Abrahamsson, Pekka

Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming

Abrahamsson, Pekka - Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Essence: Facilitating Agile Innovation
Ivan Aaen

2. Scrum and Team Effectiveness: Theory and Practice
Nils Brede Moe, Torgeir Dingsøyr

3. Misfit or Misuse? Lessons from Implementation of Scrum in Radical Product Innovation
Jens Henrik Hosbond, Peter Axel Nielsen

4. Method Configuration: The eXtreme Programming Case
Fredrik Karlsson, Pär J. Ågerfalk

5. Adopting Agile in a Large Organisation
José Abdelnour-Nocera, Helen Sharp

6. An Observational Study of a Distributed Card Based Planning Environment
Robert Morgan, Frank Maurer, Mike Chiasson

7. The TDD-Guide Training and Guidance Tool for Test-Driven Development
Oren Mishali, Yael Dubinsky, Shmuel Katz

8. JExample: Exploiting Dependencies between Tests to Improve Defect Localization
Adrian Kuhn, Bart Rompaey, Lea Haensenberger, Oscar Nierstrasz, Serge Demeyer, Markus Gaelli, Koenraad Leemput

9. An Agile Development Process and Its Assessment Using Quantitative Object-Oriented Metrics
Giulio Concas, Marco Francesco, Michele Marchesi, Roberta Quaresima, Sandro Pinna

10. Historical Roots of Agile Methods: Where Did “Agile Thinking” Come From?
Noura Abbas, Andrew M. Gravell, Gary B. Wills

11. Seven Years of XP - 50 Customers, 100 Projects and 500 Programmers – Lessons Learnt and Ideas for Improvement
Mike Holcombe, Chris Thomson

12. Applying XP to an Agile–Inexperienced Software Development Team
Liana Silva, Célio Santana, Fernando Rocha, Maíra Paschoalino, Gabriel Falconieri, Lúcio Ribeiro, Renata Medeiros, Sérgio Soares, Cristine Gusmão

13. Investigating the Usefulness of Pair-Programming in a Mature Agile Team
Irina Diana Coman, Alberto Sillitti, Giancarlo Succi

14. Just Enough Structure at the Edge of Chaos: Agile Information System Development in Practice
Karlheinz Kautz, Sabine Zumpe

15. A Preliminary Conceptual Model for Exploring Global Agile Teams
Jason H. Sharp, Sherry D. Ryan

16. Scrum Implementation Using Kotter’s Change Model
Sinéad Hayes, Ita Richardson

17. Agile Estimation with Monte Carlo Simulation
Juanjuan Zang

18. The Pomodoro Technique for Sustainable Pace in Extreme Programming Teams
Federico Gobbo, Matteo Vaccari

19. Adopting Iterative Development: The Perceived Business Value
Caryna Pinheiro, Frank Maurer, Jonathan Sillito

20. Explicit Risk Management in Agile Processes
Christopher R. Nelson, Gil Taran, Lucia Lascurain Hinojosa

21. APDT: An Agile Planning Tool for Digital Tabletops
Sebastian Weber, Yaser Ghanam, Xin Wang, Frank Maurer

22. Investigating the Role of Trust in Agile Methods Using a Light Weight Systematic Literature Review
Eisha Hasnain, Tracy Hall

23. Agile Practices in a Product Development Organization
Frank Keenan, Tony McCarron, Shay Doherty, Stuart McLean

24. Building and Linking a Metaphor: Finding Value!
Frank Keenan, David Bustard, Namgyal Damdul, David Connolly

25. The Story of Transition to Agile Software Development
Gadi Lifshitz, Ayelet Kroskin, Yael Dubinsky

26. Predicting Software Fault Proneness Model Using Neural Network
Yogesh Singh, Arvinder Kaur, Ruchika Malhotra

27. Multi-modal Functional Test Execution
Shelly Park, Frank Maurer

28. Social Network Analysis of Communication in Open Source Projects
Guido Porruvecchio, Selene Uras, Roberta Quaresima

29. Toward Empowering Extreme Programming from an Architectural Viewpoint
Amir Saffarian, Amir Azim Sharifloo, Fereidoun Shams

30. A Metric-Based Approach to Assess Class Testability
Yogesh Singh, Anju Saha

31. Inside View of an Extreme Process
Sara Shahzad, Zahid Hussain, Martin Lechner, Wolfgang Slany

32. To Track QA Work or Not; That Is the Question
Juanjuan Zang

33. Build Notifications in Agile Environments
Ruth Ablett, Frank Maurer, Ehud Sharlin, Jorg Denzinger, Craig Schock

34. Supporting Distributed Pair Programming with the COLLECE Groupware System: An Empirical Study
Rafael Duque, Crescencio Bravo

35. Experience on the Human Side of Agile
Angela Martin, James Noble, Robert Biddle

36. Retrospective Exploration Workshop
David Hussman, Lasse Koskela

37. Exposing the “Devils” within: Agile Taboos in a Large Organization
Lars Arne Skår, Jan-Erik Sandberg

38. BIOHAZARD – Engineering the Change Virus
Patrick Kua

39. Architecture-Centric Methods and Agile Approaches
Muhammad Ali Babar, Pekka Abrahamsson

40. Exploring Agile Coaching
Rachel Davies, Liz Sedley

41. The Agile Technique Hour
David Parsons

42. AOSTA: Agile Open Source Tools Academy
Werner Wild, Barbara Weber, Hubert Baumeister

43. There’s No Such Thing as Best Practice
Steve Freeman

44. Culture and Agile: Challenges and Synergies
Steven Fraser, Pekka Abrahamsson, Robert Biddle, Jutta Eckstein, Philippe Kruchten, Dennis Mancl, Werner Wild

45. Architecture and Agility Are Not Mutually Exclusive
Lasse Koskela


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