Dekhtyar, Yuri

14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics

Dekhtyar, Yuri - 14th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Building and Implementing an eHealth Strategy: is there a Good Recipe for Baltic Countries?
Arunas Lukosevicius

2. Biomedical Engineering Program on the Internet for Worldwide Use
Jaakko Malmivuo, J. J. Nousiainen, A. Kybartaite

3. The Modification of Titanium Dioxide MOCVD Coating in TiAlNb after Immersion in Artificial Saliva
Elena Aldea, M. M. Dicu, A. Gleizes, I. Demetrescu

4. Osteogenesis on Surface Selective Laser Sintered Bioresorbable Scaffolds
Victor Bagratashvili, E. N. Antonov, S. M. Howdle, J. M. Kanczler, S. Mirmalek-Sani, V. K. Popov, R. O. Oreffo, C. Upton

5. Investigation of the Bone Cartilage Interface by CLSM
Jörg Bossert, T. Keller

6. Improving Titanium Biocompatibility Manipulating Surface Porocity
Daniela Ionita, D. Iordachescu

7. Electrically Charged Hydroxyapatite Enhances Immobilization and Proliferation of Osteoblasts
Yuri Dekhtyar, N. Polyaka, R. Sammons

8. Titanium Dioxide MOCVD Coating on CoCr Alloy and its Properties in Compare with Phosphate Coatings
Maria Magdalena Dicu, A. Gleizes, I. Demetrescu

9. Plasma Polymer Coating of Titanium for Improved Bone Implants
B. Finke, Karsten Schroeder, F. Luethen, J. B. Nebe, J. Rychly, K. Liefeith, R. Bader, U. Walschus, S. Lucke, M. Schlosser, H. -G. Neumann, A. Ohl, K. -D. Weltmann

10. Silk-Based Scaffold for Ligament Tissue Engineering
H. Liu, H. Fan, E. J. W. Wong, S. Lok Toh, James C. H. Goh

11. Influence of Hydrogenated Calcium Phosphate Surface on Potential of Stromal Stem Cells in Situ
A. V. Karlov, I. A. Khlusov, Y. Dekhtyar, N. Polyaka

12. The Influence of Cultivation Conditions on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Rat Bone Marrow Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Gita Kievina, N. Bezborodovs, G. Makarenkova, S. Nikulsins, Z. Krumina, D. Babarikins

13. Human Blood Cells Affected by Hydroxyapatite Coated Titanium
Alevtina Leice, Y. Dekhtyar, N. Britzina, L. Arabere, V. Arhipovich

14. Development of Biomorphic SiC Ceramics for Biomaterial Purposes
Janis Locs, L. Berzina-Cimdina, A. Zhurinsh

15. Release of Quaternary Ammonium Antimicrobial Compounds from Acrylic Bone Cement
John Nicholson, M. Mathey, V. Surana

16. The Evaluation of Quality and Selection of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy for Medical Purpose
Evgeniya Novikova, S. A. Atroshenko

17. Ions Release from Ti Implant Alloys in Simulated Bioliquids
Mariana Prodana, M. Caposi, D. Iordachescu

18. Stress-Strain State of System “Bone-Implant” Analyzed by FEM and its Comparison with Experimental Results
Lauris Rupeks, V. Filipenkovs, I. Knets, J. Laizans, V. Vitins

19. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectra of Technologically Modified Calcium Phosphates
Kristine Salma, N. Borodajenko, A. Plata, L. Berzina-Cimdina, A. Stunda

20. Reactogenicity of Synthetic Hydroxyapatite (HAp) Ceramic Materials Implanted in Rabbits Jaws
I. Salma, Mara Pilmane, J. Vetra, L. Berzina-Cimdina, G. Salms, A. Skagers

21. Biomechanical Properties of Two Synthetic Biomaterials for Ventricular Septal Defect Closure in Infancy
Lauris Smits, I. Ozolanta, V. Ozolins, A. Lacis, V. Kasyanov

22. Development of Poly(vinyl alcohol) Based Systems for Wound Dressings
Jolanta Stasko, M. Kalnins, A. Dzene, V. Tupureina

23. Apatite-based Biomaterials Synthesized in Saline Melts
Svitlana Olexsandrivna Tarasenko, Viktor Fedosiyovych Zinchenko

