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Facing Global Environmental Change

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Table of contents

Part I. Contextualization of Global Environmental Change

1. Introduction: Facing Global Environmental Change and Sectorialization of Security
Hans Günter Brauch

2. The International System, Great Powers, and Environmental Change since 1900
J.R. McNeill

3. The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: Securing Interactions between Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services and Human Well-being
Rik Leemans

Part II. Securitization of Global Environmental Change

4. Securitizing Global Environmental Change
Hans Günter Brauch

5. Natural Climatic Variations in the Holocene: Past Impacts on Cultural History, Human Welfare and Crisis
Wolf Dieter Blümel

6. Climate Change Impacts on the Environment and Civilization in the Near East
Arie S. Issar, Mattanyah Zohar

7. Human Security, Climate Change and Small Islands
Yannis N. Kinnas

8. Redefining Sustainability: A Policy Tool for Environmental Security and Desertification
Rajeb Boulharouf, Douglas Pattie

9. Societal Impacts of Desertification: Migration and Environmental Refugees?
Andreas Rechkemmer

10. Desertification in Algeria: Policies and Measures for the Protection of Natural Resources
Ghazi Ali

11. Securitizing Water
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Hans Günter Brauch

12. Changing Population Size and Distribution as a Security Concern
Wolfgang Lutz

13. Life on the Edge: Urban Social Vulnerability and Decentralized, Citizen-Based Disaster Risk Reduction in Four Large Cities of the Pacific Rim
Ben Wisner, Juha Uitto

14. Policy Dimensions of Human Security and Vulnerability Challenges. The Case of Urban India
Isabelle Milbert

Part III. Securitization of Extreme Natural and Societal Outcomes

15. Interactions between Conflict and Natural Hazards: Swords, Ploughshares, Earthquakes, Floods and Storms
Ben Wisner

16. AIDS as a Human Security Challenge
Nana K. Poku, Bjorg Sandkjaer

17. Conflict and HIV/AIDS: Quantitative Analysis
Sophia Benz

18. Preparing for Low-Frequency, Extreme Natural Hazards: Contributing to Human Security by Enhancing ‘Freedom from Hazard Impact’
Janos J. Bogardi, Jörn Birkmann, Niklas Gebert, Neysa J. Setiadi

19. Environmental Refugees and Environmental Distress Migration as a Security Challenge for India and Bangladesh
Imtiaz Ahmed

20. Environmental Scarcities and Civil Violence
Thomas Homer-Dixon, Tom Deligiannis

21. Linkages Between Sub-national and International Water Conflicts: The Eastern Nile Basin
Simon A Mason, Tobias Hagmann, Christine Bichsel, Eva Ludi, Yacob Arsano

22. Extractive Industries and the Environmental Aspects of International Security
Saleem H. Ali

Part IV. Energy Security for the 21st Century

23. Energy Security: Conceptualization of the International Energy Agency (IEA)
Klaus-Dietmar Jacoby

24. Scenarios of Energy Demand and Supply until 2100: Implications for Energy Security
Leo Schrattenholzer

25. Projections of Fossil Energy Reserves and Supply until 2050 (2100): Implications for Longer-term Energy Supply Security
Werner Zittel, Joerg Schindler

26. Technical and Economic Potentials of Biomass until 2050: Regional Relevance for Energy Security
André P.C. Faaij

27. Solar Energy on a Global Scale: Its Impact on Security
David Faiman

28. Solar Energy as a Key for Power and Water in the Middle East and North Africa
Franz Trieb, Wolfram Krewitt, Nadine May

29. Energy Security in the Arab World
Mohammad Selim, Abdullah Sahar

30. Turkey: Energy Security and Central Asia: The Politics and Economics of the So-called Great Game
Gareth M. Winrow

31. Towards a Sustainable Energy System for Africa: An African Perspective on Energy Security
Nogoye Thiam

32. Energy Security: Economic, Environmental, and Societal Opportunity for the North – Potential of Renewables to Avoid Conflicts?
Rolf Linkohr

