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Table of contents

1. Modelling and Imaging Electrophysiology and Contraction of the Heart
Olaf Dössel, Dima Farina, Matthias Mohr, Matthias Reumann, Gunnar Seemann, Daniel L. Weiss

Part I. Medical Imaging

2. Influence of Corrections During Image Reconstruction on the Spatial Resolution of ClearPET Neuro
Christine Steenkamp, Simone Weber, Brigitte Gundlich, Patrick Musmann, Thosten M. Buzug

3. Dynamic Reconstruction for the ClearPET™ Neuro Using Temporal B-Splines
Brigitte Gundlich, Patrick Musmann, Simone Weber

4. Local Compensation for Respiratory Motion in List-mode PET
Ralph Brinks, Marc Busch

5. Hybrid Imaging with SPECT/CT — Presentation of 5 Cases
S. Berg, B. -I. Börner, H. Rasch, J. Müller-Brand, G. Bongartz

6. The ?-MLEM Algorithm: An Iterative Reconstruction Technique for Metal Artifact Reduction in CT Images
May Oehler, Thorsten M. Buzug

7. Quantification of Tissue Microcirculation by Dynamic MRI and CT: Comparative Analysis of Signal-Time Courses Measured in Muscle Tissue
G. Brix, J. Griebel, S. Delorme, F. Kiessling

8. A Numerical Investigation of RF Heating Effects on Implants During MRI Compared to Experimental Measurements
Jens Stenschke, Dan Li, Maike Thomann, Gregor Schaefers, Waldemar Zylka

9. Real Time Neuronavigation Using 3-D Ultrasound and MRI in Patients with Brain Tumor
Martin Engelhardt, Christian Hansen, Bernhard Brendel, Stephanie Hold, Christopher Brenke, Ioannis Pechlivanis, Albrecht Harders, Helmut Ermert, Kirsten Schmieder

10. Vasodynamics of the Murine Arteria Saphena by Optical Coherence Tomography
Julia Walther, Sven Meißner, Gregor Müller, Alexander Krüger, Henning Morawietz, Edmund Koch

11. An Imaging System in the Sub Millimeter Area
Christian Krebs, Thorsten M. Buzug, Dirk Nüßler

12. Mutual Attraction of Oscillating Microbubbles
Michiel Postema, Michal Mleczko, Georg Schmitz

13. A new Imaging Data Fusion System for Application in Neurosurgery and Multimodality Phantoms for System Evaluation
Julia Oestreich, Falk Uhlemann, Tobias Meyer, Annett Werner, Matthias Kirsch, Ute Morgenstern

14. CCD-Video Endoscope Subjected to X-Ray
Lucas Pfaffmann, Ronny Hübl, Thorsten M. Buzug

15. MRI Based Attenuation Correction for Brain PET Images
Elena Rota Kops, Peng Qin, Mattea Müller-Veggian, Hans Herzog

16. Integration of Functional Data (PET) into Brain Surgery Planning and Neuronavigation
Stefan Vollmar, Jürgen A. Hampl, Lutz Kracht, Karl Herholz

17. Comparison of long-T2 Suppression Techniques for 3D Ultrashort Echo-Time Imaging
Ulrike Blume, Jürgen Rahmer, Peter Börnert, Dietrich Holz

18. Scatter Analysis of the ClearPET™ Neuro Using Monte Carlo Simulations
Anna M. Fulterer, Stephan Schneider, Brigitte Gundlich, Patrick Musmann, Simone Weber, Thorsten M. Buzug

19. Multi-Modality-Imaging for Radiosurgery Planning of Arteriovenous Malformations
Klaus-D. Hamm, Cornelia Eger, Gunnar Surber, Gabriele Kleinert, Rene Aschenbach, Joachim Klisch

20. Image Based Analysis of Bone Graft Samples made by 3D Printing Using Conventional and Synchrotron-Radiation-Based Micro-Computed Tomography
S. H. Irsen, B. Leukers, C. Tille, F. Beckmann, B. Müller, T. M. Buzug, H. Seitz

21. SPECT-CT in Maxillofacial Surgery
B. -I. Boerner, S. Berg, P. Juergens, A. Robertson, K. Schwenzer-Zimmerer

Part II. Medical Image Processing

22. High Performance 2D/3D-Registration for Patient Positioning in Radiotherapy
Frank Heinze, André Kupetz, Jürgen Roßmann

