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Parallel Imaging in Clinical MR Applications

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Table of contents

Part I:. Basic Principles of Parallel-Imaging Techniques

1. MRI from k-Space to Parallel Imaging
Olaf Dietrich

2. Basic Reconstruction Algorithms for Parallel Imaging
Mark A. Griswold

3. The g-Factor and Coil Design
David J. Larkman

4. Measurement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Parallel Imaging
Scott B. Reeder

5. Special Applications of Parallel Imaging
David Atkinson

6. Parallel-Imaging Reconstruction of Arbitrary-k-Space-Sampling Data
Roland Bammer, Chunlei Liu, Murat Aksoy

7. Complementary Techniques for Accelerated Imaging
Oliver Wieben

Part II:. Sequence Design for (Auto-Calibrated) Parallel Imaging

8. Measurement of Coil Sensitivity Profiles
Mathias Nittka

9. Conventional Spin-Echo and Gradient-Echo Pulse Sequences
Olaf Dietrich

10. Single-Shot Pulse Sequences
Olaf Dietrich

11. Fast Sequences for Dynamic and Time-Resolved Imaging
Michael Bock

12. The Development of TSENSE
Peter Kellman

Part III:. Technical Implementation in Clinical MRI

13. Design of Dedicated MRI Systems for Parallel Imaging
Arne Reykowski

14. Dedicated Coil Systems from Head to Toe
Randy Duensing

15. Design of Parallel-Imaging Protocols
Stefan O. Schoenberg, Olaf Dietrich

16. General Advantages of Parallel Imaging
Olaf Dietrich

17. Limitations of Parallel Imaging
Olaf Dietrich

Part IV:. Clinical Applications: Imaging of Morphology

18. High-Resolution Imaging of the Brain
Roland Bammer, Scott Nagle

19. High-Resolution Imaging of the Skull Base and Larynx
Jan W. Casselman

20. Lung Imaging
Roger Eibel

21. Liver Imaging
Christoph J. Zech

22. High-Resolution Imaging of the Biliary Tree and the Pancreas
Astrid M. Wallnoefer, Christoph J. Zech, Karin A. Herrmann

23. Parallel Imaging in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Karin A. Herrmann

24. Musculoskeletal Imaging: Knee and Shoulder
Bernd Romaneehsen, Karl-Friedrich Kreitner

25. Advanced Methods of Fat Suppression and Parallel Imaging
Scott B. Reeder, Charles A. McKenzie

Part V:. Clinical Applications: Angiography

26. MRA of Brain Vessels
Romhild M. Hoogeveen

27. MRA of the Carotid Arteries
Henrik J. Michaely, Kambiz Nael

28. MRA of the Pulmonary Circulation
Kambiz Nael, J. Paul Finn

29. MRA of the Renal Arteries
Stefan O. Schoenberg, Johannes Rieger

30. Peripheral MR Angiography
Tim Leiner

31. Pediatric Congenital Cardiovascular Disease
Stefan O. Schoenberg, Christian Fink

32. High-Resolution Whole-Body MRA
Konstantin Nikolaou

Part VI:. Clinical Applications: Function

33. Imaging of CNS Diffusion and Perfusion
Marco Essig, Bram Stieltjes, Wolfgang Reith

34. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the Brain
Thomas Benner, Ruopeng Wang, J. Wedeen

35. Imaging of Cardiac Function
Bernd J. Wintersperger

36. Imaging of Cardiac Perfusion
Armin Huber

37. Imaging of Pulmonary Perfusion
Christian Fink

38. Oxygen-Enhanced Imaging of the Lung
Olaf Dietrich

39. Imaging of Renal Perfusion
Henrik J. Michaely, Niels Oesingmann

Part VII:. Comprehensive Protocols

40. Cardiovascular Screening
Harald Kramer

41. Tumor Staging
Gerwin P. Schmidt

42. Imaging of Bronchial Carcinoma
Stefan O. Schoenberg, Christian Fink, Bastian Fischer

43. Imaging of Pulmonary Hypertension
Konstantin Nikolaou, Armin Huber

Part VIII:. Future Developments

44. New Coil Systems for Highly Parallel MR Acquisition Strategies
Lawrence L. Wald, Graham Wiggins

45. Parallel-Excitation Techniques for Ultra-High-Field MRI
Lawrence L. Wald, Elfar Adalsteinsson

46. Future Software Developments
Philip G. Batchelor

47. Future Imaging Protocols
Stefan O. Schoenberg, Olaf Dietrich

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