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Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications

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Table of contents

1. The Worst Scenario Method: A Red Thread Running Through Various Approaches to Problems with Uncertain Input Data
J. Chleboun

2. Boundary and Finite Element Domain Decomposition Methods
U. Langer

3. Discontinuous Galerkin Elements for Reissner-Mindlin Plates
L. D. Marini

4. Functional Type A Posteriori Error Estimates for Maxwell’s Equations
A. Hannukainen

5. Space–Time Adaption for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems on Anisotropic Meshes
S. Micheletti, S. Perotto

6. A Posteriori Error Analysis for Kirchhoff Plate Elements
J. Niiranen, L. Veiga, R. Stenberg

7. Adaptive Finite Element Simulation of Relaxed Models for Liquid-Solid Phase Transition
M. Stiemer

8. A Numerical Study of the Interaction of Blood Flow and Drug Release from Cardiovascular Stents
C. D’Angelo, P. Zunino

9. Numerical Modelling of Epidermal Wound Healing
E. Javierre, F. J. Vermolen, C. Vuik, S. Zwaag

10. Model of Multiple Lexicographical Programming Applied in Cervical Cancer Screening
L. Neamtiu, I. Chiorean, L. Lupsa

11. A Finite Element Model for Bone Ingrowth into a Prosthesis
F. J. Vermolen, E. M. Aken, J. C. Linden, A. Andreykiv

12. Space and Time Adaptive Calculation of Transient 3D Magnetic Fields
M. Clemens, J. Lang, D. Teleaga, G. Wimmer

13. A Boundary Integral Formulation for Nonlocal Electrostatics
C. Fasel, S. Rjasanow, O. Steinbach

14. Efficient Solution of Algebraic Bernoulli Equations Using H-Matrix Arithmetic
U. Baur, P. Benner

15. A Purely Algebraic Approach to Preconditioning Based on Hierarchical LU Factorizations
M. Bebendorf, T. Fischer

16. Additive Schwarz Preconditioners for Degenerate Problems with Isotropic Coefficients
S. Beuchler

17. Performance Analysis of Parallel Algebraic Preconditioners for Solving the RANS Equations Using Fluctuation Splitting Schemes
A. Bonfiglioli, B. Carpentieri, M. Sosonkina

18. On Least-Squares Approximate Inverse-Based Preconditioners
B. Carpentieri

19. On the Construction of Stable B-Spline Wavelet Bases
D. Cerná, V. Finek

20. The Performance of a Multigrid Algorithm for the Acoustic Single Layer Equation
S. Gemmrich, J. Gopalakrishnan, N. Nigam

21. Constraints Coefficients in hp-FEM
A. Schröder

22. A Boundary Element Algorithm for the Dirichlet Eigenvalue Problem of the Laplace Operator
O. Steinbach, G. Unger

23. On Efficient Solution of Linear Systems Arising in hp-FEM
T. Vejchodský

24. Coupling Two Scalar Conservation Laws via Dafermos’ Self-Similar Regularization
A. Ambroso, B. Boutin, F. Coquel, E. Godlewski, P. G. LeFloch

25. A Sharp Interface and Fully Conservative Scheme for Computing Nonclassical Shocks
B. Boutin, C. Chalons, F. Lagoutière, P. G. LeFloch

26. A Numerical Descent Method for an Inverse Problem of a Scalar Conservation Law Modelling Sedimentation
R. Bürger, A. Coronel, M. Sepúlveda

27. PSI Solution of Convection-Diffusion Equations with Data in L1
J. Casado-Díaz, T. Chacón Rebollo, V. Girault, M. Gómez Mármol, F. Murat

28. High Order Two Dimensional Numerical Schemes for the Coupling of Transport Equations and Shallow Water Equations
M. J. Castro, E. D. Fernández Nieto, A. M. Ferreiro Ferreiro, J. A. García Rodríguez, C. Parés

29. Well-Balanced High-Order MUSTA Schemes for Non-Conservative Hyperbolic Systems
M. J. Castro, C. Parés, A. Pardo, E. F. Toro

30. Local Time Stepping for Implicit-Explicit Methods on Time Varying Grids
F. Coquel, Q. -L. Nguyen, M. Postel, Q. -H. Tran

