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Table of contents

1. Synchrotron Mössbauer reflectometry using stroboscopic detection
L. Deán, L. Bottyán, R. Callens, R. Coussement, M. Major, I. Serdons, Y. Yoda

2. Synthesis and characterisation of the Fe(II–III) hydroxy-formate green rust
P. Refait, M. Abdelmoula, J.-M. R. Génin, M. Jeannin

3. Monitoring structural transformation of hydroxy-sulphate green rust in the presence of sulphate reducing bacteria
M. Abdelmoula, A. Zegeye, F. Jorand, C. Carteret

4. In situ 119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy used to study lithium insertion in c-Mg2Sn
L. Aldon, C. M. Ionica, P. E. Lippens, D. Larcher, J.-M. Tarascon, J. Olivier-Fourcade, J.-C. Jumas

In situ
119Sn Mössbauer spectroscopy study of Sn-based electrode materials
Abdelmaula Aboulaich, Florent Robert, Pierre Emmanuel Lippens, Laurent Aldon, Josette Olivier-Fourcade, Patrick Willmann, Jean-Claude Jumas

6. Influence of Cu and Ni on the morphology and composition of the rust layer of steels exposed to industrial environment
L. M. Ocampo, C. O. R. Mattos, I. C. P. Margarit-Mattos, J. D. Fabris, M. C. Pereira, H. R. Rechenberg, D. L. A. Faria

7. Mossbauer investigations of corrosion environment influence on Fe valence states in oxide films of zirconium alloys
V. P. Filippov, V. I. Petrov, Yu. A. Shikanova

8. Atmospheric corrosion of mild steel in Oman
Abbasher Gismelseed, S. H. Al-Harthi, M. Elzain, A. D. Al-Rawas, A. Yousif, S. Al-Saadi, I. Al-Omari, H. Widatallah, K. Bouziane

9. Structural transformations in lithiated Mn2Sb electrodes probed by Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction
L. Häggström, C. M. Ionica, J. C. Jumas, L. Aldon, P. E. Lippens, K. Edström

10. Mössbauer study on LiFePO4 cathode material for lithium ion batteries
B. Hannoyer, A. A. M. Prince, M. Jean, R. S. Liu, G. X. Wang

11. Evaluation of structural and electrochemical properties of the MnSb-Li system as anode for Li-ion batteries
Costana Mihaela Ionica-Bousquet, Manfred Womes, Pierre-Emmanuel Lippens, Josette Olivier-Fourcade, Bernard Ducourant, Alan V. Chadwick

12. Iron ions in ZSM-5 zeolite: Fe3+ in framework, Fe2+ in extra-framework positions in catalytic N20 decomposition
K. Lázár, O. Pozdnyakova, A. Wootsch, P. Fejes

119Sn Mössbauer study of nickel-tin anodes for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
S. Naille, P. E. Lippens, F. Morato, J. Olivier-Fourcade

14. Phase composition and distribution of corrosion products grown on galvanised steel in contact with hot water
G. Palombarini, M. Carbucicchio

15. Mechanosynthesis and characterisation of the Li-Sn system
Florent Robert, Pierre Emmanuel Lippens, Robert Fourcade, Jean-Claude Jumas, Frederic Gillot, Mathieu Morcrette, Jean-Marie Tarascon

16. Chemical stability of hydroxysulphate green rust synthetised in the presence of foreign anions: carbonate, phosphate and silicate
c. Ruby, A. Gehin, R. Aissa, J. Ghanbaja, M. Abdelmoula, J.-M. R. Génin

17. Mössbauer characterization of calcium-ferrite oxides prepared by calcining Fe2O3 and CaO
Daisuke Hirabayashi, Yoichi Sakai, Takeshi Yoshikawa, Kazuhiro Mochizuki, Yoshihiro Kojima, Kenzi Suzuki, Kazumasa Ohshita, Yasuo Watanabe

18. Relative Lamb-Mössbauer factors of tin corrosion products
M. T. Sougrati, S. Jouen, B. Hannoyer

19. Study of the electrochemical properties in substituted Li2Ti3O7 ramsdellite
Michèle Thournout, Manfred Womes, Josette Olivier-Fourcade, Jean-Claude Jumas

20. A Mössbauer spectroscopic study of an industrial catalyst for dehydrogenation of etylbenzene to styrene
K. Y. Jiang, Q. Fan, Z. J. Zhao, L. S. Mao, X. L. Yang

