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Geosynthetics in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Investigating the Relationship between Creep and Water Flow Capacity of Geosynthetics
C. Duquennoi, R. Gallo, A. Thomas

2. Study on Vertical Permeability Coefficient of Nonwoven Geotextile
L. F. Liu, R. H. Li, J. K. Chi

3. Discrete Element Modelling of Geogrid Pullout Test
J. Zhang, N. Yasufuku, H. Ochiai

4. Study on the Whole Stability Analysis Method for Reinforced Soft Foundation of Embankment with Geofabric
H. X. Tang, H. Q. Wang

5. Stress Relaxation Behaviors of Nonwoven Geotextile Composites
H. Y. Jeon, B. W. An, H. J. Kim, Y. J. Kim, G. Y. Cui, Y. S. Jang

6. Prediction of Weatherability of Geosynthetics under Exposure Conditions
H. Y. Jeon, W. S. Lyoo, Z. L. Shen, K. Y. Lee

7. Environmental Stress Crack Resistance of Geomembrane by NCTL Test
H. Y. Jeon, Y. S. Jang, K. Y. Lee

8. Weathering Degradation of Polyester and Polypropylene Geotextiles
P. C. Lodi, B. S. Bueno, O. M. Vilar, N. S. Correia

9. Evaluation of Geomembrane UV Degradation Using Melt Flow Index and Oxidative Induction Time Tests
P. C. Lodi, B. S. Bueno, O. M. Vilar

10. UV Exposure of Polymeric Geomembranes
P. C. Lodi, B. S. Bueno, O. M. Vilar

11. Progressive Failure Properties of Sand Retaining Wall Reinforced with Denti-Strip Inclusions
M. X. Zhang, H. Zhou, C. C. Qiu, T. J. Chen

12. Evaluation on Stress Cracking Resistances of Various HDPE Drainage Geonets
M. S. Mok, E. Blond, J. Mlynarek, H. Y. Jeon

13. Influence of Solution Characteristics on Swelling and Hydraulic Performance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
C. Xu, X. Y. Liao, Z. B. Li

14. Post-Construction Time History of Tensile Force in Geogrid Arranged in a Full-Scale High Wall
W. Kongkitkul, D. Hirakawa, T. Sugimoto, S. Kawahata, T. Yoshida, S. Ito, F. Tatsuoka

15. Experimental Study on Creep Properties of Plastic Geogrid Under Low Temperature
E. L. Wang, X. Y. Xu, B. Zhang, H. Zhong, Z. K. Gao, J. D. Chang

16. The Use of Beta Nucleation to Improve the Properties and Lower the Cost of Polypropylene Geogrids
P. Jacoby

17. Effects of Y Type PP Fibers and Hydroxyethyl Methylcellulose (HEMC) on Dry-Shrinkage of Cement Mortars
L. F. Liu, R. H. Li, X. J. Yang, J. Z. Ren

18. Unified Constitutive Curves of Strain-Hardening Medium and Strain-Softening Medium
Q. Sun, S. Q. Qin

19. Characteristics of Self-healing of GCL
X. Li, Y. M. Shu, X. R. Wu

20. Development and Importance of Testing and Specification of Geosynthetics
J. Zhang

21. Permeability Test and Shear Test on Geosynthetic Clay Liner
Y. X. Jie, Z. B. Fu, T. Peng, G. X. Li

22. Long-term Protection Efficiency of Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles
D. K. Atmatzidis, D. A. Chrysikos, T. N. Blantzoukas, A. T. Kondyli

23. Study on Creep Strength Test of High-Strength Geogrid
Q. R. Yan, W. D. Deng, C. Z. Deng

24. Development of Thermo-Graph Inspection for Geomembrane Seam Evaluation
H. Nakayama, T. Shimaoka, S. Ueda

25. Undrained and Drained Triaxial Tests of Fiber-reinforced Sand
C. W. Chen, J. E. Loehr

26. Accelerated Testing of Geosynthetics for Design and Material Confirmation Support
Sam R. Allen

27. Creep Tests of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics
L. H. Li, L. Chen, Z. Wang

28. Study on Hysteresis Properties of Piezometer Tubes Using Circulating WaterModel
L. H. Li, L. Chen, J. Li, Z. Wang

29. Evaluation of Interface Parameters from Pullout Test in Silty Sand and Weathered Clay
D. T. Bergado, P. V. Long, J. Saowapakpiboon, P. Voottipruex

