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Subterranean Rodents

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Table of contents

1. Subterranean Rodents: News from Underground
Sabine Begall, Hynek Burda, Cristian E. Schleich

Part I. Ecophysiology

2. Adaptive Physiological Mechanisms in the Underground Dwellers
František Sedlácek

3. Microclimate in Burrows of Subterranean Rodents — Revisited
Hynek Burda, Radim Šumbera, Sabine Begall

4. New Data on Metabolic Parameters in Subterranean Rodents
František Sedláccek

5. Skimping as an Adaptive Strategy in Social Fossorial Rodents: The Mole Vole (Ellobius talpinus) as an Example
Mikhail Moshkin, Eugene Novikov, Dmitri Petrovski

6. The Reproductive Physiology and Endocrinology of the African Mole-rats: with Special Reference to Southern African Mole-rat Species
Nigel C. Bennett, Gundula H. Gutjahr, Chris G. Faulkes

Part II. Sensory Ecology

7. Sensory Ecology of Subterranean Rodents
Sabine Begall, Cristian E. Schleich

8. Using Odors Underground
Giora Heth, Josephine Todrank

9. Acoustics, Audition and Auditory System
Sabine Begall, Simone Lange, Cristian E. Schleich, Hynek Burda

10. Acoustic Communication in Subterranean Rodents
Cristian E. Schleich, Silke Veitl, Ema Knotková, Sabine Begall

11. Visual Systems and the Role of Vision in Subterranean Rodents: Diversity of Retinal Properties and Visual System Designs
Pavel Nemec, Pavla Cveková, Hynek Burda, Oldrich Benada, Leo Peichl

12. Magnetic Compass: A Useful Tool Underground
Regina E. Moritz, Hynek Burda, Sabine Begall, Pavel Nemec

13. Adaptive Neural Organization of Naked Mole-Rat Somatosensation (and Those Similarly Challenged)
Thomas J. Park, Kenneth C. Catania, Dalia Samaan, Christopher M. Comer

Part III. Life Histories, Behavioural Ecology, Demography

14. From Natural Histories to Life Histories — A Homage to a Comparative Approach
Hynek Burda

15. Giant Mole-rats, Fukomys mechowii, 13 Years on the Stage
Mathias Kawalika, Hynek Burda

16. Biology of the Silvery Mole-rat (Heliophobius argenteocinereus). Why Study a Neglected Subterranean Rodent Species?
Radim Šumbera, Wilbert N. Chitaukali, Hynek Burda

17. The Biology and Ecology of Plateau Zokors (Eospalax fontanierii)
Yanming Zhang

18. Senescence Patterns in African Mole-rats (Bathyergidae, Rodentia)
Philip Dammann, Hynek Burda

Part IV. Environmental and Economic Aspects

19. The Influence of Subterranean Rodents on the Environment
O. J. Reichman

20. The Influence of Pocket Gophers on the Biotic and Abiotic Environment
O. J. Reichman

21. Subterranean Rodents as Pests: The Case of the Pocket Gopher
Gary W. Witmer, Richard M. Engeman

22. Influence of Plateau Zokors (Eospalax fontanierii) on Alpine Meadows
Yanming Zhang

23. Mountain Beaver: A Primitive Fossorial Rodent
Wendy M. Arjo

Part V. Molecular Ecology and Evolution

24. Molecular Ecology and Evolution
Eileen A. Lacey

25. The Multiple Meanings of Inbreeding: The Key to Understanding the Social and Genetic Structure of Subterranean Rodent Populations
Stanton Braude

26. Behavior, Demography, and Immunogenetic Variation: New Insights from Subterranean Rodents
Eileen A. Lacey, Ana Paula Cutrera

27. African Mole-rats (Bathyergidae): A Complex Radiation in Tropical Soils
Paul A. A. G. Daele, Chris G. Faulkes, Erik Verheyen, Dominique Adriaens

28. Mosaic Evolution of Subterranean Mammals: Tinkering, Regression, Progression, and Global Convergence
Eviatar Nevo


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