mucha, Hans-Georg Bartel

77. Where Did I See You Before... A Holistic Method to Compare and Find Archaeological Artifacts
Vincent Mom


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