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The Future of Product Development

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Table of contents

1. PDM/EDM as Integration Layer for Continous Workflows Based on Relevant Product Data
K. H. Mühleck

2. DMU@Airbus — Evolution of the Digital Mock-up (DMU) at Airbus to the Centre of Aircraft Development
R. Garbade, W. R. Dolezal

3. Knowledge-based Design — An Integrated Approach
A. Katzenbach, W. Bergholz, A. Rolinger

4. Cross Disciplinary Methods for Accelerated Product Delivery
C. Grindstaff

5. Advances in PLM Methodologies Driving Needs for New Competencies
X. Fouger

6. A Systematic Approach to Product Development Best Practises
J. Heppelmann

7. SPALTEN Matrix — Product Development Process on the Basis of Systems Engineering and Systematic Problem Solving
A. Albers, M. Meboldt

8. How to Measure the Success Potential and the Degree of Innovation of Technical Ideas and Products
H. Binz, M. Reichle

9. Towards a Generic Model of Smart Synthesis Tools
W. O. Schotborgh, H. Tragter, F. G. M. Kokkeler, F. J. A. M. Houten, T. Tomiyama

10. Improving Product Development by Design-for-X (DfX) Support
A. Bufardi, A. Edler, M. Frey, D. Kiritsis, A. Metin, B. Smith

11. Looking at “DFX” and “Product Maturity” from the Perspective of a New Approach to Modelling Product and Product Development Processes
Chr Weber

12. Support of Design Engineering Activity for a Systematic Improvement of Products
A. Albers, T. Alink

13. The STEP Standards in Semantic Web — A Way to Integrate the Product Development Chain
K. Schützer, A. A. A. Moura

14. Configuration instead of New Design using Reference Product Structures
E. Nurcahya

15. Implications of Complexity in Early Stages of Innovation Processes for the Definition of Heuristic Engineering Methods
M. Weigt

16. Trends of Evolutions and Patent Analysis: An Application in the Household Appliances Field
A. Crotti, M. Ghitti, D. Regazzoni, C. Rizzi

17. Understanding the Link between Aesthetics and Engineering in Product Design
R. Roy, P. Baguley, L. Reeve

18. Preliminary Study of Cognitive Model of Designer’s Creativity by Using Formal Protocol Analysis
S. Yao, Y. Zeng

19. Results of an Industry Survey on the Application of Dependability Oriented Design Methods
Th. Müller, K. Manga, M. Walther, J. Wallaschek

20. Holistic Methods in Product Development
H. -J. Franke

21. A Holistic Approach for Integrated Requirements Modeling in the Product Development Process
M. Maletz, J. -G. Blouin, H. Schnedl, D. Brisson, K. Zamazal

22. Multi-level Representation for Supporting the Conceptual Design Phase of Modular Products
M. Germani, M. Mengoni, R. Raffaeli

23. Dependency of the Product Gestalt on Requirements in Industrial Design Engineering
A. Götz, T. Maier

24. Synergy of Technical Specifications, Functional Specifications and Scenarios in Requirements Specifications
J. Miedema, M. C. Voort, D. Lutters, F. J. A. M. Houten

25. Modeling of Heterogeneous Systems in Early Design Phases
M. Reeßing, U. Döring, T. Brix

26. Requirement-oriented Configuration of Parallel Robotic Systems
C. Stechert, H. -J. Franke

27. A Scandinavian Model of Innovative Product Development
T. C. McAloone, M. M. Andreasen, P. Boelskifte

28. Toward a Framework for Effective Collaborative Product Development
M. Sadeghi, F. Noël, K. Hadj-Hamou

29. Scalable Product Development in a Collaborative Environment
G. Schuh, C. Nonn, M. Jung

30. A New Concept for Collaborative Product & Process Design within a Human-oriented Collaborative Manufacturing Environment
D. Mavrikios, M. Pappas, V. Karabatsou, G. Chryssolouris

31. Towards a Framework for Managing Conceptual Knowledge in Distributed and Collaborative R&D Projects
A. Vacher, D. Brissaud, S. Tichkiewitch

32. DEPNET: A Methodology for Identifying and Qualifying Dependencies Between Engineering Data
M. Z. Ouertani, K. Grebici, L. Gzara, E. Blanco, D. Rieu

33. Distributed Product Development in the Framework of Modern Engineering Education
S. Consiglio, G. Seliger, S. Severengiz