23. Modelling Tumour Growth Patterns with Non-Rigid Image Registration
Andreas Mang, William R. Crum, Oscar Camara, Julia A. Schnabel, Gisele Brasil Caseiras, Thorsten M. Buzug, Hans R. Jäger, Tarek A. Yousry, David J. Hawkes

24. Segmentation and Navigation Support of Clinical Data Sets to Simulate the Bronchoscopy and Rhinoscopy
Christian Dold, Ulrich Bockolt, Marcus Roth, Claus Peter Heussel, Jan Gosepath, Georgios Sakas

25. Analysis of Body Surfaces in a Body-Fixed Coordinate System
Burkhard Drerup, Stefan Kraneburg

26. Deconvolution of Medical Ultrasound Data with Consideration of the Pressure Field, the Excitation Pulse and Focussing
Holger J. Hewener, Robert Lemor

27. Evaluation and Enhancement of a Procedure for Generating a 3D Bone Model Using Radiographs
Sebastian Gollmer, Rainer Lachner, Thorsten M. Buzug

28. High-Speed-Camera Recordings and Image Sequence Analysis of Moving Heart-Valves: Experiments and First Results
Thomas Wittenberg, Robert Cesnjevar, Stephan Rupp, Michael Weyand, Markus Kondruweit

29. Stereoscopic 4D-Visualization of Craniofacial Soft Tissue based on Dynamic MRI and 256 Row 4D-CT
Cornelia Kober, Britt-Isabelle Boerner, Shinichiro Mori, Carlos Buitrago Tellez, Markus Klarhöfer, Klaus Scheffler, Robert Sader, Hans-Florian Zeilhofer

30. Analysis of Tumor-Influenced Respiratory Dynamics Using Motion Artifact Reduced Thoracic 4D CT Images
René Werner, Jan Ehrhardt, Thorsten Frenzel, Wei Lu, Daniel Low, Heinz Handels

31. 3D-CSC: A General Segmentation Technique for Voxel Images with Application in Medicine
Frank Schmitt, Patrick Sturm, Lutz Priese

32. An Algorithm for Automatic Stitching of CR X-ray Images
Markus Gramer, Wilfried Bohlken, Bernd Lundt, Thomas Pralow, Thorsten M. Buzug

33. Topology Correction in Brain Segmentation Using a Multiscale Algorithm
Lin Chen, Gudrun Wagenknecht

34. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy — Quality Assurance with the Mutual Information Index (MI)
Astrid Brendemühl, Stefan Ostrowitzki, Uwe Altenburger, J. Christoph Haller, Jürgen Ruhlmann, Thorsten M. Buzug

35. Image Registration of Structural and Physiological MR Images of Abnormal Anatomy
Andreas Mang, Oscar Camara, Gisele Brasil Caseiras, William R. Crum, Julia A. Schnabel, Thorsten M. Buzug, John Thornton, H. Rolf Jäger, David J. Hawkes

Part III. Computer-Assisted Surgery (MRNV Workshop)

36. Video Camera Based Navigation of a Laser Beam for Micro Surgery Bone Ablation at the Skull Base — Setup and Initial Experiments
L. A. Kahrs, M. Werner, F. B. Knapp, S. -F. Lu, J. Raczkowsky, J. Schipper, M. Ivanenko, H. Wörn, P. Hering, Th. Klenzner

37. Ultrasound Based Navigation System for Minimal Invasive Surgery at the Lumbar Spine within OrthoMIT
Karin Hensel, Stephanie Hold, Susanne Winter, Claudia Dekomien, Markus Mildenstein, Bernhard Brendel, Helmut Ermert, Georg Schmitz

38. Optimization and Quantification of Aaccuracy for Rigid Point Based Registration for Computer Aided Surgery
Philip Oberhammer, Urs Eisenmann, Roland Metzner, Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos, Christian R. Wirtz, Hartmut Dickhaus

39. Virtual Reality Based Training of Lumbar Punctures Using a 6DOF Haptic Device
M. Färber, J. Heller, F. Hummel, C. Gerloff, H. Handels

40. Robot-Assisted 3D-Ultrasound Volume Registration for Skull Bone Surgery
Philipp J. Stolka, Steffen H. Tretbar, Michel Waringo, Philipp A. Federspil, Peter K. Plinkert, Dominik Henrich

41. Recent Significance of Mechatronic Support Systems in General Surgery
Siegfried Beller, Felix Härtl

42. Registration of Intraoperative 3D Ultrasound with MR Data for the Navigated Computer Based Surgery
Claudia Dekomien, Markus Mildenstein, Karin Hensel, Stephanie Hold, Susanne Winter

