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Headway in Spatial Data Handling

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Table of contents

1. A Study on how Humans Describe Relative Positions of Image Objects
Xin Wang, Pascal Matsakis, Lana Trick, Blair Nonnecke, Melanie Veltman

2. Perceptual Sketch Interpretation
Markus Wuersch, Max J. Egenhofer

3. The Shape Cognition and Query Supported by Fourier Transform
Tinghua Ai, Yun Shuai, Jingzhong Li

4. Classification of Landslide Susceptibility in the Development of Early Warning Systems
Dominik Gallus, Andreas Abecker, Daniela Richter

5. Clusters in Aggregated Health Data
Kevin Buchin, Maike Buchin, Marc Kreveld, Maarten Löffler, Jun Luo, Rodrigo I. Silveira

6. Spatial Simulation of Agricultural Practices using a Robust Extension of Randomized Classification Tree Algorithms
J. Stéphane Bailly, Anne Biarnes, Philippe Lagacherie

7. Impact of a Change of Support on the Assessment of Biodiversity with Shannon Entropy
Didier Josselin, Ilene Mahfoud, Bruno Fady

8. Implicit Spatial Information Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
Erick Lopez-Ornelas, Guy Flouzat

9. The Application of the Concept of Indicative Neighbourhood on Landsat ETM + Images and Orthophotos Using Circular and Annulus Kernels
Madli Linder, Kalle Remm, Hendrik Proosa

10. Sensitivity of the C-band SRTM DEM Vertical Accuracy to Terrain Characteristics and Spatial Resolution
Thierry Castel, Pascal Oettli

11. Improving the Reusability of Spatiotemporal Simulation Models: Using
MDE to Implement Cellular Automata
Falko Theisselmann, Doris Dransch

12. Support Vector Machines for Spatiotemporal Analysis in Geosensor Networks
Jon Devine, Anthony Stefanidis

13. Toward a Method to Generally Describe Physical Spatial Processes
Barbara Hofer, Andrew U. Frank

14. A Data Model for Multi-scale Topographical Data
J.E. Stoter, J.M. Morales, R.L.G. Lemmens, B.M. Meijers, P.J.M Oosterom, C.W. Quak, H.T. Uitermark, L. Brink

15. An Interoperable Web Service Architecture to Provide Base Maps Empowered by Automated Generalisation
Theodor Foerster, Jantien Stoter, Rob Lemmens

16. Combining Three Multi-agent Based Generalisation Models: AGENT, CartACom and GAEL
Cécile Duchêne, Julien Gaffuri

17. Implementation of Building Reconstruction Algorithm Using Real World LIDAR Data
Rebecca O.C. Tse, Chris Gold, Dave Kidner

18. A New Approach for Mountain Areas Cartography
Loïc Gondol, Arnaud Le Bris, François Lecordix

19. Slope Accuracy and Path Planning on Compressed Terrain
W. Randolph Franklin, Daniel M Tracy, Marcus A Andrade, Jonathan Muckell, Metin Inanc, Zhongyi Xie, Barbara M Cutler

20. Processing 3D Geo-Information for Augmenting Georeferenced and Oriented Photographs with Text Labels
Arnoud De Boer, Eduardo Dias, Edward Verbree

21. Interactive Geovisualization and Geometric Modelling of 3D Data - A Case Study from the Åknes Rockslide Site, Norway
Trond Nordvik, Chris Harding

22. FieldGML: An Alternative Representation For Fields
Hugo Ledoux

23. Marine GIS: Progress in 3D Visualization for Dynamic GIS
Rafal Goralski, Christopher Gold

24. The IGN-E Case: Integrating Through a Hidden Ontology
A Gómez-Pérez, JA Ramos, A Rodríguez-Pascual, LM Vilches-Blázquez

25. All Roads Lead to Rome – Geospatial Modeling of Hungarian Street Names with Destination Reference
Antal Guszlev, Lilla Lukács

26. Where is the Terraced House? On the Use of Ontologies for Recognition of Urban Concepts in Cartographic Databases
Patrick Lüscher, Robert Weibel, William A. Mackaness

27. Information Processes Produce Imperfections
in Data—The Information Infrastructure Compensates for Them
Andrew U. Frank

28. Moving from Pixels to Parcels: the Use of Possibility Theory to Explore the Uncertainty Associated object Oriented Remote Sensing
Alexis Comber, Alan Brown, Katie Medcalf, Richard Lucas, Daniel Clewley, Johanna Breyer, Peter Bunting, Steve Keyworth

29. Data Matching – a Matter of Belief
Ana-Maria Olteanu Raimond, Sébastien Mustière

30. Deriving Topological Relationships Between Simple Regions with Holes
Mark McKenney, Reasey Praing, Markus Schneider

31. Spatial Rules Generate Urban Patterns: Emergence of the Small-World Network
H. Rezayan, M. R. Delavar, A. U. Frank, A. Mansouri

32. Conceptual Neighborhoods of Topological Relations Between Lines
Rui M.P. Reis, Max J. Egenhofer, João L.G. Matos

33. Spatial Support and Spatial Confidence
for Spatial Association Rules
Patrick Laube, Mark de Berg, Marc Kreveld

34. A Primer of Picture-Aided Navigation in Mobile Systems
Robert Laurini, Silvia Gordillo, Françoise Raffort, Sylvie Servigne, Gustavo Rossi, Nan Wang, Andrés Fortier

35. Road Network Model for Vehicle Navigation using Traffic Direction Approach
Yang Yue, Anthony Gar-On Yeh, Qingquan Li

36. Clustering Algorithm for Network Constraint Trajectories
Ahmed Kharrat, Iulian Sandu Popa, Karine Zeitouni, Sami Faiz

Keywords: Geography, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Math. Appl. in Environmental Science

Publication year
Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography
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664 pages
Natural Sciences

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