24. Degradation of Bone Material in Time
Yu. Dekhtyar, V. Zemite, H. J. Hein

25. Real-Time EEG Parameterization for Shunt Decision Supporting System During Carotid Endarterectomy
Agostino Accardo, M. Cusenza, F. Monti

26. Automatic Quantification of Handwriting Characteristics Before and After Rehabilitation
Agostino Accardo, I. Perrone

27. Reciprocating Orthotics Complex (ROC) for Children Suffering from Cerebral Paralysis and Spinal Diseases
Evgueni Dukendjiev

28. Muscle Movement and Electrodes Motion Artifact during Vibration Treatment
Antonio Fratini, P. Bifulco, M. Cesarelli, M. Romano, G. Pasquariello, A. Gatta, G. Gargiulo

29. Mandible and Temporomandibular Disc Movements on Physiological Subjects with Use of MRI
Martina Fricova, J. Krystufek, Z. Horak, V. Peterova, S. Konvickova

30. Choice and Impact of a Non-Newtonian Blood Model for Wall Shear Stress Profiling of Coronary Arteries
L. Goubergrits, E. Wellnhofer, U. Kertzscher

31. Validation of Individual Calibration Procedure in Prediction of One Repetition Maximum in Bench Press
Manne Hannula, A. Hirvikoski

32. Prediction of One Repetition Maximum in Dumbbell Concentration Curl and Shoulder Press
Manne Hannula, A. Hirvikoski, M. Isorinne, J. Jauhiainen

33. Feature Selection for Bayesian Evaluation of Trauma Death Risk
L. Jakaite, V. Schetinin

34. Objective Evaluation of Stroke Patients’ Movement
Ákos Jobbágy, P. Simon, G. Fazekas, P. Harcos, Z. Grosz

35. Applying Consumer Technologies to Assistive Device Design
Kelly Kaneswaran, Khalil Arshak

36. Finite Element Analysis of Honeycomb-Core Foam on Shock-Absorbing Capability against Childhood Head Injury
C. Y. Lin, Li-Tung Chang, T. J. Huang, K. H. Tsai, C. S. Li, G. L. Chang

37. Results of Reciprocal Orthosis System with Kinematic Interdependence used in Children with Children Cerebral Paralysis and Spinal Patients
Viktor Mihnovich, E. Dukendjiev

38. Colorimetric Plantographic Diagnostics of Foot Pathology on the Footprint in Static and Dynamics
Tatjana Ogurtsova, Evgueni Dukendjiev

39. Biomechanical Properties of Glutaraldehyde Treated Human Pericadium
Valts Ozolins, I. Ozolanta, L. Smits, A. Lacis, V. Kasyanov

40. Eye Kinematics of Athletes in Non-Familiar Sports Situations
Roberts Paeglis, A. Spunde, A. Klavinsh, L. Vilkausha, I. Lacis

41. Feasibility Experiment of Gait Training System Using Real-time Visual Feedback of Knee Joint Angle
J. Park, Jeonghun Ku, S. Cho, D. Y. Kim, I. Y. Kim, S. I. Kim

42. Investigation of Biomechanical Properties of Different Elements of Human Mitral Valve
Janis Pavars, P. Stradins, R. Lacis, I. Ozolanta, V. Kasyanov

43. Development of Research for Machining of Implants with Novel Materials for Bone Surgery
Oleg A. Rozenberg, S. V. Sokhan’, V. V. Voznyy

44. The Artificial Larynx: A Review of Current Technology and a Proposal for Future Development
Megan J. Russell, D. M. Rubin, B. Wigdorowitz, T. Marwala

45. Power Density Spectra of the Velocity Waveforms in Artificial Heart Valves
A. A. Sakhaeimanesh

46. Development of a Generic Assistive Platform to Aid Patients with Motor Disabilities
Franco Senatore, D. M. Rubin, G. J. Gibbon

47. Usability Evaluation of Three Unilateral — Propelled Wheelchairs for Hemiplegic Patients
Kueng Horng Tsai, C. Y. Yeh, H. C. Lo, L. T. Chang, J. S. Lee, C. T. Lee

48. The Effect of Gait Speed on Pre- and Postoperative Analysis of Gait Parameters after Total Knee Arthroplasty
Regina Ullmann, M. Hildebrand, S. Leuchte

