Oertli, Daniel

Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands

Oertli, Daniel - Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands, ebook


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Table of contents

1. History of Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
Hans-Dietrich Röher, Klaus-Martin Schulte

2. Embryology and Surgical Anatomy of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands
William B. Stewart, Lawrence J. Rizzolo

3. Evaluation of Hyperthyroidism and Hyperthyroid Goiter
Mirjam Christ-Crain, Nils G. Morgenthaler, Beat Müller

4. Diagnostic Imaging of the Thyroid and Radioiodine Therapy

5. Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules
Michel Procopiou, Christoph A. Meier

6. Fine-needle Aspiration Cytology of the Thyroid
Anne E. Busseniers, Susan A. Silver

7. Technique of Thyroidectomy
Daniel Oertli

8. Surgery for the Solitary Thyroid Nodule
Prabhat K. Bhama, Gerard M. Doherty

9. Modified Radical Neck Dissection
Robert Udelsman

10. Thyroid Pathology
Zubair W. Baloch, Virginia A. LiVolsi

11. Surgery for Medullary Thyroid Cancer
Oliver Gimm

12. Anaplastic Thyroid Carcinoma
Christian Passler, Reza Asari, Christian Scheuba, Bruno Niederle

13. Thyroid Lymphoma and Other Metastatic Lesions
Rebecca S. Sippel, Herbert Chen

14. Multinodular and Retrosternal Goiter
Rachel Rosenthal, Daniel Oertli

15. Surgery for Hyperthyroidism
Peter E. Goretzki, Bernhard J. Lammers

16. Thyroiditis
Michel Adamina, Daniel Oertli

17. Complications in Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
Andrea Frilling, Frank Weber

18. Outcomes Analysis in Thyroid Surgery: A Review of Patient and Provider Predictors
Kate V. Viola, Julie Ann Sosa

19. Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Parathyroid Glands and Preoperative Evaluation
Elizabeth H. Holt, Silvio E. Inzucchi

20. Parathyroid Imaging
David Cheng, Ludwig A. Jacob, Leslie Scoutt

21. Conventional Surgical Management of Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Heather Yeo, Paola Uranga, Sanziana Roman

22. Minimally Invasive Parathyroidectomy
Tobias Carling, Robert Udelsman

23. Endoscopic Parathyroidectomy
Paolo Miccoli, Gabriele Materazzi

24. Multiglandular Parathyroid Disease and MEN Syndromes
Peter Langer, Detlef K. Bartsch, Matthias Rothmund

25. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Secondary and Tertiary Hyperparathyroidism
Ulrich Güller, Michael Mayr

26. Parathyroid Carcinoma
Janice L. Pasieka, Moosa Khalil

27. Reoperative Parathyroid Surgery
Cord Sturgeon, Nadine Caron, Quan-Yang Duh

28. Outcomes Analysis in Parathyroid Surgery
Leon D. Boudourakis, Julie Ann Sosa


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