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Pearls of Glaucoma Management

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Table of contents

1. Optic Nerve: The Glaucomatous Optic Nerve
Claude F. Burgoyne

2. Optic Nerve: Clinical Examination
Marcelo T. Nicolela

3. Optic Nerve: Heidelberg Retinal Tomography
Nicholas G Strouthidis, David F Garway-Heath

4. Optic Nerve: Scanning Laser Polarimetry
Clinton W. Sheets, David S. Greenfield

5. Optic Nerve: Optical Coherence Tomography
Kelly A. Townsend, Gadi Wollstein, Joel S. Schuman

6. Optic Nerve: Comparison of Technologies
Carlos Souza, Joseph Caprioli

7. Optic Nerve: Atypical Nerves and Nerve Findings
Beth Edmunds, John C. Morrison

8. IOP: The Importance of Intraocular Pressure
Douglas R. Anderson

9. IOP: Instruments to Measure IOP
Robert Stamper

10. IOP: Central Corneal Thickness
James D. Brandt

11. IOP: Corneal Hysteresis
Lionel A. Marzette, Leon W. Herndon

12. IOP: Target Pressures
Stefano Miglior, Francesca Bertuzzi

13. IOP: Fluctuation
Marla B. Sultan, Paul P. Lee

14. Gonioscopy: Why Do Indentation?
Howard Cohn

15. Visual Fields: Visual Field Test Strategies
Chris A. Johnson

16. Visual Fields: Fluctuation and Progression
Felipe A. Medeiros, Luciana M. Alencar

17. Visual Fields: Field Interpretation
Balwantray C. Chauhan

18. Other Tests in Glaucoma: Genetic Testing
Janey L. Wiggs

19. Other Testing in Glaucoma: Optic Nerve Blood Flow I
Rony Rachmiel, Yvonne M Buys, Chris Hudson, Graham E. Trope

20. Other Tests in Glaucoma: Optic Nerve Blood Flow II
Alon Harris, Ehud Rechtman, Nisha S. Kheradiya, Rita Ehrlich

21. Other Tests in Glaucoma: Multifocal Visual Evoked Potential
Donald C. Hood, Robert Ritch

22. Risk Factors
Kouros Nouri-Mahdavi

23. Risk Factors: The Risk Calculator
Steven L. Mansberger

24. Medical Treatment: First Line Agents and Monotherapy
Eugenio Maul

25. Medical Treatment: The Pregnant and Nursing Woman
Thierry Zeyen, Greet Coppens

26. Medical Treatment: Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors
Simon K. Law

27. Medical Treatment: Osmotic Agents
Kayoung Yi, Teresa C. Chen

28. Medical Treatment: Neuroprotection
Amish B. Doshi, Robert N. Weinreb

29. Medical Treatment: Treated vs. Untreated Glaucoma and Ocular Hypertension
Malik Y. Kahook, M. Roy Wilson

30. Medical Treatment: Adherence and Persistence
Annisa L. Jamil, Richard P. Mills

31. Medical Treatment: Alternative Medicine and Glaucoma
Louis R. Pasquale

32. Procedural Treatments: Laser Trabeculoplasty
Brian A. Francis

33. Procedural Treatments: Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation
Shan C. Lin

34. Procedural Treatments: Transcleral Cyclophotocoagulation
Hylton R. Mayer, James C. Tsai, M. Bruce Shields

35. Procedural Treatments: Trabeculectomy
Thomas Ressiniotis, Peng Tee Khaw

36. Procedural Treatments: Perioperative Medication
Simon K. Law

37. Procedural Treatments: Bleb Needling
JoAnn A. Giaconi, Richard K. Lee

38. Procedural Treatments: Glaucoma Drainage Devices
David Dueker, Jim Robinson

39. Procedural Treatments: New Surgical Options
Don Minckler

40. Procedural Treatments: Ex-PRESS Mini Glaucoma Shunt
Marlene R. Moster

41. Procedural Treatments: Phacotrabeculectomy
Héctor Javier Fontana

42. Procedural Treatments: Surgery in End-Stage Glaucoma
Fotis Topouzis

43. Glaucomas: Managing Normal-Tension Glaucoma
Kazuhisa Sugiyama, Yoshiaki Kitazawa

44. Glaucomas: Pseudoexfoliation Glaucoma
Richard K. Lee

45. Glaucomas: Pigment Dispersion Glaucoma and Angle Recession Glaucoma
Carlos Gustavo V Moraes, Remo Susanna

46. Glaucomas: Sturge Weber Syndrome
Annette Giangiacomo, Anne L. Coleman

47. Glaucomas: Glaucoma and the Cornea
JoAnn A Giaconi

48. Glaucomas: Uveitic Glaucoma
Lesya Shuba, Young H. Kwon

49. Glaucomas: Neovascular Glaucoma
Adam S. Wenick, Alan L. Robin

50. Pediatric Glaucoma: IOP, Axial Length, and Surgery Indications
JoAnn A. Giaconi, Anne L. Coleman

51. Pediatric Glaucoma: Glaucoma Medications and Steroids
JoAnn A. Giaconi, Greet Coppens, Thierry Zeyen

52. Pediatric Glaucoma: Angle Surgery and Glaucoma Drainage Devices
David S. Walton

53. Pediatric Glaucoma: Trabeculectomy and Glaucoma Drainage Devices
Allen Beck

54. Angle-Closure Glaucoma: Risk Factors
Mingguang He

55. Angle-Closure Glaucoma: Iridotomy
Kenji Kashiwagi

56. Angle-Closure Glaucoma: Imaging
Rajesh S. Kumar, Tin Aung

57. Angle-Closure Glaucoma: Medical Therapy
Arthur J. Sit

58. Angle-Closure Glaucoma: Surgical Management of Acute Angle-Closure Glaucoma
Jian Ge, Xiulan Zhang

59. Complications: Hypotony
Richard A. Lewis

60. Complications: Bleb Leaks
Philip P. Chen

61. Complications: Blebitis
Douglas J. Rhee

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