30. Pullout Behaviour of Different Geosynthetics Embedded in Granular Soils
N. Moraci, G. Cardile

31. Protection Efficiency of Nonwoven Polypropylene Geotextiles Against Impact Damage
D. K. Atmatzidis, D. A. Chrysikos

32. Study on Direct Shear Test on Interface Performance of Geogrid and Corase-grained Soil
W. D. Deng, C. Z. Deng, Q. R. Yan

33. Centrifugal Modeling of a Geogrid-reinforced Embankment on Soft Subsoil
J. F. Chen, S. B. Yu, J. Han, Z. M. Shi, M. R. Shen

34. Determination of Interface Shear Strength of Geosynthetics Using Centrifuge
W. Wu, M. S. Acharya, F. Aschauer

35. Experimental Investigation of Pull-out Resistance of Uniaxial Geogrids
G. Baykal, O. Dadasbilge

36. Development and Application of CS-LB01 Geosynthetics Pullout Test System
H. P. Yang, M. Guo, L. Wan, Y. X. He

37. Geotechnical Centrifuge Experiment and Force Analysis of Reinforced Cushion with Pile Cap Net Structure Embankment
B. P. Doanh, Q. Luo, L. Zhang, Y. Yang

38. Centrifuge Shaking Table Tests on Saturated Reinforced Soil Walls
J. Izawa, J. Kuwano

39. Centrifuge Modeling on Fiber Reinforced Fly Ash Slope
D. K. Bhardwaj, J. N. Mandal

40. Importance of Strong Connection Between Geosynthetic Reinforcement and Facing for GRS Integral Bridge
F. Tatsuoka, D. Hirakawa, H. Aizawa, H. Nishikiori, R. Soma, Y. Sonoda

41. Study on Seismic Performance of Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls and Deformation Characteristics of Backfill Soil
S. Nakajima, K. Hong, S. Mulmi, J. Koseki, K. Watanabe, M. Tateyama

42. Development of Reinforced Earth Wall System with Steel-Framed Facing
S. D. Cho, K. W. Lee, J. H. Kim, C. Choi, C. W. Seo

43. Geogrid Reinforced Segmental Retaining Wall for NH5, Dharmavaram to Tuni, Andhra Pradesh, India
T. W. Yee, P. Dutta

44. Wetting-Induced Geosynthetic Reinforced Slope Failure
J. Y. Wu, A. H. Tang

45. Simulating Plane Strain Tests of Sand Specimen Reinforced with H-V Orthogonal Inclusions by PFC
S. L. Zhang, M. X. Zhang, A. A. Javadi

46. Investigation on Restraint Effect of Geogrids on Shallow Layer Failure of Expansive Soil Slope
M. Y. Wang, J. T. Cai, H. Xu, Y. H. Tang

47. Determination of Cut Slope Reinforcement Using AHP Technique
J. G. Han, J. Y. Lee, M. H. Lee

48. Geometry Design Method Considering Surcharge Load Behind Tiered Reinforced Soil Wall
J. G. Han, K. K. Hong, J. S. Kim, M. H. Lee

49. Study on the Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall of Concrete Rigid Face by Field Test
G. Q. Yang, P. Lv, B. J. Zhang, Q. Y. Zhou

50. Effect of Reinforced Sand Cushion on the Limit Fill Height of Embankment on Soft Clay Foundation
L. M. Wei, J. D. Niu, H. J. Huo

51. Application of The Geogrid Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls For a High Slope Supporting Project
H. Zhu, Y. Ma, Y. X. Liu, J. Wang

52. Using FLAC3D Numerical Simulation Method to Choose the Reinforced Length of the Soil Retaining Wall
J. W. Su, Y. M. Shu

