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Progress in Landslide Science

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Table of contents

Part I. Progress in Landslide Science

1. Landslide Science as a New Scientific Discipline
Kyoji Sassa

2. An Overview of Landslide Problems in the British Isles, with Reference to Geology, Geography and Conservation
Edward N. Bromhead, Maia L. Ibsen

3. Considerations about the Mechanics of Slow Active Landslides in Clay
Luciano Picarelli

4. Dynamics of Rapid Landslides
Oldrich Hungr

5. Progress in Debris Flow Modeling
Tamotsu Takahashi

Part II. Landslide Dynamics

6. Undrained Stress-controlled Dynamic-loading Ring-shear Test to Simulate Initiation and Post-failure Motion of Landslides
Kyoji Sassa, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Gonghui Wang, Fawu Wang

7. Shear Behavior and Shear Zone Structure of Granular Materials in Naturally Drained Ring Shear Tests
Hiroshi Fukuoka, Kyoji Sassa, Gonghui Wang

8. Rockslides and Their Motion
Mauri McSaveney, Tim Davies

9. Residual Shear Strength of Tertiary Mudstone and Influencing Factors
Binod Tiwari

10. On Failure of Municipal Waste Landfill
Ikuo Towhata

11. Experimental Study with Ring Shear Apparatus on the May 2004 Landslide-Debris Flow at Bettou-dani Valley, Haku-san Mountain, Japan
Fawu Wang, Kyoji Sassa

12. On the Pore-pressure Generation and Movement of Rainfall-induced Landslides in Laboratory Flume Tests
Gonghui Wang, Kyoji Sassa

13. Ring Shear Tests on Clays of Fracture Zone Landslides and Clay Mineralogical Aspects
Netra P. Bhandary, Ryuichi Yatabe

14. Landslides Induced by a Combined Effect of Earthquake and Rainfall
Kyoji Sassa, Hiroshi Fukuoka, Fawu Wang, Gonghui Wang

15. Landslide Experiments on Artificial and Natural Slopes
Hirotaka Ochiai, Toshiaki Sammori, Yasuhiko Okada

Part III. Landslide Monitoring

16. Enlargement of a Failed Area along a Sliding Surface
Kiminori Araiba, Akira Suemine

17. Airborne LIDAR Data Measurement and Landform Classification Mapping in Tomari-no-tai Landslide Area, Shirakami Mountains, Japan
Hiroshi P. Sato, Hiroshi Yagi, Mamoru Koarai, Junko Iwahashi, Tatsuo Sekiguchi

18. Integration of Remote Sensing Techniques in Different Stages of Landslide Response
Paolo Canuti, Nicola Casagli, Filippo Catani, Giacomo Falorni, Paolo Farina

19. Rock Deformation Monitoring at Cultural Heritage Sites in Slovakias
Ján Vláko, Vladimir Greif, Rudolf Holzer, Lucia Hencelova, Michal Jezny

Part IV. Landslide Risk Assessment

20. Extracting Necessary Pparameters from Real Landslide Mass for Mitigating Landslide Disaster
Kazuo Konagai, Jörgen Johansson, Muneyoshi Numada

21. Landslide Dams Formed by the 2004 Mid-Niigata Prefecture Earthquake in Japan
Hideaki Marui, Hiroyuki Yoshimatsu

22. Shear Behavior of Clay in Slope for Pore Water Pressure Increase
Satoru Ohtsuka

23. Static and Dynamic Analyses of Slopes by the FEM
Keizo Ugai, Akihiko Wakai, Fei Cai

24. Debris Flows in the Vicinity of the Machu Picchu Village, Peru
Jan Klimeš, Vít Vilímek, Ján Vláko

25. Engineering Geology and Cultural Heritage: the Conservation of Remaining Bamiyan Buddhas (Central Afghanistan)
Claudio Margottini

26. Debris Flow Hazard Defense Magnitude Assessment with Numerical Simulation
Ko-Fei Liu, Hsin-Chi Li, Yu-Charn Hsu

Keywords: Geosciences, Applied Geosciences, Geology, Physical Geography, Landscape/Regional and Urban Planning, Geotechnical Engineering, Geoecology/Natural Processes

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