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Emergency Radiology

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Table of contents

Section One. Emergency Radiology: Role of Imaging

1. Role of Imaging in the Management of Trauma Victims
P. -A. Poletti, A. Platon, C. D. Becker

2. Role of 3D Imaging in the Emergency Room
L. Husmann, S. Leschka, H. Alkadhi, S. Wildermuth

Section Two. Traumatic Injuries: Imaging and Intervention

3. Hemostatic Arterial Embolization in Trauma Victims at Admission
R. F. Dondelinger, G. Trotteur, B. Ghaye

4. Imaging and Intervention in Post-traumatic Complications (Delayed Intervention)
P. P. Goffette

5. Imaging of Head Injuries
Nada Bešenski

6. Imaging of Facial Injuries
U. Salvolini, G. Polonara, S. Salvolini

7. Imaging of Spinal Injuries
H. Imhof

8. Imaging of Thoracic Injuries
G. Gavelli, G. Napoli, P. Bertaccini, G. Battista, R. Fattori

9. Vascular Injuries of the Thorax: Multi-Detector-Row CT and 3D Imaging
H. Alkadhi, S. Leschka, S. Wildermuth

10. Imaging of Abdominal and Pelvic Injuries
S. Leschka, H. Alkadhi, L. Husmann, S. Wildermuth

11. Imaging and Intervention of Large Arterial Trauma
M. Schoder, M. Prokop, J. Lammer

12. Pelvic Fractures
N. Theumann, P. Schnyder

13. Traumatic Injuries: Imaging of Peripheral Muskuloskeletal Injuries
M. A. Müller, S. Wildermuth, K. Bohndorf

Section Three. Non-Traumatic Neurologic Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention

14. Imaging of Cerebral Ischemia
I. Grunwald, C. Roth, P. Papanagiotou, W. Reith

15. Neuroradiological Emergency Interventions
C. Brekenfeld, J. Gralla, R. Wiest, M. El-Koussy, L. Remonda, C. Ozdoba, G. Schroth

Section Four. Non-Traumatic Thoracic Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention

16. Acute Chest Pain: Diagnostic Strategies
L. Bonomo, M. L. Storto, A. R. Larici, R. Marano

17. CT Diagnosis of Acute Pulmonary Embolism
B. Ghaye, R. F. Dondelinger

18. CT Venography in an Integrated Diagnostic Strategy of Acute Pulmonary Embolism and Venous Thrombosis
B. Ghaye, R. F. Dondelinger

19. Imaging and Treatment of Thoracic Fluid and Gas Collections
C. Noukoua Tchuisse, B. Ghaye, R. F. Dondelinger

Section Five. Non-Traumatic Abdominal Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention

20. Acute Abdominal Pain: Diagnostic Strategies
S. Leschka, H. Alkadhi, S. Wildermuth, B. Marincek

21. Imaging of Acute Intestinal Obstruction
P. Taourel, C. Uriot, G. Laffargue, A. Lesnik, F. Guillon, J. M. Bruel

22. Imaging and Intervention in Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage and Ischemia
J. I. Bilbao Jaureguízar, I. Vivas Pérez, D. Cano Rafart, A. Martínez de la Cuesta

23. Imaging and Intervention in Sepsis
T. Geoghegan, M. J. Lee

24. Non-traumatic Abdominal Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention in Acute Biliary Conditions
Y. Menu, M. -P. Vuillerme

25. Imaging and Intervention in Acute Pancreatic Conditions
G. Mansueto, D. Cenzi, A. A. Gumbs, M. D’Onofrio

26. Non-traumatic Uroradiological Emergencies
D. Rickards

Section Six. Non-Traumatic Vascular Emergencies: Imaging and Intervention

27. Imaging and Intervention in Acute Non-traumatic Arterial Condition
W. Cwikiel

28. Imaging and Intervention in Acute Venous Occlusion
P. Haage, T. Krings

29. Management of Occluded Hemodialysis Shunts, Grafts, and Venous Access
D. Vorwerk

Section Seven. Imaging Pediatric Emergencies

30. Pediatric Neurological Emergencies
J. W. J. McCann, E. Phelan

31. Thoracic Emergencies
L. Breysem, M. -H. Smet

32. Pediatric Emergencies: Non-traumatic Abdominal Emergencies
M. I. Tawil

Keywords: Medicine & Public Health, Imaging / Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Traumatic Surgery

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