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Landscape Analysis and Visualisation

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Table of contents

1. Understanding Landscapes through Knowledge Management Frameworks, Spatial Models, Decision Support Tools and Visualisation
Christopher Pettit, William Cartwright, Ian Bishop, Kim Lowell, David Pullar, David Duncan

Part 1. Natural Resource Knowledge Management Frameworks and Tools

2. Reading between the Lines: Knowledge for Natural Resource Management
Richard MacEwan

3. Improving the Use of Science in Evidencebased Policy: Some Victorian Experiences in Natural Resource Management
Kimberley J Dripps, Martin Bluml

4. The Catchment Analysis Tool: Demonstrating the Benefits of Interconnected Biophysical Models
Anna Weeks, Brendan Christy, Kim Lowell, Craig Beverly

5. The Application of a Simple Spatial Multi-Criteria Analysis Shell to Natural Resource Management Decision Making
Robert G Lesslie, Michael J Hill, Patricia Hill, Hamish P Cresswell, Steve Dawson

6. Platform for Environmental Modelling Support: a Grid Cell Data Infrastructure for Modellers
Tai Chan, Craig Beverly, Sam Ebert, Nichola Garnett, Adam Lewis, Christopher Pettit, Medhavy Thankappan, Stephen Williams

Part 2. Integrating the Ecology of Landscapes into Landscape Analysis and Visualisation

7. Looking at Landscapes for Biodiversity: Whose View Will Do?
F Patrick Smith

8. Native Vegetation Condition: Site to Regional Assessments
Andre Zerger, Philip Gibbons, Julian Seddon, Garth Warren, Mike Austin, Paul Ryan

9. Towards Adaptive Management of Native Vegetation in Regional Landscapes
David H Duncan, Brendan A Wintle

10. Revegetation and the Significance of Timelags in Provision of Habitat Resources for Birds
Peter A Vesk, Ralph Mac Nally, James R Thomson, Gregory Horrocks

11. The Application of Genetic Markers to Landscape Management
Paul Sunnucks, Andrea C Taylor

12. Scenario Analysis with Performance Indicators: a Case Study for Forest Linkage Restoration
David V Pullar, David Lamb

Part 3. Socioeconomic Dimensions to Landscapes

13. Strategic Spatial Governance: Deriving Social–Ecological Frameworks for Managing Landscapes and Regions
David J Brunckhorst, Ian Reeve, Phil Morley, Karl Bock

14. Placing People at the Centre of Landscape Assessment
Patricia J Fitzsimons, Donald Cherry

15. The Social Landscapes of Rural Victoria
Neil Barr

16. A Decision Aiding System for Predicting People‘s Scenario Preferences
Ray Wyatt

Part 4. Land Use Change and Scenario Modelling

17. Mapping and Modelling Land Use Change: an Application of the SLEUTH Model
Keith C Clarke

18. Uncertainty in Landscape Models: Sources, Impacts and Decision Making
Kim E Lowell

19. Assessing Water Quality Impacts of Community Defined Land Use Change Scenarios for the Douglas Shire, Far North Queensland
Iris Bohnet, Jon Brodie, Rebecca Bartley

20. Analysing Landscape Futures for Dryland Agricultural Areas: a Case Study in the Lower Murray Region of Southern Australia
Brett A Bryan, Neville D Crossman, Darran King

21. Applying the What If? Planning Support System for Better Understanding Urban Fringe Growth
Christopher Pettit, Jessica Keysers, Ian Bishop, Richard Klosterman

Part 5. Landscape Visualisation

22. Understanding Place and Agreeing Purpose: the Role of Virtual Worlds
Ian D Bishop

23. Geographic Landscape Visualisation in Planning Adaptation to Climate Change in Victoria, Australia
Ian Mansergh, Alex Lau, Rod Anderson

24. Visualising Alternative Futures
William Cartwright

25. Virtual Globes: the Next GIS?
Jean-Philippe Aurambout, Christopher Pettit, Hayden Lewis

26. A Virtual Knowledge World for Natural Resource Management
Christopher Pettit, Yingxin Wu

27. Computer Games for Interacting with a Rural Landscape
Brian Quinn, William Cartwright

28. Automated Generation of Enhanced Virtual Environments for Collaborative Decision Making Via a Live Link to GIS
Tao Chen, Christian Stock, Ian Bishop, Christopher Pettit

29. Land Use Decision Making in a Virtual Environment
Lucy Kennedy, Ian D Bishop


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