53. Upper-Bound Limit Analysis of Reinforced Slopes for Clay Soil
X. J. Feng, Q. Yang, C. Z. Xiao

54. An Experimental Study on the Effect of Reinforcing Materials for the Stabilization of Soft Ground
S. D. Cho, T. G. Ham, K. S. Yang, S. K. You

55. Numerical Simulation of Geogrid Reinforced Lightweight Geomaterials on Soft Ground Area
T. Tanchaisawat, D. T. Bergado, Y. P. Lai, S. Piyaboon, P. Anujorn

56. A Study on the Deformation Behavior of Laboratory Geosynthetics Reinforced Soil Walls
M. S. Won, Y. S. Kim, K. J. Lee

57. Reduced Scale Shaking Table Tests on Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
E. Guler, O. Selek

58. A Numerical Model for EPS Geofoam Seismic Buffers
Y. M. Wang, R. J. Bathurst

59. Elasto-Viscoplastic Simulation of Bearing Capacity Characteristics of Strip Footing on Reinforced Sand
F. L. Peng, M. S. A. Siddiquee, F. Tatsuoka

60. Influence of Interference on Failure Mechanism of Closely Constructed Circular Footings on Reinforced Sand
A. Alimardani Lavasan, M. Ghazavi

61. Analytical Study on Geotextile-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls Damaged During the 2004 Mid Niigata Prefecture Japan Earthquake
M. Mizuhashi, H. Sugita, T. Sasaki

62. Internal Stability Analysis of Segmental Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
H. B. Liu

63. Bearing Capacity of Ring Footings on Reinforced Clay
A. H. Boushehrian, N. Hataf

64. The Horizontal Deformation Study on the Geogrid Reinforced Earth Retianing Wall
Y. Zhao, G. Q. Yang, B. J. Zhang, P. Lv

65. Compare Analysis of Influence of Soil Property upon Geosynthetics Reinforcement Embankment
C. Yan, S. Li, J. P. Zhou

66. Design and Construction of a 20-Meter High Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall
S. Q. Gui, Z. B. Zhu, Q. Li, P. Luo

67. Geosynthetic Reinforced Pond Ash Subgrade for Rural Roads
G. Venkatappa Rao, Goutam K. Pothal

68. A Study on Shear Strength and Deformation of Sandy Soil Reinforced with Tire Cord Wastes
M. Esna-ashari, M. Asadi

69. The Use of Geotextile to Counter Heave Problem in Spread Footing in Jordanian Expansive Soil
Omar H. Al-Hattamleh

70. Treat Cut Slopes with Expansive Soils Adopting Geogrid-Reinforced Technique
H. P. Yang, S. Wang, Y. X. He

71. Experimental Study on the Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil Reinforced With Synthetic Fibers
Y. H. Tang, C. G. Bao, M. Y. Wang, J. H. Ding

72. Change of Failure Mechanism of Cement Treated Clay by Adding Tire Chips
Y. Kikuchi, T. Sato, T. Nagatome, Y. Mitarai, Y. Morikawa

73. Application of Cement-Mixed Gravel Reinforced by Geogrid for Soft Ground Improvement
T. Matsumaru, K. Watanabe, J. Isono, M. Tateyama, T. Uchimura

74. Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on the Strength and Elastic Modulus of Soil-Cement
L. Zhang, X. X. Wang, G. Zheng

75. Experimental Investigation on Strength and Mechanical Behavior of Compacted Soil-fiber Mixtures
T. Harianto, S. Hayashi, Y. J. Du, D. Suetsugu

76. Influence of SO3 Content on the Strength of Cement-Fly Ash Stabilized Crushed-Stones
X. Chen, M. K. Zhou, P. L. Cong, X. Li

77. Drainage Characteristics of Reinforced Drainage Geotextile for Landfill Collection System
J. Y. Lee, J. H. Jeong, M. H. Lee

78. Pilot Scale Field Test for Natural Fiber Drain
J. H. Kim, S. D. Cho

79. Filtration Performance of a Silt/Geotextile System within a Triaxial Permeameter
A. A. Aziz, T. A. Mohammed, H. Omar

80. Evaluation of Discharge Capacity with Various Vertical Drain Core Types
E. C. Shin, Zhanara Nazarova, K. Y. Cho, S. H. Kim, J. K. Kang