49. Quantitative Analysis of the Activation Strategies during Freezing in Parkinson’s Patients
Agostino Accardo, S. Mezzarobba, M. Millevoi, F. Monti

50. Precise Positioning of Electrodes at Transesophageal Atrial Stimulation Using Multichannel Transesophageal Pacemaker and Lead
Andres Anier, J. Kaik, K. Meigas

51. Automated multi-parametric label free 24 channel real-time screening system
Bernhard Becker, V. Lob, N. Janzen, D. Grundl, F. Ilchmann, B. Wolf

52. Decentralized Multi-channel Digitizing of Bioimpedance Signals
Ivars Bilinskis, Y. Artyukh, M. Min

53. Design and Implementation of Textile Sensors for Biotelemetry Applications
M. Cerny, L. Martinak, Marek Penhaker, M. Rosulek

54. The Suitability of Silver Yarn Electrodes for Mobile EKG Monitoring
Alper Cömert, M. Honkala, M. Puurtinen, M. Perhonen

55. Drawback of ICA Procedure on EEG: Polarity Indeterminacy at Local Optimization
Fengyu Cong, I. Kalyakin, T. Ristaniemi, H. Lyytinen

56. Empirical Mode Decomposition on Mismatch Negativity
Fengyu Cong, X. Xu, T. Ristaniemi, H. Lyytinen

57. Measurement and Control of Ultra-Low Liquid Flowrates for Drug Delivery Application
Christian Damiani, S. Klein, D. Wuttig, B. Nestler

58. Hardware Embedded System on a Chip for the Normal ECG Recognition
Alexandros C. Dimopoulos, C. Pavlatos, G. Papakonstantinou

59. Slit-lamp Based Ocular Fluorometry Scanning
José P. Domingues, M. Alberto, C. Correia, J. Cunha-Vaz

60. Epicardial Acceleration Signal Measured Using a Single Chip 3-axis Accelerometer
Lars Albert Fleischer, P. S. Halvorsen, L. Hoff, E. Fosse, O. J. Elle

61. Novel Conducting Polymer Composite pH Sensors for Medical Applications
E. I. Gill, Arousian Arshak, K. Arshak, O. Korostynska

62. Future Trends in Robotic Neurosurgery
Tamas Haidegger, L. Kovacs, G. Fordos, Z. Benyo, P. Kazanzides

63. Development and Evaluation of One Arm Electrode Based ECG Measurement System
Manne Hannula, H. Hinkula, J. Jauhiainen

64. Diagnosing Acute Liver Graft Rejection: Experimental Application of an Implantable Telemetric Impedance Device in Native and Transplanted Porcine Livers
Jens Harms, A. Schneider, M. Tautenhahn, J. Henke, R. Busch

65. Augmentation Index in Different Severity Coronary Heart Disease Patients
Irina Hlimonenko, K. Meigas, M. Viigimaaa, K. Temitski

66. Photoplethysmographic Measurements and Analysis
Matti Huotari, V. Lantto

67. Noninvasive Measurement of the Pressure Gradient between the Radial and Finger Arteries
K. Jagomägi, R. Raamat, J. Talts, U. Ragun

68. A Multicenter Study of Removed Uric Acid Estimated by Ultra Violet Absorbance in the Spent Dialysate
Jana Jerotskaja, F. Uhlin, I. Fridolin

69. Comparison of Tibial Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potential Signal-to-Noise Ratios During Anaesthesia
Atte Joutsen, P. Puumala, L -P. Lyytikäinen, O. Pajulo, A. Etelämäki, J. Jurva, V. Jäntti, H. Eskola

70. Phase Coupling in EEG Burst Suppression during Propofol Anesthesia
Fikret Emre Kapucu, T. Lipping, V. Jäntti, A. -M. Huotari

71. Rhythmic Fluctuations in Intracellular Mg2+ in Spontaneously Beating Cultured Cardiac Myocytes
Koichi Kawahara, R. Sato, D. Matsuyama, S. Iwabuchi

72. Importance of Nonlinear Signal Processing in Biomedicine
Wlodzimierz Klonowski

73. An Intelligent Method for Identifying Cardiac Cycles from Tracheal Sounds during Sleep
Antti Kulkas, E. Huupponen, S. -L. Himanen

