Banabic, Dorel

Advanced Methods in Material Forming

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Table of contents

1. Constitutive Modeling for Metals
F. Barlat

2. Material Forming and Dimensioning Problems: Expectations from the Car Industry
G. Maeder

3. Optimization of the Phenomenological Constitutive Models Parameters Using Genetic Algorithms
B.M. Chaparro, J.L. Alves, L.F. Menezes, J.V. Fernandes

4. A Metamodel Based Optimisation Algorithm for Metal Forming Processes
M.H.A. Bonte, A.H. Boogaard, J. Huétink

5. Modelling of Permeability and Mechanical Dispersion in a Porous Medium and Comparison with Experimental Measurements
F. Loix, V. Thibaut, F. Dupret

6. Three-Dimensional Bending of Profiles by Stress Superposition
S. Chatti, M. Hermes, M. Kleiner

7. Specimen for a Novel Concept of Biaxial Tension Test – Design and Optimisation
W. Hußnätter, M. Merklein, M. Geiger

8. Applications of a Recently Proposed Anisotropic Yield Function to Sheet Forming
S. Soare, J.W. Yoon, O. Cazacu, F. Barlat

9. Modelling of the Forming Limit Diagrams Using the Finite Element Method
L. Paraianu, D.S. Comsa, J.J. Gracio, D. Banabic

10. Recent Advances in Process Design for Sheet and Tube Hydroforming
J.C. Gelin, C. Labergere, S. Thibaud

11. Evaluating the Press Stiffness in Realistic Operating Conditions
A. Ghiotti, P.F. Bariani

12. Fast Material Working: Wire Drawing
N.D. Cristescu

13. 3D-ECAP of Square Aluminium Billets
A. Rosochowski, L. Olejnik, M. Richert

14. Computer-Aided Tool Path Optimization for Single Point Incremental Sheet Forming
M. Bambach, M. Cannamela, M. Azaouzi, G. Hirt, J.L. Batoz

15. Study on the Achievable Accuracy in Single Point Incremental Forming
J.R. Duflou, B. Lauwers, J. Verbert

16. On the Finite Element Simulation of Thermal Phenomena in Machining Processes
L. Filice, D. Umbrello, F. Micari, L. Settineri

17. Numerical Simulation of Wire Coating Pseudoplastic and Viscoplastic Fluids
E. Mitsoulis, P. Kotsos

18. Experimental Study on Behaviour of Woven Composites in Thermo-Stamping Under Nonlinear Temperature Trajectories
H.S. Cheng, J. Cao, N. Mahayotsanun

19. Thixoforming of Steel: Experiments on Thermal Effects
P. Cezard, R. Bigot, V. Favier, M. Robelet

20. Study of the Liquid Fraction and Thermophysical Properties of Semi-Solid Steels and Application to the Simulation of Inductive Heating for Thixoforming
J. Lecomte-Beckers, A. Rassili, M. Carton, M. Robelet, R. Koeune

21. Simulation of Secondary Operations and Springback – The Implicit Shell Provides a Precise and Rapid Solution
É. Schönbach, G. Glanzer, W. Kubli, M. Selig


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