Franklin-Tong, Vernonica E.

Self-Incompatibility in Flowering Plants

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Table of contents

I. Evolution and Population Genetics of Self-Incompatibility

1. New Insights on Heterostyly: Comparative Biology, Ecology and Genetics
S. C. H. Barrett, J. S. Shore

2. Genetic and Environmental Causes and Evolutionary Consequences of Variations in Self-Fertility in Self Incompatible Species
S. V. Good-Avila, J. I. Mena-Alí, A. G. Stephenson

3. On the Evolutionary Modification of Self-Incompatibility: Implications of Partial Clonality for Allelic Diversity and Genealogical Structure
M. Vallejo-Marín, M. K. Uyenoyama

4. Evolution and Phylogeny of Self-Incompatibility Systems in Angiosperms
A. M. Allen, S. J. Hiscock

5. What Genealogies of S-alleles Tell Us
J. R. Kohn

6. Self-Incompatibility and Evolution of Mating Systems in the Brassicaceae
S. Sherman-Broyles, J. B. Nasrallah

II. Molecular and Cell Biology of Self-Incompatibility Systems

7. Milestones Identifying Self-Incompatibility Genes in Brassica Species: From Old Stories to New Findings
M. Watanabe, G. Suzuki, S. Takayama

8. ‘Self’ Pollen Rejection Through the Intersection of Two Cellular Pathways in the Brassicaceae: Self-Incompatibility and the Compatible Pollen Response
M. A. Samuel, D. Yee, K. E. Haasen, D. R. Goring

9. Molecular Biology Of S-Rnase-Based Self-Incompatibility
Y. Zhang, Y. Xue

10. Comparing Models For S-Rnase-Based Self-Incompatibility
B. McClure

11. Self-Incompatibility in Papaver Rhoeas: Progress in Understanding Mechanisms Involved in Regulating Self-Incompatibility in Papaver
V. E. Franklin-Tong

12. Molecular Genetics of Sporophytic Self-Incompatibility in Ipomoea, aMember of the Convolvulaceae
Y. Kowyama, T. Tsuchiya, K. Kakeda

13. Self-Incompatibility in the Grasses
P. Langridge, U. Baumann

14. Heteromorphic Self-Incompatibility In Primula: Twenty-First Century Tools Promise To Unravel A Classic Nineteenth Century Model System
A. McCubbin


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