43. Measuring the Fat Content of the Liver for Transplantation Medicine
Jörg Himmel, Manfred Nagelschmidt, Jürgen Treckmann, Christian Sehestedt, Sidi Mohamed Ait Sghir, Stephan Sehestedt

Part IV. Biomechanics

44. Influence of Modern Above-Knee Prostheses on the Biomechanics of Gait
J. Wühr, U. Veltmann, L. Linkemeyer, B. Drerup, H. H. Wetz

45. Spinal-Load Analysis of Patient-Transfer Activities
Matthias Jäger, Claus Jordan, Andreas Theilmeier, Alwin Luttmann

46. Investigation of the Influence of Interbody Fusion on Biomechanics of the Cervical Spine Using a Computer Model
Stefan Lehner, Ulrich Schreiber

47. Design and Testing of an Autonomous Computer Controlled Loading Device to Study Tissue Adaptation around Immediately Loaded Implants in the Reindeer Antler
Alireza Rahimi, Marcus Abboud, Gerhard Wahl, Ludger Keilig, Ingo Hensch, Christoph Bourauel

48. Numerical Simulation of the Biomechanical Properties of a Prefabricated Attachment System for Use in Prosthetic Dentistry
Susanne Reimann, Christoph Bourauel, Ludger Keilig, Andreas Jäger, Helmut Stark, Mathias Strazza

49. Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Mobility of Immediately Loaded Dental Implants Using a Pig Model
Alex Meier, Alireza Rahimi, Christoph Bourauel, Thorsten M. Buzug, Susanne Reimann, Dennis Giantoro

50. Measuring System for the Comparative Ergonomic Study of Office Chairs
Rolf Ellegast, Rene Hamburger, Kathrin Keller, Helmut Berger

51. 3-Dimensional Foot Geometry and Pressure Distribution Analysis of the Human Foot. Visualization and Analysis of two Independent Foot Quantities for Clinical Applications
Ann-Kathrin Hömme, Ewald M. Hennig, Ulrich Hartmann

52. Assessment of Ambulatory Activity of Diabetic Patients: A Reliability Test
J. Baumeister, R. Ellegast, B. Drerup, A. Koller, H. H. Wetz

53. MBS-Modeling for Estimation of Stress and Strain in Human Body
Sabine Juchem, Lucas Pfaffmann, Franziska Eckhardt, Dirk Thomsen, Stefan Lehner, Thorsten M. Buzug, Karin Gruber

54. A Bicycle Simulator Based on a Motion Platform in a Virtual Reality Environment — FIVIS Project
O. Schulzyk, J. Bongartz, T. Bildhauer, U. Hartmann, B. Goebel, R. Herpers, D. Reinert

55. Inverse Dynamics in Cycling Performance
Malte Wangerin, Syn Schmitt, Björn Stapelfeldt, Albert Gollhofer

Part V. Biomedical Optics

56. Determination of Alveolar Geometry by Optical Coherence Tomography to Develop a Numerical Model of the Fluid Dynamics in the Pulmonary Acinus
Sven Meißner, Alexander Krüger, Martina Wendel, Lilla Knels, Axel Heller, Thea Koch, Edmund Koch

57. Combining Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with an Operating Microscope
Eva Lankenau, David Klinger, Christian Winter, Asim Malik, Heike Hedwig Müller, Stefan Oelckers, Hans-Wilhelm Pau, Timo Just, Gereon Hüttmann

58. Measurement of the Epidermal Thickness with Fourier Domain Optical Coherence Tomography in an Occupational Health Study on Natural Sun Protection of the Human Skin
A. Krüger, T. Schwabe, M. Cuevas, P. Knuschke, E. Koch

59. Multiscale Description of Light Propagation in Biological Tissue
Alwin Kienle, René Michels, Jan Schäfer, Oliver Fugger

60. The Influence of Heterogeneous Optical Properties upon Fluorescence Diffusion Tomography of Small Animals
Saskia Bjoern, Sachin V. Patwardhan, Joseph P. Culver

61. Cell Membrane Fluidity Determined by Fluorescence Lifetime and Polarization Screening
Thomas Bruns, Wolfgang S. L. Strauss, Herbert Schneckenburger

62. Cholesterol Dependence of Cell Membrane Dynamics Proved by Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Imaging
Petra Weber, Michael Wagner, Wolfgang S. L. Strauss, Herbert Schneckenburger