31. A ‘TVD-like’ Scheme for Conservation Laws with Source Terms
R. Donat Beneito, A. Martínez Gavara

32. Application of the WAF Method to Shallow Water Equations with Pollutant and Non-Constant Bottom
E. D. Fernández-Nieto, G. Narbona-Reina

33. A Third Order Method for Convection-Diffusion Equations with a Delay Term
J. Frochte

34. A Third Order WLSQR Scheme on Unstructured Meshes with Curvilinear Boundaries
J. Fürst

35. On the Choice of Parameters in Stabilization Methods for Convection–Diffusion Equations
V. John, P. Knobloch

36. On Path-Conservative Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Balance Laws
M. L. Muñoz-Ruiz, C. Parés

37. An Augmented DG Scheme for Porous Media Equations
T. P. Barrios, R. Bustinza

38. A Remark to the DGFEM for Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Problems Applied on Nonconforming Meshes
M. Feistauer

39. BDF-DGFE Method for the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations
J. Hozman, V. Dolejší

40. Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Numerical Solution of Inviscid and Viscous Compressible Flow
V. Kucera

41. Numerical Integration in the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Problems in 3D
V. Sobotíková

42. Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Convection-Diffusion Problems
M. Vlasák, V. Dolejší

43. A Domain Decomposition Method Derived from the Primal Hybrid Formulation for 2nd Order Elliptic Problems
C. Bernardi, T. Chacón Rebollo, E. Chacón Vera

44. A Posteriori Error Analysis of Penalty Domain Decomposition Methods for Linear Elliptic Problems
C. Bernardi, T. Chacón Rebollo, E. Chacón Vera, D. Franco Coronil

45. BETI-DP Methods in Unbounded Domains
C. Pechstein

46. Domain Decomposition and Model Reduction of Systems with Local Nonlinearities
K. Sun, R. Glowinski, M. Heinkenschloss, D. C. Sorensen

47. An Adaptive Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for Second Order Problems with an Interface
P. Zunino

48. Abstract Sensitivity Analysis for Nonlinear Equations and Applications
A. Chernov

49. Multiscale Analysis for Jump Processes in Finance
N. Reich

50. A Hybrid Numerical Scheme for Aerosol Dynamics
H. Babovsky

51. Numerical Study of Mixed Finite Element and Multi Point Flux Approximation of Flow in Porous Media
M. Bause, J. Hoffmann

52. Local Projection Stabilization for the Oseen System on Anisotropic Cartesian Meshes
M. Braack

53. Simulations of 3D Dynamics of Microdroplets: A Comparison of Rectangular and Cylindrical Channels
C. -H. Bruneau, T. Colin, C. Galusinski, S. Tancogne, P. Vigneaux

54. Incomplete Interior Penalty Galerkin Method for a Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Equation
V. Dolejší

55. Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Laminar Flow for Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids
R. Keslerová, K. Kozel

56. Numerical Solution of 2D and 3D Unsteady Viscous Flows
K. Kozel, P. Louda, J. Príhoda

57. Local Projection Stabilization of Finite Element Methods for Incompressible Flows
G. Lube, G. Rapin, J. Löwe

58. A Numerical Study of Local Projection Stabilisations Applied to Oseen Problems
G. Matthies, L. Tobiska

59. Involutive Completion to Avoid LBB Condition
B. Mohammadi, J. Tuomela

60. Numerical Computation of Unsteady Compressible Flows with Very Low Mach Numbers
P. Puncochárová, K. Kozel, J. Horácek, J. Fürst

61. A Mixed Hybrid Finite Element Discretization Scheme for Reactive Transport in Porous Media
F. A. Radu, M. Bause, A. Prechtel, S. Attinger

62. Applying Local Projection Stabilization to inf-sup Stable Elements
G. Rapin, G. Lube, J. Löwe

63. Calibration of Model and Discretization Parameters for Turbulent Channel Flow
X. Q. Zhang, T. Knopp, G. Lube

64. Numerical Solution of Transonic and Supersonic 2D and 3D Fluid–Elastic Structure Interaction Problems
J. Dobeš, J. Fürst, H. Deconinck, J. Fort