74. Ultrasonic Non-invasive Investigation of Arterial Elasticity
I. Kupciunas, A. Kopustinskas

75. EEG-fMRI Ballistocardiogram Removal: A New Non-linear Dynamic Time Warping Approach
Jacek Lukasz Kustra, J. M. Fernandes, J. P. S. Cunha

76. Local Filtered QRS Duration during Sodium-channel Blockade in Brugada Syndrome Patients
A. C. Linnenbank, P. G. Postema, M. G. Hoogendijk, P. F. H. M. Dessel, H. L. Tan, J. M. T. Bakker

77. Development of Flexible Thin Film Microelectrode Arrays for Neural Recordings
Sami Myllymaa, K. Myllymaa, H. Korhonen, K. Djupsund, H. Tanila, R. Lappalainen

78. Prediction of Epileptic Seizures for On-Demand Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Kristian Rauhe Nielsen, C. Sevcencu, A. Rasmussen, J. J. Struijk

79. Apparatus for Short-Wave Inductothermy “Magnetotherm”
N. A. Nikolov, Valeriy E. Orel, I. I. Smolanka, N. N. Dzyatkovskaya, A. V. Romanov, Yu. I. Mel’nik, M. Yu. Klimanov, V. O. Chernish

80. What Conclusions does Rapid Image Classification by Eye Movements Provide for Machine Vision?
Roberts Paeglis, A. Kotelnikovs, A. Podniece, I. Lacis

81. Analysis of Foveation Sequences in Congenital Nystagmus
Giulio Pasquariello, P. Bifulco, M. Cesarelli, M. Romano, A. Fratini

82. Numerical Models of Skin Conductivity Changes during Electroporation
Nataša Pavšelj, D. Miklav?i?

83. An Experimental Study of PPG Probe Efficiency Coefficient Determination on Human Body
Kristjan Pilt, K. Meigas, M. Rosmann, J. Lass, J. Kaik

84. Non-linear Assessment of Heart Rate Variability in Ovo-lactovegetarians, Vegans and Omnivores during Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
Tanja Princi, I. Fabbro, D. Peterec, M. Fonda, L. Cattin, A. Accardo

85. Photoplethysmography Analysis of Artery Properties in Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases
Uldis Rubins, A. Grabovskis, J. Grube, I. Kukulis

86. Dialysis Adequacy On-line Monitoring Using DiaSens Optical Sensor: Technique and Clinical Application
Aleksei Scherbakov, I. Fridolin

87. Effects of ROI Size on Correlation between ROISR and SNR
L. Sinkkila, Juho Väisänen, O. Vaisanen, J. Hyttinen

88. Effect of Microwave Radiation on EEG Coherence
Anna Suhhova, M. Bachmann, K. Aadamsoo, Ü. Võhma, J. Lass, H. Hinrikus

89. Stress Stages and Changes on EEG by low-level Physical (EMF) and Chemical Stressors
V. Tuulik, J. Lass, M. Bachmann

90. Body Surface Potential Mapping for Noninvasive Ischemia Detection
Milan Tysler, P. Kneppo, V. Rosik, S. Karas, E. Heblakova, J. Muzik

91. Effect of Lead Orientation on Bipolar ECG Measurement
Juho Väisänen, M. Puurtinen, J. Hyttinen

92. On the Mechanism of Low Frequency Bioelectromagnetism
Janis Valdmanis, Aleksandrs Cipijs

93. The Effect of Electrode Size on Cortical EEG Sensitivity Distributions
Katrina Wendel, J. Malmivuo

94. Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen with Lab-on-Chip Systems
Joachim Wiest, M. Brischwein, H. Grothe, B. Wolf

95. Effects of Optical Radiation on the Healing of Bone Defect in Rabbits
Yu. Dehktyar, Alexei Katashev, J. Katasheva, I. Ozolanta

96. Transmyocardial Laser Revascularization in Patients with Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease
Edgars Freilibs, R. Lacis, U. Strazdins

97. Evaluation of a Fiber-Optic Based Pulsed Laser System for Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Neda Haj-Hosseini, S. Andersson-Engels, K. Wårdell

98. Effect of Light Scattering Simulation in the Eye on Different Color Stimuli Perception
Gatis Ikaunieks, M. Ozolinsh

99. Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy During Experimental Radio Frequency Ablation
Johannes D. Johansson, A. Zerbinati, K. Wårdell

