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Table of contents

Part I. Electromagnetic Sensors

1. Modern CMOS Hall Sensors with Integrated Magnetic Concentrators
Christian Schott, Samuel Huber

2. Commercial Magnetic Sensors (Hall and Anisotropic Magnetoresistors)
Michael J. Haji-Sheikh

3. Improving the Accuracy of Magnetic Sensors
Pavel Ripka

4. Modelling Electromagnetic Field Sensors
Ian Woodhead

5. Dielectric Characterization of Biological Tissues: Constraints Related to Ex Vivo Measurements
Mustapha Nadi

6. Estimation of Property of Sheep Skin to Modify the Tanning Process Using Interdigital Sensors
V. Kasturi, S. C. Mukhopadhyay

Part II. Fiber Optic/Optical Fibre Sensors

7. Fiber Bragg Gratings Evanescent Wave Sensors: A View Back and Recent Advancements
Andrea Cusano, Antonello Cutolo, Michele Giordano

8. Optical Fibre Humidity Sensors Using Nano-films
Jesus M. Corres, Ignacio R. Matias, Francisco J. Arregui

9. Overview of the OPTO-EMI-SENSE Project: Optical Fibre Sensor Network for Automotive Emission Monitoring
E Lewis, G Dooly, E Hawe, C Fitzpatrick, P Chambers, J Clifford, W.Z Zhao, T Sun, K.T.V Grattan, J Lucas, M Degner, H Ewald, S Lochmann, G Bramann, F Gili, E Merlone-Borla

Part III. Wireless Sensors

10. Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
Yueh-Min Huang, Meng-Yen Hsieh, Frode Eika Sandnes

11. Wireless Sensor Network Transport Layer: State of the Art
Md. Abdur Rahman, Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Wail Gueaieb

Part IV. Sensors for Tracking and Navigation

12. Real Time Tracking and Monitoring of Human Behavior in an Indoor Environment
Maki K. Habib

13. Dynamic VRML-Based Navigable 3D Map for Indoor Location-Aware Systems
Wan-Young Chung, Chi-Shian Yang

Part V. Ultrasonic Sensor

14. Ultrasonic Sensing: Fundamentals and its Applications to Nondestructive Evaluation
Ikuo Ihara

Part VI. Image Sensor

15. Multimodal Image Sensor Fusion Using Independent Component Analysis
Nedeljko Cvejic, Nishan C. Canagarajah, David R. Bull

Part VII. Vision Sensing

16. Fast Image Capture and Vision Processing For Robotic Applications
Gourab Sen Gupta, Donald Bailey

Part VIII. Sensors Based on Human Parameter

17. Affection Based Multi-robot Team Work
Sajal Chandra Banik, Keigo Watanabe, Maki K. Habib, Kiyotaka Izumi

Part IX. Displacement Sensor

18. Displacement Sensor Using Magnetostrictive Wire and Decrease of its Hysteresis Error
Hiroyuki Wakiwaka

Part X. THZ Sensor

19. Submillimeter-Wave Coherent and Incoherent Sensors for Space Applications
Goutam Chattopadhyay

Keywords: Engineering, Electronics and Microelectronics, Instrumentation, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Information Systems and Communication Service, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Control Engineering, Industrial Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

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