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PEACH - Intelligent Interfaces for Museum Visits

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Table of contents

Part I. Intelligent Mobile Guides

1. Adaptive Multimedia Guide
C. Rocchi, I. Graziola, D. Goren-Bar, O. Stock, M. Zancanaro

2. Cinematographic Techniques for Automatic Documentary-like Presentations
E. Not, C. Callaway, C. Rocchi, O. Stock, M. Zancanaro

3. Detecting Focus of Attention
R. Brunelli, A. Albertini, C. Andreatta, P. Chippendale, M. Ruocco, O. Stock, F. Tobia, M. Zancanaro

4. Report Generation for Postvisit Summaries in Museum Environments
C. Callaway, E. Not, O. Stock

Part II. Infrastructure and User Modelling

5. Delivering Services in Active Museums via Group Communication
P. Busetta, P. Bresciani, L. Penserini, S. Rossi, T. Kuflik, A. Albertini, A. Cappelletti

6. User Modelling and Adaptation for a Museum Visitors’ Guide
T. Kuflik, C. Rocchi

Part III. Stationary Devices

7. Integration of Mobile and Stationary Presentation Devices
A. Krüger, M. Kruppa, C. Rocchi

8. Children in the Museum: an Environment for Collaborative Storytelling
M. Zancanaro, F. Pianesi, O. Stock, P. Venuti, A. Cappelletti, G. Iandolo, M. Prete, F. Rossi

9. Photorealistic 3D Modelling Applied to Cultural Heritage
F. Voltolini, A. Beraldin, S. El-Hakim, L. Gonzo

10. Tracking Visitors in a Museum
R. Brunelli, O. Lanz, A. Santuari, F. Tobia

Part V. Evaluation and Usability

11. Evaluation of Cinematic Techniques in a Mobile Multimedia Museum Guide Interface
F. Pianesi, M. Zancanaro, I. Alfaro, M. Nardon

12. Innovative Approaches for Evaluating Adaptive Mobile Museum Guides
D. Goren-Bar, I. Graziola, F. Pianesi, M. Zancanaro, C. Rocchi

Part VI. Future Research

13. Intelligent Interfaces for Groups in a Museum
O. Stock, A. Krüger, T. Kuflik, M. Zancanaro

Keywords: Computer Science, User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), Computer Appl. in Arts and Humanities, Library Science

Publication year
Cognitive Technologies
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334 pages
Information Technology, Telecommunications

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