21. Generation of long-lived isomeric states via bremsstrahlung irradiation
Yao Cheng, Bing Xia, Chuanxiang Tang, Yinong Liu, Qingxiu Jin

22. Magnetic and thermal Mössbauer effect scans: a new approach
G. A. Pasquevich, P. Mendoza Zélls, F. H. Sánchez, M. B. Fernández van Raap, A. Veiga, N. Martínez

23. Velocity calibration for in-situ Mössbauer data from Mars
David G. Agresti, M. Darby Dyar, Martha W. Schaefer

24. A simple model to extract hyperfine interaction distributions from Mössbauer spectra
H. P. Gunnlaugsson

25. Dynamical beats of forward-scattered resonant synchrotron radiation as a nuclear polariton effect
M. Haas, H. Winkler

26. Multipurpose spectrometer TERLAB for depth selective investigation of surface and multilayer
S. M. Irkaev, V. G. Semenov, V. V. Panchuk, N. A. Makarov

27. Automated Mössbauer spectroscopy in the field and monitoring of fougerite
D. Rodionov, G. Klingelhöfer, B. Bernhardt, C. Schröder, M. Blumers, S. Kane, F. Trolard, G. Bourrie, J.-M. R. Génin

28. New in-beam Mössbauer spectroscopy station at the Budapest Research Reactor
T. Belgya, K. Lázár

29. Effects of trapped electrons on the line shape in emission Mössbauer spectra
Yu. D. Perfiliev, V. S. Rusakov, L. A. Kulikov, A. A. Kamnev, K. Alkhatib

30. Development of a new method of the analysis mossbauer spectra of systems with nuclear heterogeneity
A. I. Pikulev, V. A. Semenkin, O. B. Milder, E. G. Novikov

31. Radio-frequency controllable quantum interference in Mössbauer spectroscopy
E. K. Sadykov, V. V. Arinin, G. I. Petrov, A. V. Pyataev, F. G. Vagizov, O. A. Kocharovskaya

32. Radio-frequency Mössbauer spectra of the “easy”-plane type magnetic system (FeBO3)
E. K. Sadykov, A. A. Yurichuk, V. Yu. Lyubimov, G. I. Petrov

33. Radio-frequency Mössbauer spectra of the “easy”-plane type magnetic system (FeRO3)
E. K. Sadykov, A. A. Yurlchuk, V. Yu. Lyubimov, G. I. Petrov

34. Advances in constant-velocity Mössbauer instrumentation
A. Veiga, N. Martínez, P. Mendoza Zélis, G. A. Pasquevich, F. H. Sánchez

35. Optimization of the filter technique
K. Szymánski, L. Dobrzyński

36. Experimental observation of vibrations produced by pulsed laser beam in MgO:57Fe
Farit Vagizov, Roman Kolesov, Silviu Olariu, Yuri Rostovtsev, Olga Kocharovskaya

37. Characterization of products emanating from conventional and microwave energy roasting of chalcopyrite (CuFeS2) concentrate
Antoine F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi

38. Mössbauer analysis and magnetic properties of Invar Fe-Ni-C and Fe-Ni-Mn-C alloys
V. M. Nadutov, Ye. O. Svystunov, S. G. Kosintsev, V. A. Tatarenko

39. Phase coexistence in mechanicailly alloyed iron-manganese powders
V. V. Tcherdyntsev, L. Yu. Pustov, S. D. Kaloshkin, E. V. Shelekhov, G. Principi

40. Synthesis and characterization of Fe3AlC0.5 by mechanical alloying
W. Barona Mercado, M. Fajardo, G. A. Pérez Alcázar, H. Sánchez Sthepa

41. Mössbauer and X-ray diffraction characterization of Fe60Al40 coatings prepared by thermal spraying
Catherine Cordier-Robert, Thierry Grosdidier, Gang Ji, Jacques Foct

42. Formation of Mn-doped iron silicides by ball milling
J. Desimoni, S. M. Cotes, M. A. Taylor, R. C. Mercader

43. Calculation of absolute concentrations and probability of resonant absorption for iron-bearing precipitates in zirconium alloys
V. P. Filippov, V. I. Petrov, D. E. Lauer, Yu. A. Shikanova

44. Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction study of the Fe3−x
Al ternary alloys
Krzysztof Brząkalik, Janusz E. Frąckowiak

45. Mössbauer spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction study of the Fe3−xTxAl ternary alloys
Krzysztof Brząkalik, Janusz E. Brząkckowiak

