Bischof, Christian H.

Advances in Automatic Differentiation

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Table of contents

1. Reverse Automatic Differentiation of Linear Multistep Methods
Adrian Sandu

2. Call Tree Reversal is NP-Complete
Uwe Naumann

3. On Formal Certification of AD Transformations
Emmanuel M. Tadjouddine

4. Collected Matrix Derivative Results for Forward and Reverse Mode Algorithmic Differentiation
Mike B. Giles

5. A Modification of Weeks’ Method for Numerical Inversion of the Laplace Transform in the Real Case Based on Automatic Differentiation
Salvatore Cuomo, Luisa D’Amore, Mariarosaria Rizzardi, Almerico Murli

6. A Low Rank Approach to Automatic Differentiation
Hany S. Abdel-Khalik, Paul D. Hovland, Andrew Lyons, Tracy E. Stover, Jean Utke

7. Algorithmic Differentiation of Implicit Functions and Optimal Values
Bradley M. Bell, James V. Burke

8. Using Programming Language Theory to Make Automatic Differentiation Sound and Efficient
Barak A. Pearlmutter, Jeffrey Mark Siskind

9. A Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Detecting Directed Axial Symmetry in Hessian Computational Graphs
Sanjukta Bhowmick, Paul D. Hovland

10. On the Practical Exploitation of Scarsity
Andrew Lyons, Jean Utke

11. Design and Implementation of a Context-Sensitive, Flow-Sensitive Activity Analysis Algorithm for Automatic Differentiation
Jaewook Shin, Priyadarshini Malusare, Paul D. Hovland

12. Efficient Higher-Order Derivatives of the Hypergeometric Function
Isabelle Charpentier, Claude Dal Cappello, Jean Utke

13. The Diamant Approach for an Efficient Automatic Differentiation of the Asymptotic Numerical Method
Isabelle Charpentier, Arnaud Lejeune, Michel Potier-Ferry

14. Tangent-on-Tangent vs. Tangent-on-Reverse for Second Differentiation of Constrained Functionals
Massimiliano Martinelli, Laurent Hascoët

15. Parallel Reverse Mode Automatic Differentiation for OpenMP Programs with ADOL-C
Christian Bischof, Niels Guertler, Andreas Kowarz, Andrea Walther

16. Adjoints for Time-Dependent Optimal Control
Jan Riehme, Andrea Walther, Jörg Stiller, Uwe Naumann

17. Development and First Applications of TAC++
Michael Voßbeck, Ralf Giering, Thomas Kaminski

18. TAPENADE for C
Valérie Pascual, Laurent Hascoët

19. Coping with a Variable Number of Arguments when Transforming MATLAB Programs
H. Martin Bücker, Andre Vehreschild

20. Code Optimization Techniques in Source Transformations for Interpreted Languages
H. Martin Bücker, Monika Petera, Andre Vehreschild

21. Automatic Sensitivity Analysis of DAE-systems Generated from Equation-Based Modeling Languages
Atya Elsheikh, Wolfgang Wiechert

22. Index Determination in DAEs Using the Library indexdet and the ADOL-C Package for Algorithmic Differentiation
Dagmar Monett, René Lamour, Andreas Griewank

23. Automatic Differentiation for GPU-Accelerated 2D/3D Registration
Markus Grabner, Thomas Pock, Tobias Gross, Bernhard Kainz

24. Robust Aircraft Conceptual Design Using Automatic Differentiation in Matlab
Mattia Padulo, Shaun A. Forth, Marin D. Guenov

25. Toward Modular Multigrid Design Optimisation
Armen Jaworski, Jens-Dominik Müller

26. Large Electrical Power Systems Optimization Using Automatic Differentiation
Fabrice Zaoui

27. On the Application of Automatic Differentiation to the Likelihood Function for Dynamic General Equilibrium Models
Houtan Bastani, Luca Guerrieri

28. Combinatorial Computation with Automatic Differentiation
Koichi Kubota

29. Exploiting Sparsity in Jacobian Computation via Coloring and Automatic Differentiation: A Case Study in a Simulated Moving Bed Process
Assefaw H. Gebremedhin, Alex Pothen, Andrea Walther

30. Structure-Exploiting Automatic Differentiation of Finite Element Discretizations
Philipp Stumm, Andrea Walther, Jan Riehme, Uwe Naumann

31. Large-Scale Transient Sensitivity Analysis of a Radiation-Damaged Bipolar Junction Transistor via Automatic Differentiation
Eric T. Phipps, Roscoe A. Bartlett, David M. Gay, Robert J. Hoekstra


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