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Handbook on Information Technology in Finance

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Table of contents

I. IT Systems, Infrastructure and Applications

1. SOA in the Financial Industry – Technology Impact in Companies’ Practice
Heiko Paoli, Carsten Holtmann, Stephan Stathel, Olaf Zeitnitz, Marcel Jakobi

2. Information Systems and IT Architectures for Securities Trading
Feras T. Dabous, Fethi Rabhi

3. Product Management Systems in Financial Services Software Architectures
Christian Knogler, Michael Linsmaier

4. Management of Security Risks – A Controlling Model for Banking Companies
Ulrich Faisst, Oliver Prokein

5. Process-Oriented Systems in Corporate Treasuries: A Case Study from BMW Group
Christian Ullrich, Jan Henkel

6. Streamlining Foreign Exchange Management Operations with Corporate Financial Portals
Hong Tuan Kiet Vo, Martin Glaum, Remigiusz Wojciechowski

7. Capital Markets in the Gulf: International Access, Electronic Trading and Regulation
Peter Gomber, Marco Lutat, Steffen Schubert

8. Competition of Retail Trading Venues - Online-brokerage and Security Markets in Germany
Dennis Kundisch, Carsten Holtmann

9. Strategies for a Customer-Oriented Consulting Approach
Alexander Schöne

10. A Reference Model for Personal Financial Planning
Oliver Braun, Günter Schmidt

11. Internet Payments in Germany
Malte Krueger, Kay Leibold

12. Grid Computing for Commercial Enterprise Environments
Daniel Minoli

13. Operational Metrics and Technical Platform for Measuring Bank Process Performance
Markus Kress, Dirk Wölfing

14. Risk and IT in Insurances
Ute Werner

15. Resolving Conceptual Ambiguities in Technology Risk Management
Christian Cuske, Tilo Dickopp, Axel Korthaus, Stefan Seedorf

16. Extracting Financial Data from SEC Filings for US GAAP Accountants
Thomas Stümpert

II. IT Methods in Finance

17. Networks in Finance
Anna Nagurney

18. Agent-based Simulation for Research in Economics
Clemens Dinther

19. The Heterogeneous Agents Approach to Financial Markets – Development and Milestones
Jörn Dermietzel

20. An Adaptive Model of Asset Price and Wealth Dynamics in a Market with Heterogeneous Trading Strategies
Carl Chiarella, Xue-Zhong He

21. Simulation Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations
Eckhard Platen

22. Foundations of Option Pricing
Peter Buchen

23. Long-Range Dependence, Fractal Processes, and Intra-Daily Data
Wei Sun, Svetlozar Zari Rachev, Frank Fabozzi

24. Bayesian Applications to the Investment Management Process
Biliana Bagasheva, Svetlozar Zari Rachev, John Hsu, Frank Fabozzi

25. Post-modern Approaches for Portfolio Optimization
Borjana Racheva-Iotova, Stoyan Stoyanov

26. Applications of Heuristics in Finance
Manfred Gilli, Dietmar Maringer, Peter Winker

27. Kernel Methods in Finance
Stephan K. Chalup, Andreas Mitschele

28. Complexity of Exchange Markets
Mao-cheng Cai, Xiaotie Deng

III. Further Aspects and Future Trends

29. IT Security: New Requirements, Regulations and Approaches
Günter Müller, Stefan Sackmann, Oliver Prokein

30. Legal Aspects of Internet Banking in Germany
Gerald Spindler, Einar Recknagel

31. Challenges and Trends for Insurance Companies
Markus Frosch, Joachim Lauterbach, Markus Warg

32. Added Value and Challenges of Industry-Academic Research Partnerships – The Example of the E-Finance Lab
Wolfgang Koenig, Stefan Blumenberg, Sebastian Martin


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Keywords: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management Science BUS042000

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