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Table of contents

2. Maps and Mapping in the Eyes of Artists and Cartographers–Experiences from the International Symposium on Cartography and Art
William Cartwright, Georg Gartner, Antje Lehn

3. Art and Cartographic Communication
William Cartwright

4. Rejecting Illusionism: Transforming Space into Maps and into Art
David Fairbairn

5. From a Cartographic Glance to Synchronistic Experiences
Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein

6. Marriage and Divorce: Is the Evolution of Landscape Paintings Ending in the Fields of Topographic Cartography and Graphic Design?
Markus Jobst

7. Are we Living in a Cartographic Illiterate Society?
Karel Kriz

8. Aesthetics of the CORINE Land Cover Maps
Ján Feranec, Ján Pravda

9. Making Legends By Means of Painters’ Palettes
Sidonie Christophe

10. What Can We Learn from the Masters? Color Schemas on Paintings as the Source for Color Ranges Applicable in Cartography
Lucie Friedmannová

11. The Role of Augmented Elements to Support Aesthetic and Entertaining Aspects of Interactive Maps on the Web and Mobile Phones
L. Tiina Sarjakoski, Tapani Sarjakoski, Ilpo Koskinen, Salu Ylirisku

12. Variables of Aesthetics in Maps
Felix Ortag

13. World-Views: Art and Canonical Images in the Geographical and Life Sciences
Peter Vujaković

14. Map Style
Alexandra Benová, Ján Pravda

15. The World Image in Maps – From the Old Ages to Mercator
Mirjanka Lechthaler

16. Mapping Literature: Towards a Geography of Fiction
Barbara Piatti, Hans Rudolf Bär, Anne-Kathrin Reuschel, Lorenz Hurni, William Cartwright

17. Challenging the Digital Cartographic Continuity System: Lessons from Cinema
Sébastien Caquard, Benjamin Wright

18. On Written Language in Works of Art and Cartography
André Skupin, Marinta Skupin

19. Imagining Europe
Christian Spanring, Emanuel Andel

20. Dots, Lines, Areas and Words: Mapping Literature and Narration (With some Remarks on Kate Chopin’s “The Awakening”)
Armin Ungern-Sternberg

21. Robert Smithson’s Pursuit: Mapping some Traces of Remnants
Nils Plath

22. Towards a Literary Geography of the Interwar Australian Novel
Harriet Edquist

23. Mapping Informal Geographies
Michaela Kinberger

24. Mapping the Sacred Landscape of Lahaul – The Karzha Khandroling Mandala
Verena Widorn, Michaela Kinberger

25. Sculpting Place Through Ceramic Maps
Edward L. Kinman

26. The Map of Fashion
Laurene Vaughan

27. Maps of What Might Be: A Dozen Works on Ideas and Possibilities
Peter Downton

28. On Sustenance: Operating Landscapes, Land Spaces and Land’s Paces
Titusz Tarnai

29. Social Tapestries
Alice Angus

30. Community Karlsplatz, ViennaVideo Screen Projection
Theresa Anna Häfele

31. 4816 – Urban Expeditions in Vienna Along the GPS Matrix
Evamaria Trischak

32. Dream but Conflict
Wolfgang Fiel

33. Pressure Today
Peter Dykhuis

34. Early-Modern Portuguese Maps: Metaphors of Space and Spaces of Metaphor
Manuela Mourão

35. This Is Not a Map
Sabine Müller-Funk, Maria Christine Holter

Keywords: Geography, Graphic Design, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography

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Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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17 pages
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