46. Complexes based on ethylene- and propylene-bridged-pentadentate-Fe(III)-units allow interplay between magnetic centers and multistability investigated by Mössbauer spectroscopy
F. Renz, P. Kerep, D. Hill, M. Klein

47. Hyperfine interactions, structure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Co-Fe-Ni alloys prepared by mechanical alloying
E. Jartych, J. K. Żurawicz, D. Oleszak, M. Pękaİa

48. Metallurgical behaviour of iron in brass studied using Mössbauer spectroscopy
Saeed Kamali-M, Lennart Häggstrom, Tore Ericsson, Roger Wappling

49. Chemical tuning of high-spin complexes based on 3- and 4-hydroxy-pentadentate-Fe (III) complex-units investigated by Mössbauer spectroscopy
M. Klein, F. Renz

50. Determination of the chromium concentration of phase decomposition products in an aged duplex stainless steel
Hisashi Kuwano, Hisanao Imamasu

51. Mössbauer spectroscopy study of mechanically alloyed Fe2O3-(Al, Co and WC) systems
Antoine F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi

52. Mössbauer study of the invar Fe-Ni and Fe-Ni-C alloys in magnetic field
V. M. Nadutov, T. Ericsson, S. G. Kosintsev, S. M. Bugaychuk, Ye. O. Svystunov, H. Annersten

53. Mössbauer study of Mg-Ni(Fe) alloys processed as materials for solid state hydrogen storage
P. Palade, G. Principi, S. Sartori, A. Maddalena, S. Russo, G. Schinteie, V. Kuncser, G. Filoti

54. Characterizing the ordering of thermomechanically processed high-Si steel by Mössbauer effect techniques
D. Ruiz, R. E. Vandenberghe, T. Ros-Yañez, E. Grave, Y. Houbaert

55. Effect of hydrogen on interatomic bonds in austenitic steels
V. Shivanyuk, V. Gavriljuk, J. Foct

56. Quadrupole interactions at 57Fe and 119Sn in 3d-metal antimonides
T. M. Tkachenka, V. A. Virchenko

57. Effect of N-substitution in multinuclear complexes allows interplay between magnetic states and multistability investigated by Mössbauer spectroscopy
F. Renz, D. Hill, P. Kerep, M. Klein, R. Müller-Seipel, F. Werner

58. Mössbauer, X-ray diffraction and magnetization studies of Fe-Mn-Al-Nb alloys prepared by high energy ball milling
Ligia E. Zamora, G. A. Pérez Alcázar, J. M. Greneche, S. Suriñach

59. CEMS study on diluted magneto titanium oxide films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
K. Nomura, K. Inaba, S. Iio, T. Hitosugi, T. Hasegawa, Y. Hirose, Z. Homonnay

60. Elastic properties of filled-Skutterudite compounds probed by Mössbauer nuclei
S. Tsutsui, J. Umemura, H. Kobayashi, T. Tazaki, S. Nasu, Y. Kobayashi, Y. Yoda, H. Onodera, H. Sugawara, T. D. Matsuda, D. Kikuchi, H. Sato, C. Sekine, I. Shirotani

61. Mössbauer spectroscopy study of spin structure and its in-field and temperature dynamics in B2 ordered Fe(Al) alloys
E. V. Voronina, E. P. Yelsukov, A. V. Korolyov, A. E. Yelsukova

57Fe Mössbauer spectra and magnetic data from the kagomé antiferromagnet H3O-jarosite
P. Bonville, V. Dupuis, E. Vincent, P. E. Lippens, A. S. Wills

63. Structural evolution of ball-milled permalloy
K. Brzózka, D. Olekšáková, P. Kollár, T. Szumiata, B. Górka, M. Gawroński

57Fe Mössbauer and magnetic studies of DyFe12−x
J. L. Wang, S. J. Campbell, J. M. Cadogan, A. V. J. Edge

65. Gol’danskii-Karyagin effect and induced fields in rare earth-transition metal stannides
A. C. McGrath, J. D. Cashion

66. Thermal equilibrium defects in iron-based alloys
Jan Chojcan

67. Study of the [Fe(OMe)(dpm)2]2 dimer in the presence of a magnetic field by using Mössbauer spectroscopy
L. Cianchi, F. Giallo, M. Lantieri, P. Moretti, G. Spina

68. Distribution of electric and magnetic hyperfine fields in Fe-rich gallo-germanates
S. Constantinescu

69. Mössbauer effect studies on the formation of iron oxide phases synthesized via microwave-hydrothermal route
P. P. Bakare, S. K. Date, Y. B. Khollam, S. B. Deshpande, H. S. Potdar, S. Salunke-Gawali, F. Varret, E. Pereira