100. Closed-Feedback Control of Laser Soldering of Rat Skin Using Diode Laser
M. E. Khosroshahi, M. S. Nourbakhsh, S. Saremi, F. Tabatabaee

101. Characterization of Input-Output Relations in Single Neurons using Spatiotemporal Photo-stimulation
M. Krumin, Shy Shoham

102. Sensor for Measurement of Wear in Total Hip Arthroplasty
D. Mandat, M. Hrabovsky, V. Havranek, M. Pochmon, T. Rossler, J. Gallo

103. Effects of Static and Dynamic Modes on Laser Tissue Soldering: An In-vitro Study
M. S. Nourbakhsh, M. E. Khosroshahi, S. Saremi, F. Tabatabaee

104. Photoplethysmography Device for Detection of Changes in the Vasomotor Parameters of Small Laboratory Animals
Juris Paturskis, V. Veliks, M. Ozols, I. Svikis, R. Erts, J. Spigulis

105. Potentialities of Wear Measurement in Total Knee Arthroplasty
Michal Pochmon, T. Rössler, J. Gallo, M. Hrabovský, D. Mandát, V. Havránek

106. Optical Non-contact In-vitro Measurement of Total Hip Arthroplasty Wear
Tomas Rössler, J. Gallo, M. Hrabovský, D. Mandát, M. Pochmon, V. Havránek

107. Spectroscopic Studies on Binding of Cationic Pheophorbide-a Derivative to Model Polynucleotides
Olga Ryazanova, I. M. Voloshin, I. Ya. Dubey, L. V. Dubey, V. N. Zozulya

108. ICT and Knowledge Management for the ISO 9001:2000 Standards Compliance of I.R.C.C.S. “Burlo Garofolo” Maternal-children Hospital
Michele Bava, E. Danielli, A. Orsini, D. Tarticchio, L. Vecchi Brumatti, R. Zangrando, F. Zennaro, A. Accardo

109. Biotelemetry
Martin Cerny, M. Penhaker

110. Five Year Biomedical Engineering Curriculum — Experiences and Results from the First Eight Years
Kim Dremstrup, P. Elberg

111. Medical GRID and E-Learning in the Virtual Hospital
Georgi Graschew, T. A. Roelofs, S. Rakowsky, P. M. Schlag

112. Luebeck’s International BME Master’s Program - Aim and Experiences
Stephan Klein, T. M. Buzug, B. Nestler

113. Developing Media Rich Virtual Learning Material for Biomedical Engineering Education
Asta Kybartaite, J. Malmivuo, J. Nousiainen

114. Development of the Biomedical Electronics Course for e-Learning
Toomas Parve, R. Gordon, M. Min

115. Cataract Surgery Simulator for Medical Education & Finite Element/3D Human Eye Model
Juan Francisco Perez, Rafael Barea, L. Boquete, M. A. Hidalgo, M. Dapena, G. Vilar, I. Dapena

116. COMSOL Multiphysics in Undergraduate Education of Electromagnetic Field Biological Interactions
Paolo Togni, M. Cifra, T. D?íž’dal

117. Actual State of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Education in Poland
Marta Wasilewska-Radwanska, T. Palko

118. The Practice for Medical Physics and Engineering Students
A. Balodis, V. Zemite

119. Scientific Research, Telemedicine and Health Services: the “Burlo Garofolo” Hospital Web Portal
Michele Bava, A. Zambon, L. Vecchi Brumatti, R. Zangrando, A. Accardo, G. Tamburlini

120. A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to the Classification of Fetal Cardiotocograms
Robert Czabanski, M. Jezewski, J. Wrobel, K. Horoba, J. Jezewski

121. Visions in Modeling of Cardiac Arrhythmogenic Diseases and their Therapies
Olaf Doessel, G. Seemann, D. Farina, D. U. J. Keller, R. Miri, F. M. Weber, D. L. Weiss

122. Home Health Monitoring
Ákos Jobbágy, P. Csordás, A. Mersich, R. Magjarevi?, I. Lackovi?, J. Mihel

123. Time Domain Signal Processing of Tibial Nerve Somatosensory Evoked Potentials During Anesthesia
Atte Joutsen, V. Jäntti, H. Eskola

