Givel, Jean-Claude R.

Anorectal and Colonic Diseases

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Table of contents

Section I. Principles

1. Anorectal and Colonic Anatomy
Felix Aigner, Helga Fritsch

2. Anorectal and Pelvic Floor Physiology
Søren Laurberg, Klaus Krogh

3. Colonic Motility and Physiology
Kumaran Thiruppathy, Anton Emmanuel

4. History-Taking and Symptoms
Jean-Claude R. Givel

5. Proctological Examination
Jean-Claude R. Givel

6. Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: Diagnosis and Treatment
Philippa L. Youd, Brian P. Saunders

7. Pathology of Anorectal and Colonic Specimens
Daniel J. Royston, Bryan F. Warren

8. Anorectal, Pelvic and Colonic Imaging
Simon A. Jackson, Bruce M. Fox

9. Endorectal and Anal Sonography
Bruno Roche, Joan Robert-Yap, Nicolas C. Buchs

10. Anorectal Manometry
Graeme S. Duthie, Angela B. Gardiner

11. Microbiology of the Lower Digestive Tract
Guy Prod’hom, Jacques Bille

12. Nutritional Evaluation and Care in Coloproctology
Laurence Genton, Claude Pichard

13. Preparation and Positioning for Surgery
Julien Vaucher, Jean-Claude R. Givel

14. Anaesthesia and Perioperative Management for Anorectal and Colonic Surgery
Patrick Yves Wüthrich, Jean-Patrice Gardaz

15. Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgical Excision
Nicolas Demartines

16. Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery
Willem A. Bemelman, Andre D’Hoore

17. Stomas and Related Problems
Bruce D. George, Angie Perrin

18. Psychological Assessment of the Coloproctology Patient
Julian Stern

Section II. Anal and Perianal Diseases

19. Hemorrhoidal Disease
Jean-Claude R. Givel, Yannick Cerantola

20. Anal Fissure
Ian Lindsey

21. Anorectal Abscesses and Fistulas
Peter Buchmann, Marc-Claude Marti

22. Malignant Tumours of the Anal Canal and Margin
Syed A. Hyder, Christopher Cunningham

23. Pilonidal Sinus Disease
Michael R. Thompson, Asha Senapati, Paul R.B. Kitchen

24. Dermatological Anal and Perianal Diseases
Bruno Roche, Eva Csatár, Joan Robert-Yap

25. Pruritus Ani
Olivier Gié

26. Clinical Management of Patients with Faecal Incontinence
Ian Finlay

27. Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Fecal Incontinence
Klaus E. Matzel

28. Essential Anorectal or Idiopathic Perianal Pain
Lukas Degen, Walter R. Marti

29. Complications of Anal Surgery
Andrew J. Shorthouse, Steven R. Brown

Section III. Colorectal Conditions

30. Anorectal and Colonic Crohn’s Disease
Neil Mortensen, Simon Travis

31. Ulcerative Colitis
Simon Travis, Neil Mortensen

32. Diverticular Disease
Tim Brown, Alastair Windsor

33. Polyposis Syndromes and Colorectal Cancer Predisposition
Christopher Cunningham, Rebecca A. Barnetson, Malcolm G. Dunlop

34. Management of Malignant Colorectal Tumours
Paul Finan, David Sebag-Montefiore

35. Retrorectal Tumors
Cédric Vallet, Dimitrios Christoforidis

36. Chronic Constipation
Cor G.M.I. Baeten, Wim Hameeteman

37. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Michael E.D. Jarret

38. Total Rectal Prolapse, Internal Prolapse – Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome and Rectocele
Andre D’Hoore

39. Anorectal Stenosis
Myles Joyce, P. Ronan O’Connell

40. Anorectal Traumatic Injuries
Nicolas C. Buchs, Joan Robert-Yap, Bruno Roche

41. Colorectal Foreign Bodies
Nicolas C. Buchs, Joan Robert-Yap, Bruno Roche

42. Abdominal Catastrophes and Intestinal Failure
Antje Teubner, Iain D. Anderson

Section IV. Specialist Conditions

43. Paediatric Colorectal Surgery
Blaise J. Meyrat

44. Pregnancy- and Delivery-Associated Colorectal and Proctological Disorders
Sylvain Meyer, Chahin Achtari

45. Gynecological Problems Relevant to Coloproctology
Chahin Achtari, Sylvain Meyer

46. Urologic Conditions in Coloproctology
Dirk Westermann, Urs E. Studer

47. Sexually Transmitted Infections in Coloproctology
Anne Edwards

48. Radiation Injury
Henri A. Vuilleumier, Abderrahim Zouhair

49. The Role of Plastic Surgery in the Management of Perineal Wounds
Jian Farhadi, David A. Ross

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Surgery, Proctology, Colorectal Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Gastroenterology

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