63. Fast and Objective Classification of Tumor Tissue by Optical Vibrational Spectroscopy
Gerald Steiner, Christoph Krafft, Claudia Beleites, Stephan Sobottka, Gabriele Schackert, Edmund Koch, Reiner Salzer

64. Algorithms for Muscle Oxygenation Monitoring Corrected for Adipose Tissue Thickness
Dmitri Geraskin, Petra Platen, Julia Franke, Matthias Kohl-Bareis

65. Establishment of an Optical Imaging Device for Intraoperative Identification of Active Brain Areas
Tobias Meyer, Hans Dietrich, Falk Uhlemann, Stephan B. Sobottka, Matthias Kirsch, Alexander Krüger, Edmund Koch, Ralf Steinmeier, Gabriele Schackert, Ute Morgenstern

66. Parallel FDTD Simulation of the Scattering of Light in Media Containing Cylindrical Scatterers
Jan Schäfer, Alwin Kienle, Alfred Strey

67. Cerebral Oxygenation Monitoring during Cardiac Bypass Surgery in Babies with Broad Band Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy
Jan Soschinski, Dmitri Geraskin, Branislav Milosavljevic, Uwe Mehlhorn, Uwe Fischer, Gerardus Bennink, Matthias Kohl-Bareis

68. Microspectrofluorometry and Polarisation Microscopy of Membrane Dynamics in Living Cells
Michael Wagner, Petra Weber, Herbert Schneckenburger

69. Goniometrical Measurements of the Phase Function of Microstructured Tissue
René Michels, Alwin Kienle

Part VI. Medical Laser Engineering

70. Comparison of Process Temperature during Laser and Mechanical Cutting of Compact Bone
Astrid Brendemühl, Martin Werner, Mikhail Ivanenko, Peter Hering, Thorsten M. Buzug

71. Spectral Analysis of the Acoustic Signal During Ablation of Biological Tissue with Pulsed CO2- Lasers
Hendrik Steigerwald, Martin Werner, Manfred Klasing, Mikhail Ivanenko, Daniela Harbecke, Christian Wagner, Peter Hering

72. Laser-Scalpel for Kidney Resection Based on 1,94 µm Fibre Laser System
Dirk Theisen-Kunde, Söhnke Tedsen, Veit Danicke, Robert Keller, Ralf Brinkmann

73. Three-Dimensional Surface Measurement Using Digital Holography with Pulsed Lasers
Stephanie Heintz, Sven Hirsch, Andrea Thelen, Peter Hering

74. Laser Spectroscopic Online Monitoring of Volatile Diseasemarkers in Human Breath
Manfred Mürtz, Sven Thelen, Thomas Fritsch, Peter Hering

75. Design and Technical Concept of a Tm Laser Scalpel for Clinical Investigation Based on a 60W, 1.92 µm Tm Fiber Laser System
Sebastian Wenk, Stephan Fürst, Veit Danicke, Dirk Theisen Kunde

76. Laser Osteotomy with Pulsed CO2 Lasers
Martin Werner, Mikhail Ivanenko, Daniela Harbecke, Manfred Klasing, Hendrik Steigerwald, Peter Hering

77. T-Scan: First Experiences with Acquisition of Cleft Morphology
K. Schwenzer-Zimmerer, B. -I. Boerner, A. A. Müller, P. Jürgens, A. Ringenbach, E. Schkommodau

Part VII. Clinical Post-Deadline Papers

78. Accuracy of Translation and Rotation Measurements in Navigated ACL Reconstruction
D. Kendoff, M. Citak, R. Meller, P. Bretin, J. Geerling, C. Krettek, T. Hüfner

79. Stability of Different Attachment Arrays of Reference Bases Against Mechanical Stress
M. Citak, D. Kendoff, P. Bretin, J. Geerling, C. Krettek, T. Hüfner

80. Problems of the Pre- and Postoperativ Determination of the Antetorsionangle of the Femur by Navigation and CT
M. Citak, D. Kendoff, P. Bretin, J. Geerling, C. Krettek, T. Hüfner

81. 3D-Analyses and Libraries for the Construction of Individual Craniomaxillofacial Alloplastic Implants
Th. Hierl, J. Hendricks, G. Wollny, F. P. Schulze, E. Scholz, G. Berti, J. G. Schmidt, Th. Schulz

82. Evaluation of Various Ceramic Implants after Immediate Loading
J. Neugebauer, B. Nolte, T. M. Buzug, M. Weinländer, V. Lecovic, F. Vizethum, C. Khoury, J. E. Zöller


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