124. Modelling Interrupter Measurements of Respiratory Resistance
Jaak Talts, J. Kivastik

125. Coupling Axis-Length Profiles with Bezier Splines in Finite Element Head Models
Katrina Wendel, M. Osadebey, J. Malmivuo

126. Analysis of Bioelectrical Uterine Activity for Detection of Threatening Premature Labour
J. Zietek, K. Horoba, Janusz Jezewski, A. Matonia, J. Sikora, T. Kupka

127. Comparison of DT-CWT Based Rotation Variant and Invariant Methods on Tissue Characterization
Baran Aydogan, M. Hannula, T. Arola, P. Dastidar, J. Hyttinen

128. CdZnTe Pixel Detectors for Medical Imaging
A. A. Bulycheva, I. E. Tsirkunova, V. V. Gostilo

129. The Analysis of Craniofacial Morphology in Posteroanterior View
Kuo-Sheng Cheng, C. -H. Ou, Y. -T. Chen, J. -K. Liu, C. -L. Kuo

130. VAMP — A Vision Based Sensor Network for Health Care Hygiene
Padraig Curran, J. Buckley, B. O’Flynn, X. Li, J. Zhou, G. Lacey, S. C. O’Mathuna

131. An Augmented Reality Application for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Lucio T. Paolis, M. Pulimeno, G. Aloisio

132. Methods for Counting Cells Supported by Digital Image Processing
Dieter Dill, A. Scholz, M. Gül, B. Wolf

133. Two Aspects of Calibrating a 3D Ultrasonic Computed-Tomography System
A. Filipík, Ji?í Jan, I. Peterlík, D. Hemzal, R. Ji?ík

134. A Combined Bayesian Approach to Classifying Venous Flow during Contrast-Agent Injection using Doppler Ultrasound
Morten Forfang, L. Hoff, N. Bérard-Andersen, G. F. Olsen, K. Brabrand

135. Optimization of fMRI Processing Parameters for Simutaneous Acquisition of EEG/fMRI in Focal Epilepsy
Mario Forjaz Secca, H. M. Fernandes, J. R. Cabral, A. Leal

136. Telemetric Personal Health Monitoring Systems for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Murat Gül, A. Scholz, D. Dill, B. Wolf

137. Clinical Relevance of Preoperative CT- based Computer Aided 3D- Planning in Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic Surgery and Living Donor Liver Transplantation
Jens Harms, H. -M. Tautenhahn, H. Bourquain, T. H. Kahn, H. -O. Peitgen, J. Fangmann, S. Jonas

138. Assessing the Effects of Apneusis on Brain Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Symbolic Dynamics
Antonio Fernando Catelli Infantosi, F. C. Jandre, C. Elefteriadis

139. Breast Ultrasound Segmentation Using Morphologic Operators and a Gaussian Function Constraint
Antonio Fernando Catelli Infantosi, L. M. S. Luz, W. C. A. Pereira, A. V. Alvarenga

140. Image Analysis of DNA Repair and Apoptosis in Tumor Cells with Differing Sensitivity to DNA Damage
A. Ivanov, M. Ivanova, Jekaterina Erenpreisa, S. V. Gloushen, T. Freivalds, M. S. Cragg

141. Parameterization of the Optic Nerve Disk in Eye Fundus Images
Darius Jegelevicius, D. Buteikiene, V. Barzdziukas, A. Paunksnis

142. 3D Medical Image Visualization and Volume Estimation of Pathology Zones
Katrina Krechetova, A. Glaz, A. Platkajis

143. Biomedical Image Processing Based on Regression Models
A. Lorencs, I. Mednieks, Juris Sinica-Sinavskis

144. Analysis of Outliers Effects in Voxel-Based Morphometry by means of Virtual Phantoms
Federico Nocchi, T. Franchin, E. Genovese, D. Longo, G. Fariello, V. Cannatà

145. Stroke Monitor as a Device Improving Diagnostic Value of Computed Tomography in Hyperacute Stroke
Artur Przelaskowski, J. Walecki, K. Sklinda, G. Ostrek

146. Morphological and Brainstem Physiology Assessment of Patients with Congenital Craniocervical Anomalies
Carolina M Rimkus, A. V. Faria, V. A. Zanardi, V. M. F. Lima, A. Cliquet

147. Quality of the Computed Radiography Image Acquired with Decreased Doses
Lada Bumbure, Y. Dehtyar, R. Falkan, U. Jasper