70. Magnetic behavior of the bond random mixed compound FE(BR
)2(x=0.9) with Mössbauer spectroscopy
Nai-Li Di, T. Tamaki

71. Mössbauer studies of the layered compound 1T-TAS2

A. Djedid, J. G. Mullen

57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy studies of Sr2Fe1−x
O6 double perovskite compounds
A. P. Douvalis, I. Panagiotopoulos, A. Moukarika, T. Bakas, V. Papaefthymiou

73. Magnetic and Mössbauer study of Mg0.9Mn0.1Cr
O4 ferrites
M. Elzain, H. Widatallah, A. Gismelseed, K. Bouziane, A. Yousif, A. Rawas, I. Al-Omari, A. Sellai

74. Theoretical investigation of Mössbauer hyperfine interactions in ordered FeNi and disordered Fe-Ni alloys
Diana Guenzburger, Joice Terra

75. Tin-doped spinel-related oxides of composition M3O4 (M=Mn, Fe, Co)
Orn Helgason, Frank J. Berry, Thomas Moyo, Xiaolin Ren

76. Mössbauer study of 1/8 anomaly in La2−x

Kazuhiro Hikosaka, Juichiro Arai

237Np and 57Fe Mdssbauer study of NpFeGa5

Y. Homma, M. Nakada, A. Nakamura, S. Nasu, D. Aoki, H. Sakai, S. Ikeda, E. Yamamoto, Y. Haga, Y. Onuki, Y. Shiokawa

78. The study of superexchange interaction of ordered Li0.5Fe1.0Rh1.504

Kun Uk Kang, Chul Sung Kim

79. Amorphous Fe-Mg alloy thin films: magnetic properties and atomic vibrational dynamics
B. Sahoo, W. Keune, E. Schuster, W. Sturhahn, T. S. Toellner, E. E. Alp

80. Neutron diffraction and Mdssbauer study on FeGa

Sam Jin Kim, Bae Soon Son, In-Bo Shim, Bo Wha Lee, Chul Sung Kim

57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy on the cyclic spin-cluster Fe6(tea)6(CH3OH)6

J. Kreitlow, J. Litterst, S. Sullow, B. Pilawa

82. Mössbauer spectroscopic study of half-Heusler compounds
V. Ksenofontov, K. Kroth, S. Reiman, F. Casper, V. Jung, M. Takahashi, M. Takeda, C. Felser

83. Mössbauer study of the martensitic transformation in a Ni-Fe-Ga shape memory alloy
J. Gutiérrez, P. Lázpita, J. M. Barandiarán, J. S. Garitaonandia, F. Plazaola, E. Legarra, V. A. Chernenko, T. Kanomata

84. The BM5Se9 phases: Mössbauer studies of the superconductors and the ferromagnets
A. Leblanc-Soreau, J. C. Jumas, L. Aldon

85. Systematic study of mechanical deformation on Fe3Al
powders by Mössbauer spectroscopy
E. Legarra, F. Plazaola, J. S. Garitaonandia, D. Martín Rodriguez, J. A. Jimenez

86. Magneto-crystalline properties of BaFe12−2x
O19 (M=Sn, Ni, Zn) ferrite powders
A. Grusková, J. Lipka, J. Sláma, V. Jančárik, M. Papánová, M. Štofka, A. González, G. Mendoza

87. Mössbauer studies of the re-entrant spin-glass behaviour of Fe-Al alloys
D. Martín Rodríguez, F. Plazaola, J. S. Garitaonandia

88. Mössbauer study on the magnetic field-induced insulator-to-metal transition in perovskite EU0.6Sr0.4MnO3

Shin Nakamura, Masami Sato, Shotaro Morimoto, Saburo Nasu, Yorihiko Tsunoda

57Fe and 151Eu Mössbauer studies of magnetoresistive Europium based cobalt perovskites
Z. Németh, E. Kuzmann, A. Vértes, Z. Bomonnay, Z. Klencsár, J. M. Grenéche, J. Bald, K. Vad, S. Mészáros, B. Lackner, K. Kellner, G. Gritzner

90. Creation of ferromagnetic properties of V-Fe and Zr-Fe alloys by hydrogen absorption
A. Ostrasz

91. Magnetic and structural properties of the Nd2(Fe100−x
)14B system prepared by arc melting
D.Oyol Lozano, L. E. Zamora, G. A. Pérez Alcázar, Y. A. Rojas, H. Bustos, J. M. Greneche