Part V. Food Security for the 21st Century

33. Food as a New Human and Livelihood Security Challenge
Úrsula Oswald Spring

34. Governance of Food Security in the 21st Century
M. A. Mohamed Salih

35. A Research Strategy to Secure Energy, Water, and Food via Developing Sustainable Land and Water Management in Turkey
Selim Kapur, Burcak Kapur, Erhan Akca, Hari Eswaran, Mustafa Aydin

Part VI. Livelihood and Health Security for the 21st Century

36. Sustainable Livelihood Security. Evolution and Application
Hans-Georg Bohle

37. Global Health Security: The WHO Response to Outbreaks Past and Future
Guénaël Rodier, Mary Kay Kindhauser

38. Health and Human Security in the 21st Century
Jennifer Leaning

39. AIDS – Challenge to Health Security in Africa: Politics in Africa and Case Study on Botswana
Fred Eboko, Tereza Nemeckova

40. Health and Poverty as Challenges for Human Security: Two Case Studies on Northern Vietnam and Bangladesh
Isabel Fischer, Mohammad Musfequs Salehin

Part VII. Water Security for the 21st Century

41. Global Trade: Balancing Existing and Future Regional Water Resource Deficits
Tony Allan

42. Water Wars in India
Vandana Shiva

43. Sustainability of Environmental Regimes: The Mekong River Commission
Bastien Affeltranger

44. Water Scarcity and Political Wrangling: Security in the Euphrates and Tigris Basin
Mustafa Aydin, Fulya Ereker

45. Water Resources in the Arab World: A Case Study on Jordan
Bassam Ossama Hayek

46. ‘New Security Thinking’ in Israeli-Palestinian Water Relations
Jan Selby

47. Functional Water Cooperation in the Jordan River Basin: Spillover or Spillback for Political Security?
Anders Jägerskog

48. Water and Food Security in the River Nile Basin: Perspectives of the Government and NGOs in Egypt
Emad Adly, Tarek Ahmed

49. Water and Food Security in the Nile River Basin: Perspectives of Governments and NGOs of Upstream Countries
Patricia Kameri-Mbote, Kithure Kindiki

50. Water and Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Emerging Concepts and their Implications for Effective Water Resource Management in the Southern African Region
Peter Ashton, Anthony Turton

51. Water Security in the Senegal River Basin: Water Cooperation and Water Conflicts
Martin Kipping

52. The Centrality of Water Regime Formation for Water Security in West Africa: An Analysis of the Volta Basin
Maëlis Borghese

53. Success and Failure in International River Basin Management – The Case of Southern Africa
Stefan Lindemann

54. Can ‘Integrated Water Resources Management’ Silence Malthusian Concerns? The Case of Central Asia
Martin Kipping

55. Environmental Security in Central Asia and the Caspian Region: Aral and Caspian Seas
Eva Rakel

56. The Central Asian Water Regime as an Instrument for Crisis Prevention
Julia Wunderer

57. Water Resource Management for Improving Environmental Security and Rural Livelihoods in the Irrigated Amu Darya Lowlands
Christopher Martius, Jochen Froebrich, Ernst-August Nuppenau

58. Water Security in Times of Armed Conflicts
Mara Tignino

Part VIII. Environmental Security Concepts and Debates

59. Environmental Security Concepts Revisited During the First Three Phases (1983-2006)
Simon Dalby, Hans Günter Brauch, Úrsula Oswald Spring

60. Environmental Security: Academic and Policy Debates in North America
Richard A. Matthew, Bryan McDonald

61. The Debate on Ecological Security in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
Alexander Sergunin

62. Linking Knowledge Systems for Socio-ecological Security
P.S. Ramakrishnan

63. Environmental Security in Northeast Asia
Miranda A. Schreurs

64. Environmental Security in the Arab World
Mohammad El-Sayed Selim

65. In the Name of Security: In the Name of Peace – Environmental Schizophrenia and the Security Discourse in Israel / Palestine
David Newman

66. Security and Environment and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Robin Twite

67. Conceptualization and Debate on Environmental and Human Security in Palestine
Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi

68. Environmental Scarcity, Insecurity and Conflict: The Cases of Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burundi
Mersie Ejigu

69. Environmental Security in Sub-Sahara Africa: Global and Regional Environmental Security Concepts and Debates Revisited
Sam Moyo

70. The Brazilian Amazon in an Environmental Security and Social Conflict Framework
Alexander López

71. Politics of Environment in the Caucasus Conflict Zone: From Nationalizing Politics to Conflict Resolution
Vicken Cheterian

72. Environmental Security in the Asia-Pacific Region: Contrasting Problems, Places, and Prospects
Jon Barnett

73. Security at the Poles: The Arctic and Antarctic
Gunhild Hoogensen

Part IX. Human and Gender Security Concepts and Debates

74. Human Security Concepts in Policy and Science
Hans Günter Brauch

75. The Human Security Network: A Global North-South Coalition
Claudia F. Fuentes Julio, Hans Günter Brauch

76. Theoretical Perspective on Human Security: A South Asian View
A.K.M. Abdus Sabur

77. Horizontal and Vertical Extension of International Security: A Human Security Approach
Sascha Werthes, Tobias Debiel

78. Human Security in the Arab World: A Perspective from the Maghreb
Béchir Chourou

79. Human Security Concepts, Approaches and Debates in Southeast Asia
Zarina Othman

80. Human Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
Nana K. Poku, Bjorg Sandkjaer

81. Human Security in Central America
Philippe Lombaerde, Matthew Norton

82. Human Security: A South American Perspective
Francisco Rojas Aravena

83. Human Security in North America: A Canadian Perspective
David R. Black, Larry A. Swatuk

84. Human Security Initiatives of Japan
Hideaki Shinoda

85. Human Security: International Discourses and Local Reality – Case of Mali
Max Schott

86. Enhancing Human Rights – A Contribution to Human Security
Dieter Senghaas

87. Natural Disasters, Vulnerability and Human Security
Fabien Nathan

88. Environment as an Element of Human Security in Southeast Asia: Case Study on the Thai Tsunami
Surichai Wun’Gaeo

89. The Impossibility of Securitizing Gender vis à vis ‘Engendering’ Security
Serena Eréndira Serrano Oswald

90. A HUGE Gender Security Approach: Towards Human, Gender, and Environmental Security
Úrsula Oswald Spring

91. Human Security and the Governmentality of Neo-liberal Mobility: A Feminist Perspective
Thanh-Dam Truong

92. Gender Security in South East Asia and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Exploitation in Central America: HUGE Security Challenges
Mary Soledad L. Perpiñan, María Eugenia Villarreal, Úrsula Oswald Spring

93. Do Disasters Discriminate? A Human Security Analysis of the Impact of the Tsunami in India, Sri Lanka and of the Kashmir Earthquake in Pakistan
Madhavi Malalgoda Ariyabandu, Dilrukshi Fonseka

94. Failed Narco-state or a Human Security Failure? Ethical and Methodological Ruptures with a Traditional Read of the Afghan Quagmire
Shahrbanou Tadjbakhsh

95. Relevance of Human and Environmental Security Concepts for the Military Services: A Perspective of a Former Chief of Staff
Joseph G. Singh

96. Towards a Human Security-Based Early Warning and Response System
Albrecht Schnabel, Heinz Krummenacher

Part X. Conclusions: From Knowledge to Action and Policy Outlook

97. Methods and Techniques of Remote Sensing to Contribute to Security in Tropical Rain Forests
Dirk H. Hoekman

98. Linking Anthropocene, HUGE and HESP: Fourth Phase of Environmental Security Research
Úrsula Oswald Spring, Hans Günter Brauch, Simon Dalby

99. Towards Sustainable Peace for the 21st Century
Hans Günter Brauch, Úrsula Oswald Spring

100. Summary and Results: Facing Global Environmental Change and Sectorialization of Security
Hans Günter Brauch

Keywords: Environment, Environment, general, Geography (general), Climate Change, Environmental Law/Policy/Ecojustice, Environmental Economics, Sociology

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