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Water Resources in the Middle East

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Table of contents

Part I. Geopolitical Israeli-Palestinian Water Issues

1. Meeting Vital Human Needs: Equitable Resolution of Conflicts over Shared Water Resources of Israelis and Palestinians
Hillel Shuval

2. Shared Management of Palestinian and Israeli Groundwater Resources: A Critical Analysis
Amjad Aliewi, Karen Assaf

3. Beyond the Watershed: Avoiding the Dangers of Hydro-Centricity and Informing Water Policy
John Anthony Allan

4. Politics and Water Management: A Palestinian Perspective
Marwan Haddad

5. Perceptions of Water in the Middle East: The Role of Religion, Politics and Technology in Concealing the Growing Water Scarcity
Francesca Châtel

6. The Karstic Flow System in Uja Area — West Bank: An Example of two Separated Flow Systems in the Same Area
Joseph Guttman

Part II. Trans-boundary Regional Issues: Jordan River and Dead Sea

7. Options for a More Sustainable Water Management in the Lower Jordan Valley
Rudolf Orthofer, Ra’ed Daoud, Jad Isaac, Hillel Shuval

8. A Water For Peace Strategy for the Jordan River Basin by Shifting Cropping Patterns
Said A. Assaf

9. A Future for the Dead Sea Basin: Water Culture among Israelis, Palestinians and Jordanians
Clive Lipchin

10. Formulating A Regional Policy for the Future of the Dead Sea — The ‘Peace Conduit’ Alternative
Ittai Gavrieli, Amos Bein

Part III. Water Trade and Water Markets

11. Water Management, Infrastructure, Negotiations and Cooperation: Use of the WAS Model
Franklin M. Fisher

12. ‘Virtual Water’ in the Water Resource Management of the Arid Middle East
Hillel Shuval

13. Virtual Water Trade as a Policy Instrument for Achieving Water Security in Palestine
Yasser H. Nassar

14. Water Conflicts and International Water Markets
Howard M. Wachtel

Part IV. Water Imports in the Middle East

15. Turkish Water Exports: A Model for Regional Cooperation in the Development of Water Resources
George E. Gruen

16. Water Transfer from Turkey to Water-Stressed Countries in the Middle East
Mithat Rende

17. Manavgat River Water: A Limited Alternative Water Resource for Domestic Use in the Middle East
Ýbrahim Gürer, Mehmet Ülger

18. Socioeconomic Development and Benefit Sharing in the Euphrates-Tigris River Basin
Aysegül Kibaroglu

Part V. Water Co-operation and Conflict Resolution

19. Why States Co-operate over Shared Water: The Water Negotiations in the Jordan River Basin
Anders Jägerskog

20. Joint Mismanagement: Reappraising the Oslo Water Regime
Jan Selby

21. Violations, Opportunities and Power along the Jordan River: Security Studies Theory Applied to Water Conflict
Mark Zeitoun

22. U.S. Sponsored Conflict Resolution Through Cooperation in the Water Sector
Miriam Schafer, Elizabeth Lien

23. Water Allocation for Nature and the ‘End of Conflict’ Era
Tamar Achiron-Frumkin, Ron Frumkin

24. Allocating Gaps of Shared Water Resources (Scarcity Index): Case Study on Palestine-Israel
Mohamed Asheesh

25. Factors Relating to the Equitable Distribution of Water in Israel and Palestine
David J. H. Phillips, Shaddad Attili, Stephen McCaffrey, John S. Murray

26. Groundwater Management in a Cross Boundary Case: Application to Israel and the Palestinian Authority
Edna Loehman, Nir Becker

27. Feasibility Study for Cooperation in Wastewater Treatment Plants and Landfills for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank
Nitsan Levy, Yitzhak Meyer

28. Effects of the Separation Barrier on the Viability of a Future Palestinian State
Daniel Arsenault, Jamie Green

29. Water as a Human Right: Understanding of Water in the Arab Countries of the Middle East
Simone Klawitter, Hadeel Qazzaz

Part VI. International Water Law

30. Legal Framework of Groundwater Management in the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the Palestinian Territories)
Raya Marina Stephan

31. Palestinian Water Authority: Developments and Challenges — Legal Framework and Capacity
Hiba Husseini

Part VII. Water Resource Management

32. Water Demand Management as Governance: Lessons from the Middle East and South Africa
David B. Brooks, Sarah Wolfe

33. Water Demand Management — A Strategy to Deal with Water Scarcity: Israel as a Case Study
Saul Arlosoroff

34. Using Socio-economic Indicators for Integrated Water Resources Management: Case Study of Palestine
Abdel Rahman Alamarah Tamimi, Ashraf A. Isayed, Mai Abu Mughli

35. Israeli Water Use Patterns: Resource Conservation and Transboundary Security
Joy Braunstein

36. Holistic Regional Approach to Water Management
Joel R. Gat

Part VIII. Impact of Climate Change

37. Impacts of Global Environmental Change for Water Resources of Israel and its Neighbors: New Security Dangers and Shifting Perceptions
Hans Günter Brauch

38. Mitigating Negative Impacts of Global Warming on Water Resources of the Middle East
Arie S. Issar

39. The Past as a Key for the Future: Mutual Dependencies of Land Use, Soil Development, Climate and Settlement
Ziad al-Saad, Bernhard Lucke, Michael Schmidt, Rupert Bäumler

Part IX. Water and Wastewater Technology in the Middle East

40. Waste Water Management and Reuse in Jordan
Abdel-Nabi Fardous, Luna Al-Hadidi

41. Reducing the Environmental Impact of Olive Mill Wastewater in Jordan, Palestine and Israel
Basheer Sobhi, Sabbah Isam, Yazbek Ahmad, Haj Jacob

42. A Seeping Timebomb: Pollution of the Mountain Aquifer by Sewage
Zecharya Tagar, Tamar Keinan, Gidon Bromberg

43. Potential Use of New Geological Findings for Water Exploitation in the Lower Jordan Valley
Akiva Flexer, Joseph Guttman, Haim Shulman, Yaakov Anker, Annat Yellin-Dror, Lea Davidson

44. From ‘Emergency Response Coordination’ to ‘Humanitarian Protection’: The Role and Activities of the Emergency Water And Sanitation-Health (EWASH) Committee
Geoff Graves


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