65. Numerical Simulations of Flow Induced Vibrations of a Profile
R. Honzátko, J. Horácek, K. Kozel

66. A Semi-Implicit Algorithm Based on the Augmented Lagrangian Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction
C. M. Murea

67. Automated Multi-Level Substructuring for a Fluid-Solid Vibration Problem
M. Stammberger, H. Voss

68. On Numerical Approximation of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
P. Svácek

69. Fishways Design: An Application of the Optimal Control Theory
L. J. Alvarez-Vázquez, A. Martínez, M. E. Vázquez-Méndez, M. A. Vilar

70. Moving Domain by Galerkin-Level Set Strategy: Application to Shape Geodesics
L. Blanchard, J. P. Zolésio

71. Numerical Analysis of a Control and State Constrained Elliptic Control Problem with Piecewise Constant Control Approximations
K. Deckelnick, M. Hinze

72. Globalization of Nonsmooth Newton Methods for Optimal Control Problems
C. Gräser

73. An Inexact Trust-Region SQP Method with Applications to PDE-Constrained Optimization
M. Heinkenschloss, D. Ridzal

74. Semi–Monotonic Augmented Lagrangians for Optimal Control and Parameter Identification
D. Lukáš, Z. Dostál

75. An Optimal Control Problem for Stochastic Linear PDE’s Driven by a Gaussian White Noise
H. Manouzi, S. Hou

76. A Priori Error Analysis for the Finite Element Approximation of Elliptic Dirichlet Boundary Control Problems
S. May, R. Rannacher, B. Vexler

77. A Priori Error Analysis for Space-Time Finite Element Discretization of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
D. Meidner, B. Vexler

78. Multigrid Methods for Linear Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
M. Vallejos, A. Borzì

79. An Active Curve Approach for Tomographic Reconstruction of Binary Radially Symmetric Objects
I. Abraham, R. Abraham, M. Bergounioux

80. A Single-Pass Scheme for the Mean Curvature Motion of Convex Curves
E. Carlini

81. A Semi-Lagrangian Approximation of Min–Max Type for the Stationary Mean Curvature Equation
E. Carlini, R. Ferretti

82. Topological Derivative Based Methods for Non–lDestructive Testing
A. Carpio, M. –L. Rapún

83. A Characteristics Driven Fast Marching Method for the Eikonal Equation
E. Cristiani, M. Falcone

84. Hierarchical Model Reduction for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems
A. Ern, S. Perotto, A. Veneziani

85. A Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for the Open Table Problem in Granular Matter Theory
M. Falcone, S. Finzi Vita

86. On a Variational Approximation of the Effective Hamiltonian
M. Falcone, M. Rorro

87. Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients in a Scalar Ginzburg-Landau Equation by Using Model Reduction
M. Kahlbacher, S. Volkwein

88. Reduced Order Models (POD) for Calibration Problems in Finance
E. W. Sachs, M. Schu

89. A Collocation Method for Quadratic Control Problems Governed by Ordinary Elliptic Differential Equations
W. Alt, N. Bräutigam, D. Karolewski

90. A Road Traffic Model with Overtaking: Continuation of the Oscillatory Patterns
L. Buric, V. Janovský

91. A Second Order Scheme for Solving Optimization-Constrained Differential Equations with Discontinuities
A. Caboussat, C. Landry

92. Optimal Load Changes for a Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell Model
K. Chudej, K. Sternberg, H. J. Pesch

93. Differential DAE Index for Reactive Euler Equations
A. Hmaidi, P. Rentrop

94. Application of a First Order Asymptotic Method for Modeling Singularly Perturbed BVPs
N. Parumasur, P. Singh, V. Singh

95. Newton-Like Solver for Elastoplastic Problems with Hardening and its Local Super-Linear Convergence
P. G. Gruber, J. Valdman

96. On a Fictitious Domain Method for Unilateral Problems
J. Haslinger, T. Kozubek, R. Kucera

97. Bifurcations in Contact Problems with Local Coulomb Friction
J. Haslinger, R. Kucera, O. Vlach

98. Point Load on a Shell
A. H. Niemi, H. Hakula, J. Pitkäranta


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