92. Mössbauer spectroscopic studies of Fe-20 wt.% Cr ball milled alloy
Brajesh Pandey, M. Ananda Rao, H. C. Verma, S. Bhargava

93. Magnetotransport and magnetic properties of sulfospinels Zn

Jae Yun Park, Kwang Joo Kim

94. Antiferromagnetic TiFe2 in applied fields: experiment and simulation
T. B. Martins, H. R. Rechenberg

95. Determination of Lamb-Mössbauer factors and lattice dynamics in some nitroprusside single crystals
V. Rusanov, S. Stankov, V. Gushterov, L. Tsankov, A. X. Trautwein

96. Temperature dependent Mössbauer and neutron diffraction studies of Cu
Cr2S4 compounds
Bae Soon Son, Sam Jin Kim, In-Bo Shim, Bo Wha Lee, Chul Sung Kim

97. Mössbauer effect study of the decagonal quasicrystal Al65Co15Cu20

Z. M. Stadnik, G. Zhang

98. Absence of charge fluctuations of europium in metallic single crystals of EuCu2Si2

Z. M. Stadnik, P. Wang, J. Żukrowski, B. K. Cho

99. Debye temperature and magnetic ordering in K

M. Reissner, W. Steiner, J. Wernisch, H. Boller

100. Mössbauer investigation of Fe0.5In1.5S3

M. Reissner, W. Steiner, Z. Seidov, G. Guseinov

101. Mössbauer study of Fe0.05Ni0.95Cl2

T. Tamaki, M. Tamaki

102. Formation of Fe
−B pairs in silicon at high temperatures
H. P. Gunnlaugsson, K. Bharuth-Ram, M. Dietrich, M. Fanciulli, H. O. U. Fynbo, G. Weyer

103. Identification of substitutional and interstitial Fe in 6H-SiC
H. P. Gunnlaugsson, K. Bharuth-Ram, M. Dietrich, M. Fanciulli, H. O. U. Fynbo, G. Weyer

104. Mössbauer and magnetic study of Mn2+- and Cr3+-substituted spinel magnesioferrites of the composition Mg1−xMnxFe2−2xCr2xO4

H. M. Widatallah, I. A. Al-Omari, A. M. Gismelseed, O. A. Yassin, A. D. Al-Rawas, M. E. Elzain, A. A. Yousif, O. A. Osman

105. Critical behavior of La0.67−y
(Sr, Ba, Ca)0.33+y
O3 (x=0.0l, 0.02, y=0, 0.07) perovskites
H. Assaridis, I. Panagiotopoulos, A. Moukarika, V. Papaefthymiou, T. Bakas

106. Magnetization and magnetostriction studies of TbFeCo/YFeCo multilayers
D. T. Duong Giang, N. D. Due, J. Juraszek, J. Teillet

107. Thickness dependence of the magnetic anisotropy of Fe layers separated by Al
J. Balogh, D. Kaptás, L. F. Kiss, T. Kemény, L. Bujdosó, I. Vincze

108. CEMS characterisation of Fe/high-κ oxide interfaces
R. Mantovan, C. Wiemer, A. Zenkevich, M. Fanciulli

109. Hematite thin films: growth and characterization
J. D. Uribe, J. Osorio, C. A. Barrero, D. Giratá, A. L. Morales, A. Devia, M. E. Gómez, J. G. Ramirez, J. R. Gancedo

110. Mössbauer and optical investigation of Co3−x
O4 thin films grown by sol-gel process
Kwang Joo Kim, Bee Kyung Kim, Young Ran Park, Geun Young Ahn, Chul Sung Kim, Jae Yun Park

111. Mössbauer spectroscopical investigation of the exchange biased Fe/MnF2 interface
B. Sahoo, W. A. A. Macedo, W. Keune, V. Kuncser, J. Eisenmenger, J. Nogués, I. K. Schuller, I. Felner, Kai Liu, R Röhlsberger

112. Intermixing during epitaxial growth and Mössbauer spectroscopy with probe layers
V. G. Semenov, V. M. Uzdin

113. Mössbauer and SEM study of Fe-Al film
Varkey Sebastian, Ram Kripal Sharma, N. Lakshmi, K. Venugopalan

114. Light-induced spin crossover observed for a Fe(II) complex embedded in a Nation membrane
H. Winkler, V. Rusanov, J. J. McGarvey, H. Toftlund, A. X. Trautwein, J. A. Wolny

Keywords: Physics, Nuclear Physics, Heavy Ions, Hadrons

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