81. L-Shaped Geodrain in Embankment Model Test and Numerical Simulation
M. Saito, S. Shibuya, J. Mitsui, K. Hara

82. In-Soil Hydraulic Transmissivity of Geosynthetic Drains in the Laboratory
K. Hara, J. Mitsui, K. Mitsumune, J. G. Chae, S. Shibuya

83. Vacuum-PVD Combination with Embankment Loading Consolidation in Soft Bangkok Clay: A Case Study of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Project
J. Saowapakpiboon, D. T. Bergado, J. C. Chai, N. Kovittayanon, T. P. Zwart

84. The Performance of Alternative Geocomposites for Drainage Under Laboratory and Field Conditions
C. A. Silva, E. M. Palmeira, A. R. L. Silva

85. Strength Increase of PVD-Improved Soft Clay Under Staged Embankment Loading
L. Ma, S. L. Shen, X. W. Tang

86. Renovated Vacuum Consolidation with Electroosmosis
Y. W. Jin

87. Geosynthetics Cover System for the Remediation of a Dismissed Industrial Site in Milano
D. Cazzuffi, P. Recalcati, G. Tresso

88. Large-Scale Shear Tests on Interface Shear Performance of Landfill Liner Systems
M. Kamon, S. Mariappan, T. Katsumi, T. Inui, T. Akai

89. Leachate Filter Geotextile and Application for Laogang Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Shanghai
T. W. Yee, K. H. Wong

90. Case History: Kwai Chung Park Viaduct at Gin Drinker’s Bay Landfill, Hong Kong
G. Ng

91. Evaluation of Tensile Force of Liner System with the Variation of Height of Incinerated Ash
S. F. Xu, H. Zhang, M. Y. Hu, S. Imaizumi

92. Evaluation of Clay Geosynthetic Barriers in Landfill Cover Systems
H. Zanzinger

93. Ability of Concrete Anchorage for Geomembrane Barrier in Landfill
S. Imaizumi, T. Sekiya, K. Ozawa, K. Arakawa, H. Wakabayashi, H. Tsujimoto

94. Interpretation of Installation Damage of Geogrids by Considering Environmental Conditions
H. Y. Jeon, A. Bouazza, S. D. Cho, D. Cazzuffi

95. Analysis of Environmental Condition Effects of Waste Landfill on Geomembrane Performance
H. Y. Jeon, K. Y. Lee, J. H. Kim, C. R. Kim

96. Visualization of Cracks in Compacted Clayey Soil Due to Using X-ray CT
T. Mukunoki, J. Otani, S. Camp, J. P. Gourc

97. Experimental Study on Thermal Strain Creating in Barrier Sheet in Waste Landfill
T. Harada, S. Nakai, K. Yamazaki, T. Kashiwagi, T. Nakajima, S. Imaizumi

98. Evaluating Methods to Modify the Chemical Resistance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners
T. Katsumi, H. Ishimori, R. Fukagawa

99. Floating Cover for Leachate Lagoon at Hangzhou
M. A. Sadlier, X. H. Zhou

100. Geogrid Reinforced Soil Structures to Increase Landfill Capacity
J. W. Cowland

101. Modeling of Rehabilitation of Unregulated Solid Waste Landfills
A. Edinçliler, C. Altunel

102. Relationship Between Short-Term Compression Strength and Transmissivity Properties of Geonets
M. S. Mok, E. Blond, J. Mlynarek, H. Y. Jeon

103. Gas Permeability of Hybrid Geosynthetics for Landfill Cap Cover
M. Nishimura, T. Akai, M. Kamon

104. Analysis of Tension of Geomembranes Placed on Landfill Slopes
S. J. Feng, L. Y. Gao

105. Influence of Waste and Subgrade Settlement on Landfill Linier Stability and Integrity
C. Xu, Y. Y. Xiao, X. Y. Liao, T. T. Chen

