Hasle, Geir

Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and Optimization

Hasle, Geir - Geometric Modelling, Numerical Simulation, and Optimization, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Welcome to the World of SINTEF Applied Mathematics!
Tore Gimse

Part I. Geometric Modelling

2. Building an Ontology of CAD Model Information
Odd A. Andersen, George Vasilakis

3. Intersection Algorithms and CAGD
Tor Dokken, Vibeke Skytt

4. Surface Modelling of Neuronal Populations and Brain Structures: Use of Implicitly Represented Geometries
Jens O. Nygaard, Jan G. Bjaalie, Simen Gaure, Christian Pettersen, Helge Avlesen

5. An Introduction to General-Purpose Computing on Programmable Graphics Hardware
Tor Dokken, Trond Runar Hagen, Jon Mikkelsen Hjelmervik

6. Real-Time Algebraic Surface Visualization
Johan Simon Seland, Tor Dokken

Part II. Numerical Simulation

7. Weakly Nonlinear Sea Surface Waves — Freak Waves and Deterministic Forecasting
Karsten Trulsen

8. How to Solve Systems of Conservation Laws Numerically Using the Graphics Processor as a High-Performance Computational Engine
Trond Runar Hagen, Martin O. Henriksen, Jon M. Hjelmervik, Knut-Andreas Lie

9. An Introduction to the Numerics of Flow in Porous Media using Matlab
Jørg E. Aarnes, Tore Gimse, Knut-Andreas Lie

10. Modelling of Multiscale Structures in Flow Simulations for Petroleum Reservoirs
Jørg E. Aarnes, Vegard Kippe, Knut-Andreas Lie, Alf Birger Rustad

11. Modelling of Stratified Geophysical Flows over Variable Topography
Torbjørn Utnes

Part III. Optimization

12. Industrial Vehicle Routing
Geir Hasle, Oddvar Kloster

13. Solving the Long-Term Forest Treatment Scheduling Problem
Martin Stølevik, Geir Hasle, Oddvar Kloster

14. An Integer Programming Approach to Image Segmentation and Reconstruction Problems
Geir Dahl, Truls Flatberg

15. The Impacts of By-products on Optimal Supply Chain Design
Marielle Christiansen, Roar Grønhaug

16. Optimization Models for the Natural Gas Value Chain
Asgeir Tomasgard, Frode Rømo, Marte Fodstad, Kjetil Midthun


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Keywords: MATHEMATICS / General MAT000000

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