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Global E-Security

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Table of contents

1. Global E-Security
Hamid Jahankhani, Ameer Al-Nemrat

2. How to Find Exculpatory and Inculpatory Evidence Using a Circular Digital Forensics Process Model
Marjan Khatir, Seyed Mahmood Hejazi

3. Identity Theft: A Study in Contact Centres
Iain Moir, George R. S. Weir

4. A Reasoning Agent for Credit Card Fraud on the Internet Using the Event Calculus
Clive Blackwell

5. Trends in Smartcard Fraud
Susan Burns, George R. S. Weir

6. Tracking Online Trails
Man Qi, Denis Edgar-Nevill, Yongquan Wang, Rongsheng Xu

7. Evaluation of Tools for Protection of Interest against Hacking and Cracking
Hossein Jahankhani, Branko Antonijevic, Terry Walcott

8. Testing Dialog-Verification of SIP Phones with Single-Message Denial-of-Service Attacks
Jan Seedorf, Kristian Beckers, Felipe Huici

9. Covert Channels in SIP for VoIP Signalling
Wojciech Mazurczyk, Krzysztof Szczypiorski

10. Secure Recognition of Voice-Less Commands Using Videos
Wai Chee Yau, Dinesh Kant Kumar, Hans Weghorn

11. An Extended Secret Sharing Scheme for Color Images with Fixed Pixel Expansion
Rabia Sirhindi, Mehreen Afzal, Saeed Murtaza

12. Experimental Results on Algebraic Analysis of Trivium and Tweaked Trivium
Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood

13. Secure Repayable Storage System
T. M. Alkharobi

14. A Generalized Model of E-trading for GSR Fair Exchange Protocol
Debajyoti Konar, Chandan Mazumdar

15. Mobile-PKI Service Model for Ubiquitous Environment
Inkyung Jeun, Kilsoo Chun

16. Supporting Security against SYN Flooding Attack in Distributed DoS Via Measuring IPFIX-Based Traffic
H. Alipour, M. Kashefi Kia, M. Esmaeili

17. Multisensor Message Exchange Mechanism
Cyril Onwubiko

18. Spam Filtering without Text Analysis
Sihem Belabbes, Gilles Richard

19. Collaborative Approach to Network Behavior Analysis
Martin Rehak, Michal Pechoucek, Martin Grill, Karel Bartos, Pavel Celeda, Vojtech Krmicek

20. Making Concurrent Switching with Input-Output-Queued Switches Practical
Yi Dai, Zhi-gang Sun, Jin-shu Su

21. User Dynamics in Graphical Authentication Systems
Kenneth Revett, Hamid Jahankhani, Sérgio Tenreiro Magalhães, Henrique M. D. Santos

22. Improved Results on Algebraic Cryptanalysis of A5/2
Mehreen Afzal, Ashraf Masood, Naveed Shehzad

23. A Logic for Inclusion of Administrative Domains and Administrators in Multi-domain Authorization
Zeinab Iranmanesh, Morteza Amini, Rasool Jalili

24. Quantum Key Distribution
Ch. Seshu

25. A Survey of User Authentication Based on Mouse Dynamics
Kenneth Revett, Hamid Jahankhani, Sérgio Tenreiro Magalhães, Henrique M. D. Santos

26. Decoding Algorithm of Low Density Parity Check Code
Laouini Nassib, Hamdi Omessad, Bouallegue Ammar

27. LMIP/AAA: Local Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Protocol for Mobile IP
Manel Chenait

28. Secure Biometrically Based Authentication Protocol for a Public Network Environment
Bobby Tait, Basie Solms

29. Another Security Improvement over the Lin et al.’s E-voting Scheme
Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar, Javad Mohajeri, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh

30. A Meta-process for Information Security Risk Management
Katerina Papadaki, Nineta Polemi, Dimitrios Kon/nos Damilos

31. Security Issues in mGovernment
Manish Kumar, M. Hanumanthappa, Bhavanam Lakshma Reddy

32. Mobile Customer Relationship Management and Mobile Security
Ali Sanayei, Abas Mirzaei

33. E-Commerce and Security Governance in Developing Countries
Ali. Sanayei, Lila Rajabion

34. IT Governance Metrics, Measurements and Benchmarking
Vernon Poole

35. Web Services Security – Implementation and Evaluation Issues
Elias Pimenidis, Christos K. Georgiadis, Peter Bako, Vassilis Zorkadis

36. LMIP/AAA: Local Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Protocol for Mobile IP
Manel Chenait


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Information Technology, Telecommunications

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