106. Analyses of Geomembrane Around Circular Structures
D. Gao, B. Zhu, Y. M. Chen

107. Numerical Modeling of Smooth Geomembrane—Soil Interaction Shear Behaviour by Distinct Element Method
S. Kazempoor, A. Noorzad, A. Mahboubi, A. Mirghasemi

108. Nonlinear Diffusion of Solute in Soil Column — Test Method and Preliminary Result
Z. Z. Li, X. W. Tang, Y. M. Chen, Y. Wang

109. Undrained Shear Strength Prediction and Stability Analysis of Geocomposite Reinforced Embankment with Clayey Backfill
J. C. Chai, T. Hino, Y. Igaya, A. Miyazaki

110. Geotextile Tube Application as the Cofferdam at the Foreshore with Large Tidal Range for Incheon Bridge Project
S. M. Cho, B. S. Jeon, S. I. Park, H. C. Yoon

111. Case Study on Earth Reinforcement Using Soilbags
Y. F. Xu, J. Huang

112. Verification of Vibration Reduction Characteristics with Soilbag Structure
Y. Nakagawa, G. L. Chen, T. Tatsui, S. Chida

113. Application of Stacked Soilbags for Slope Protection
G. L. Chen, Y. Huang, M. Sato, S. Chida

114. Modeling Geotextile Container in Marine Construction Using Geotechnical Centrifuge
C. Y. Tan, S. H. Chew

115. Application of Geotubes Used as Energy Dissipater Behind a Dam
K. Jiang, Q. Li

116. Study on the Experiment of Stability of Unarmored Flat Geotube Dike Under Wave Action
C. R. Zhu, Y. M. Shu, J. H. Jiang

117. Flume Experiment and Numerical Analysis for Bank Reinforcement with Geocontainer
S. Q. Yang, Y. M. Shu, X. C. Yang

118. Behavior Analysis of Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall Under Cyclic Loading
Y. Y. Kim, M. S. Yoon, S. J. Han, S. S. Kim

119. High Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls for a New Airport
Y. Fujita, T. Sugimoto, M. Tsuda, Y. Nakamura, S. Kawahata, H. Funada, T. Yoshida, M. Ito, K. Yoshida

120. Application of Prefabricated Vertical Drains to the Changi Land Reclamation Project, Singapore
A. Arulrajah, M. W. Bo, J. Chu, H. Nikraz

121. Study of Behaviour of Ballast Using Geosynthetics
Satyendra Mittal, Ashok Kumar Sharma, B. V. Lokesh, Ajay Dwivedi

122. Study on the Mechanism of Embankment Reinforced with Geotextile by Finite Element Method
J. L. Liu, J. Q. Liu, L. W. Chen

123. Pre-Failure Performance and Failure Mechanism of two Tier Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wall
C. Yoo, S. B. Kim

124. Numercial Analysis of Geogrid and Plastic Drainage Plate Used in Existed Railway Alteration Project
P. Lv, W. Pang, L. J. Meng, L. Q. Gao

125. Fem Analysis on Geogrid Reinforced Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Y. Y. Fei, Y. H. Yang

126. Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of Reinforced and Unreinforced Pavements Over Soft Clay
F. Y. Liu, Y. Q. Cai

127. Development of Asphalt Overlay Fabric from Jute and its Performance Evaluation
M. Ghosh, P. K. Banerjee, G. V. Rao

128. German Recommendations for Reinforced Embankments on Pile-Similar Elements
M. Raithel, A. Kirchner, H. G. Kempfert

129. Design Methods for Pile Supported Basal Reinforced Embankments Over Soft Clay
A. D. Gharpure, M. Korulla, P. V. Jayakrishnan, M. Scotto, P. Naughton

130. Theoretical and Numerical Analysis on Geosynthetic-Reinforced and Pile Wall-Supported Embankment
B. G. Chen, J. J. Zheng, S. W. Abusharar, J. Chen

131. Calculation Techniques and Dimensioning of Encased Columns —Design and State of the Art
M. Raithel, A. Kirchner

132. Formula of Pile-Soil Stress Ratio in Pile (Sand Pile)-Net (Geogrid) Composite Ground
L. R. Xu, D. W. Lv

133. Performance of Encased Stone Columns and Design Guidelines for Construction on Soft Clay Soils
S. Murugesan, K. Rajagopal

134. Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced Stone Columns in Soft Clay
R. Zhang, S. R. Lo

135. Numerical Analysis for Mechanisms of a Geocell-Reinforced Base Under a Vertical Load
J. Han, X. M. Yang, D. Leshchinsky, R. L. Parsons, A. Rosen

136. Bearing Capacity Improvement of Asphalt Paved Road Constructions Due to the Use of Geocells —Falling Weight Deflectometer and Vertical Stress Measuresments
A. Emersleben, N. Meyer

137. Design of Earth Dams Allowing Temporary Overtopping Based on Hydraulic Failure Experiments and Flood Analysis
K. Matsushima, Y. Mohri, S. Yamazaki, T. Hori, M. Ariyoshi, F. Tatsuoka

138. Experimental Study on the Interaction Mechanism Between Geogrid and Expansive Rock by Pull-Out Test
J. H. Ding, J. Tong, C. G. Bao

139. HDPE Lined Water Reservoirs for Power Generating Stations
H. B. Ng

140. Geogrid Reinforcement on High Embankment/Slope Application in Jinping Power Station Project
Z. J. Dai, N. E. Wrigley, H. Zheng, M. F. Chen, Z. L. Feng, S. H. Wang

141. Improvement of Arch Action at Clay Core-Wall of High Rockfill Dam by United Seepage Concrol with Geomembrane
Y. L. Xing, Y. M. Shu, J. F. Hua, Y. H. Li, W. Y. Zhou

142. Application of Geosynthetics for Offshore Breakwaters and Cofferdams
W. M. Kan, A. M. Liu

143. Research on Ageing Resistance of Geotextile
G. L. Ye, Y. L. Xue, W. Zhang

144. Analysis of Anti-Sliding Mechanism of Geosynthetic Reinforced Bedding Course
A. M. Liu, G. L. Ye, C. Z. Huang

145. Drainage Structure of the Geosynthetics Preventing the Back-Dike Silty Soil from Dispersed Immersion Destruction
B. Zhang, X. M. Qu, A. L. Yuan

146. Integration and Demonstration of Sand Dikes Ecological Protection Technology
X. M. Qu, J. L. Shu, F. P. Wu

147. Introduction and Application of Geosynthetic in Qinghai-Tibet Railway Construction
J. J. Ge, J. Wei, L. M. Bao, X. M. Shi, L. H. Xuan, X. L. Li

148. Geogrid Wrapped Around and Vegetated Reinforced Wall Applications in the Village of Olympic Games in Universiade 2005 Izmir Turkey
H. R. Yilmaz, T. Eskisar

149. Landfill Bioreactor Financial Analysis—Monterey Peninsula Landfill, Marina, California
S. Purdy, R. Shedden

150. High Cost of Failure
R. E. Belanger, C. B. Queja, C. V. Zantua

151. Calculating Theory of Slope Stability Influenced by Combined Underground and Open Pit Extraction
S. G. Sun, Q. F. Ran, D. L. Wu, J. C. Zhu, W. G. Duan, S. J. Feng

152. Vertical Ecological Restoration Technique for the High-Steep Rock Slopes of Highway in Mountainous Area
H. Zhu, D. H. Ruan, S. Y. Qin

153. Influences of a Rainfall on the Stability of Granite Residual Soil Slopes
J. Gao, J. Pan

154. Failure of Segmental Retaining Walls Due to the Insufficiency of Backfill Permeability
Abdolhosein Haddad, Gholamali Shafabakhsh

155. Design and Installation of Rock Fall Barriers for the Pos Slim Project, Malaysia
Tiru Kulkarni, Kenneth Choo

156. Bio-Engineering Approach with Jute Geotextile for Slope Stabilization
P. K. Choudhury, Arindam Das, D. N. Goswami, T. Sanyal

157. Newly Technology on Geotextile Application in the Improvement Project of the Deep-Draft Channel of Yangtze Estuary
J. F. Zhu, F. L. Zhou

Keywords: Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environment, general

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