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Mantle Plumes

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Table of contents

1. Fluid Dynamics of Mantle Plumes
Neil Ribe, Anne Davaille, Ulrich Christensen

2. Tracing the Hawaiian Mantle Plume by Converted Seismic Waves
Xiaohui Yuan, Xueqing Li, Ingo Wölbern, Rainer Kind

3. Iceland: The current picture of a ridge-centred mantle plume
Thomas Ruedas, Gabriele Marquart, Harro Schmeling

4. Combined Gas-geochemical and Receiver Function Studies of the Vogtland/NW Bohemia Intraplate Mantle Degassing Field, Central Europe
Horst Kämpf, Wolfram H. Geissler, Karin Bräuer

5. Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure of the French Massif Central Plume
Andreas Barth, Michael Jordan, Joachim R. R. Ritter

6. Geodynamic Setting of the Tertiary Hocheifel Volcanism (Germany), Part I: 40Ar/39Ar geochronology
Zuzana Fekiacova, Dieter F. Mertz, Paul R. Renne

7. Geodynamic Setting of the Tertiary Hocheifel Volcanism (Germany), Part II: Geochemistry and Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopic Compositions
Zuzana Fekiacova, Dieter F. Mertz, Albrecht W. Hofmann

8. The Quaternary Volcanic Fields of the East and West Eifel (Germany)
Hans-Ulrich Schmincke

9. Thermal and Geochemical Evolution of the Shallow Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle Beneath the Eifel: Constraints from Mantle Xenoliths, a Review
Gudrun Witt-Eickschen

10. He-Ne-Ar Isotope Systematics of Eifel and Pannonian Basin Mantle Xenoliths Trace Deep Mantle Plume-Lithosphere Interaction Beneath the European Continent
Mario Trieloff, Rainer Altherr

11. Quaternary Uplift in the Eifel Area
Wilhelm Meyer, Johannes Stets

12. The Seismic Signature of the Eifel Plume
Joachim R. R. Ritter

13. Upper Mantle Structure Beneath the Eifel from Receiver Functions
Michael Weber, Günter Bock, Martin Budweg

14. Rayleigh Wave Dispersion in the Eifel Region
Jan P. Mathar, Wolfgang Friederich, Joachim R. R. Ritter

15. Seismic Anisotropy in the Asthenosphere Beneath the Eifel Region, Western Germany
Kristoffer T. Walker, Götz H. R. Bokelmann, Simon L. Klemperer, Günter Bock

16. Gravity Observations in the Western Rhenish Massif and Forward Modelling of the Eifel Plume Bouguer Anomaly
Joachim R. R. Ritter, Jan P. Mathar, Michael Jordan, Gerald Gabriel


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