34. Romanian Research Network for Integrated Product and Process Engineering — INPRO
G. Draghici, A. Draghici

35. Facing Multi-Domain Complexity in Product Development
U. Lindemann, M. Maurer

36. Using Evolutionary Algorithms to Support the Design of Self-optimizing Mechatronic Systems
R. Radkowski, U. Frank, J. Gausemeier

37. Case Study of a MEMS Switch Supported by a FBS and DFM Framework
J. -S. Klein Meyer, L. Roucoules, A. Grave, J. Chaput

38. Digital Processing and Fusion of 3D Data from Emerging Non-Contact 3D Measurement Technologies
A. Fischer

39. 3D Digitalization for Patrimonial Machines
F. Laroche, A. Bernard, M. Cotte

40. Using a Modified Failure Modes and Effects Analysis within the Structured Design Recovery Framework
R. J. Urbanic, W. H. ElMaraghy

41. Knowledge Reengineering for Reverse Engineering Purposes
Z. Weiss, M. Pankowski

42. Extended Virtual Prototyping
G. Höhne, S. Husung, E. Lotter

43. MagicMirror & FootGlove: A New System for the Customized Shoe Try-on
S. Mottura, L. Greci, E. Travaini, G. Viganò, M. Sacco

44. Contact Pressure Calculation Methodologies in Aeronautic Gearboxes in the CAD Process
L. Zamponi, E. Mermoz, J. M. Linares

45. Common Representation of Products and Services: A Necessity for Engineering Designers to Develop Product-Service Systems
N. Maussang, D. Brissaud, P. Zwolinski

46. Toward Design Interference Detection to Deal with Complex Design Problems
T. Tomiyama, V. D’Amelio

47. About the Efficiency and Cost Reduction of Parallel Mixed-Model Assembly Lines
S. Hazbany, I. Gilad, M. Shpitalni

48. The Application of a Statistical Design of Experiment for Quantitative Analysis and Optimisation of Development Processes
F. -L. Krause, Chr Kind, C. Biantoro

49. PLM Services in Practice
L. Lämmer, R. Bugow

50. Composite Applications Enabling Product Data Management Applying SOA Principles and Software Factory Methods
Y. Bock

51. A Holistic, Methodical Approach to Evaluate the PDMS-capability of Companies
J. Feldhusen, B. Gebhardt, M. Löwer

52. Lifecycle Information Model for Higher Order Bifurcated Sheet Metal Products
R. Anderl, Z. Wu, Th. Rollmann, M. Kormann

53. Simulation-based Multiple Project Management in Engineering Design
T. Licht, L. Schmidt, C. M. Schlick, L. Dohmen, H. Luczak

54. Towards “The Timeless Way of Product Lifecycle Management”
J. Feldhusen, F. Bungert

55. Development of a Strategy Tool for Environmental Compliance Management
A. Dimache, L. Dimache, E. Zoldi, T. Roche

56. Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: From Competition to Cooperation
S. Ammar-Khodja, N. Perry, A. Bernard

57. Applying KBE Technologies to the Early Phases of Multidisciplinary Product Design
A. Schneegans, F. Ehlermann

58. A Way to Manage Calculation Engineers’ Knowledge
C. Beylier, F. Pourroy, F. Villeneuve

59. On the Way to Knowledge Awareness in Early Design
Å. Ericson, M. Bergström, C. Johansson, T. Larsson

60. Enhanced B-Rep Graph-based Feature Sequences Recognition using Manufacturing Constraints
R. Harik, V. Capponi, W. Derigent

61. Facilitating Product Development with the Help of Knowledge Management: the McKnow Platform
J. Vertommen, J. D’hondt, J. Duflou

62. Integration of Learning Aptitude into Technical Systems
K. Paetzold

63. New Perspectives on Design and Innovation
L. Alting, C. Clausen, U. Jørgensen, Y. Yoshinaka

64. Future Trends in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
M. Abramovici

65. Modeling, Evaluation and Design of Product Quality under Disturbances throughout the Total Product Life Cycle
F. Kimura

66. Hype or Reality: Service Oriented Architecture in Product Lifecycle Management — How IBM Can Help You Achieve Innovation That Matters
C. An

67. The Future of Product Development in India
A. Chakrabarti

68. Virtual Product Development as an Engine for Innovation
F. -L. Krause, H. Jansen, Chr Kind, U. Rothenburg


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