148. Evaluation of Acceptance Criteria for IMRT Plan Verification Based on Results of Film Dosimetry
K. Chelminski, Wojciech Bulski, P. Kaminski, M. Kania, J. Rostkowska, A. Walewska, M. Zalewska

149. Sensitivity of the Brain to Microwave Radiation
Hiie Hinrikus, M. Bachmann, J. Lass

150. The Impact of the Anomalous Magnetic Field of the Earth on Demographic Indices (using Latvia as an example)
Lyudmila Kartunova, Vladimir Vetrennikov

151. Development of the Positron Emission Tomography Center: Medical and Physical Aspects
A. V. Khmelev, Sergey E. Evdonin, V. A. Kostylev, S. V. Shiryaev, B. I. Dolgushin

152. Modulated Microwave Effects on Visual Event-related Potentials during Oddball Task
Kristjan Kruusing, J. Lass

153. Evaluation of the Independent Dose Calculation Algorithm
Jurgita Laurikaitien?, M. Laurikaitis, D. Adlien?, G. A. Adlys, S. Raila, F. Nordström, S. Bäck, S. Mattsson

154. Dosimetric Properties of Detectors for Quality Control of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Sandija Plaude, S. Popov, A. Miller, Y. Dekhtyar

155. Considering Dose Rate in Routine X-ray Examination by Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD) in Radiology units of Mazandaran Hospitals
Seyed Ali Rahimi

156. Cost-Effectiveness of the Positron Emission Tomography with [18F]-fluorodeoxyglucose for the Staging and Management of Lung Cancer in Russia
Alexander Khmelev, N. N. Blokhin, S. V Shiryaev, B. I. Dolgushin, I. D. Gotsadze, I. P. Aslanidi, O. V. Mukhortova, S. E. Evdonin

157. Design of an Ultra-Near-Field System for Planar Coded Aperture Nuclear Medicine Imaging
D. M. Starfield, D. M. Rubin, T. Marwala

158. Semiconductors and Biomedical Structures for Nanobiometric Applications
B. H. Bairamov, V. V. Toporov, F. B. Bayramov, M. Vasidev, M. Dutta, M. A. Stroscio, G. Irmer

159. Microcells Development and Endocytosis Ability Morphological and Quantitative Characterization in HeLa Cancer Cells
Dina. B?ma, T. Freivalds, I. Buikis, L. Harju

160. Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Yeast Cells Influenced by High Voltage Electrical Discharge
D. Borovikova, S. Cifansky, Y. Dekhtyar, Veronika Fedotova, V. Jakushevich, A. Katashev, A. Patmalnieks, A. Rapoport

161. Dependence of DNA Electrotransfer into Cells In vitro on Cell Electroporation and DNA Electrophoresis
Karolina Cepurniene, S. Šatkauskas

162. Measurement of Temperature Synchronized Yeast Cells kHz Electrical Oscillations
Michal Cifra, J. Pokorný, F. Jelínek, J. Hašek, J. Šimša

163. Self — Assembled System: Semiconductor and Virus Like Particles
Yu. Dekhtyar, Anna Kachanovska, G. Mezinskis, A. Patmalnieks, P. Pumpens, R. Renhofa

164. Quantum Chemical Simulation of Cytochrome P450 Catalyzed Oxidation and Carcinogenic potency of Benzene Derivatives
P. N. D’yachkov, N. V. Kharchevnikova, Z. I. Zholdakova, N. Fjodorova, M. Novich, M. Vrachko

165. Evaluation of Highly-Water Soluble Drug Physical State in Biodegradable Microcapsules
Dagnija Loca, O. Pugovics, L. Berzina-Cimdina

166. Time-dependent Model of Induced Transmembrane Voltage and Electroporation on Clusters of Cells
Gorazd Pucihar, T. Kotnik, D. Miklavcic

167. Mg2+ and Ni2+ ion Effects on Phase Transitions in AU and A2U under Conditions Close to Physiological Ones
V. A. Sorokin, E. L. Usenko, V. A. Valeev

168. Studies of Mechanical Treatment on Surface Charge of Bioactive Composites
Stanislawa Szarska, E. Szmidt, A. Wójcik

Keywords: Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Publication year
IFMBE Proceedings
Page amount
666 pages
Technology, Energy, Traffic

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