Childs, James E.

Wildlife and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: The Biology, Circumstances and Consequences of Cross-Species Transmission

Childs, James E. - Wildlife and Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: The Biology, Circumstances and Consequences of Cross-Species Transmission, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Conceptualizing and Partitioning the Emergence Process of Zoonotic Viruses from Wildlife to Humans
James E. Childs, Jürgen A. Richt, John S. Mackenzie

2. Infectious Disease Modeling and the Dynamics of Transmission
L. A. Real, R. Biek

3. The Evolutionary Genetics of Viral Emergence
E. C. Holmes, A. J. Drummond

4. Influenza Viruses in Animal Wildlife Populations
R. J. Webby, R. G. Webster, Jürgen A. Richt

5. Overviews of Pathogen Emergence: Which Pathogens Emerge, When and Why?
S. Cleaveland, D. T. Haydon, L. Taylor

6. Infection and Disease in Reservoir and Spillover Hosts: Determinants of Pathogen Emergence
P. W. Daniels, K. Halpin, A. Hyatt, D. Middleton

7. Henipaviruses: Emerging Paramyxoviruses Associated with Fruit Bats
H. E. Field, John S. Mackenzie, P. Daszak

8. Emergence of Lyssaviruses in the Old World: The Case of Africa
L. H. Nel, C. E. Rupprecht

9. Tuberculosis: A Reemerging Disease at the Interface of Domestic Animals and Wildlife
M. V. Palmer

10. Emergence and Persistence of Hantaviruses
S. L. Klein, C. H. Calisher

11. Arenaviruses
J. P. Gonzalez, S. Emonet, X. de Lamballerie, R. Charrel

12. Ecological Havoc, the Rise of White-Tailed Deer, and the Emergence of Amblyomma americanum-Associated Zoonoses in the United States
C. D. Paddock, M. J. Yabsley

13. Bats, Civets and the Emergence of SARS
L. -F. Wang, B. T. Eaton

14. Poxviruses and the Passive Quest for Novel Hosts
R. L. Regnery

15. Ebolavirus and Other Filoviruses
E. Leroy, J. P. Gonzalez, X. Pourrut

16. Pre-spillover Prevention of Emerging Zoonotic Diseases: What Are the Targets and What Are the Tools?
James E. Childs

17. Impediments to Wildlife Disease Surveillance, Research, and Diagnostics
D. E. Stallknecht

18. Collaborative Research Approaches to the Role of Wildlife in Zoonotic Disease Emergence
P. Daszak, J. H. Epstein, A. M. Kilpatrick, A. A. Aguirre, W. B. Karesh, A. A. Cunningham

19. Surveillance and Response to Disease Emergence
Angela Merianos


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