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Handbook of New Institutional Economics

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Table of contents

I. The Domain of New Institutional Economics

1. Introduction
Claude Ménard, Mary M. Shirley

2. Institutions and the Performance of Economies over Time
Douglass C. North

3. The Institutional Structure of Production
Ronald H. Coase

4. Transaction Cost Economics
Oliver E. Williamson

II. Political Institutions and the State

5. Electoral Institutions and Political Competition: Coordination, Persuasion and Mobilization
Gary W. Cox

6. Presidential versus Parliamentary Government
John M. Carey

7. Legislative Process and the Mirroring Principle
Mathew D. McCubbins

8. The Performance and Stability of Federalism: An Institutional Perspective
Barry R. Weingast

III. Legal Institutions of a Market Economy

9. The Many Legal Institutions that Support Contractual Commitments
Gillian K. Hadfield

10. Legal Systems as Frameworks for Market Exchanges
Paul H. Rubin

11. Market Institutions and Judicial Rulemaking
Benito Arruñada, Veneta Andonova

12. Legal Institutions and Financial Development
Thorsten Beck, Ross Levine

IV. Modes of Governance

13. A New Institutional Approach to Organization
Claude Ménard

14. Vertical Integration
Paul L. Joskow

15. Solutions to Principal-Agent Problems in Firms
Gary J. Miller

16. The Institutions of Corporate Governance
Mark J. Roe

17. Firms and the Creation of New Markets
Erin Anderson, Hubert Gatignon

V. Contractual Arrangements

18. The Make-or-Buy Decisions: Lessons from Empirical Studies
Peter G. Klein

19. Agricultural Contracts
Douglas W. Allen, Dean Lueck

20. The Enforcement of Contracts and Private Ordering
Victor P. Goldberg

VI. Regulation

21. The Institutions of Regulation: An Application to Public Utilities
Pablo T. Spiller, Mariano Tommasi

22. State Regulation of Open-Access, Common-Pool Resources
Gary D. Libecap

23. Property Rights and the State
Lee J. Alston, Bernardo Mueller

24. Licit and Illicit Responses to Regulation
Lee Benham

VII. Institutional Change

25. Institutions and Development
Mary M. Shirley

26. Institutional and Non-Institutional Explanations of Economic Differences
Stanley L. Engerman, Kenneth L. Sokoloff

27. Institutions and Firms in Transition Economies
Peter Murrell

28. Social Capital, Social Norms and the New Institutional Economics
Philip Keefer, Stephen Knack

29. Commitment, Coercion and Markets: The Nature and Dynamics of Institutions Supporting Exchange
Avner Greif

VIII. Perspectives

30. Economic Sociology and New Institutional Economics
Victor Nee, Richard Swedberg

31. Doing Institutional Analysis: Digging Deeper than Markets and Hierarchies
Elinor Ostrom


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