Cantner, Uwe

Innovation, Industrial Dynamics and Structural Transformation

Cantner, Uwe - Innovation, Industrial Dynamics and Structural Transformation, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Introduction
Franco Malerba, Uwe Cantner

Part 1:. Innovation, entrepreneurship, the firm and industry evolution

2. Innovation and the evolution of industries
Franco Malerba

3. Entrepreneurship, evolution and the human mind
Brian J. Loasby

4. Division of labor and division of knowledge: Why the nature of the causality matters for the evolutionary theory of the firm
Markus C. Becker, Patrick Cohendet, Patrick Llerena

Part 2:. Entry of new firms and small firms

5. Young firm growth in high-tech sectors: The role of founders’ human capital
Massimo G. Colombo, Luca Grilli

6. Product entry in a fast growing industry: The LAN switch market
Roberto Fontana, Lionel Nesta

Part 3:. Network externalities and networks of innovators

7. Network effects and the choice of mobile phone operator
Daniel Birke, G. M. Peter Swann

8. Evolving networks of inventors
R. Cowan, N. Jonard, J. -B. Zimmermann

9. Why do firms disclose knowledge and how does it matter?
Paul Muller, Julien Pénin

10. Innovation and competitiveness in local SMEs: Characteristics of firms, entrepreneurs, environment and their interrelationships
Alicia Giacchero, Nora Donnini, Fanny Martin

Part 4:. Innovation and industrial transformation in various sectors

11. New combinations in old industries: The introduction of radical innovations in tire manufacturing
Stefano Brusoni, Giorgia Sgalari

12. Fitness determinants in creative industries: A longitudinal study on the Hollywood film-making industry, 1992–2003
Simone Ferriani, Gino Cattani, Charles Baden-Fuller

13. The selection environment for gas to liquids technology and technological strategies: Challenging the natural trajectory
José Vitor Bomtempo, Edmar Luiz Fagundes de Almeida, Ronaldo Goulard Bicalho

14. Innovation and employment in Europe: A sectoral perspective
Tommaso Antonucci

Part 5:. Knowledge diffusion, spillovers and firm strategies

15. A laboratory experiment of knowledge diffusion dynamics
Andrea Morone, Piergiuseppe Morone, Richard Taylor

16. To innovate or to transfer?
Aykut Lenger, Erol Taymaz

17. Dynamic gap bridging and realized gap set development: The strategic role of the firm in the coevolution of capability space and opportunity space
Giovanni Battista Dagnino, Marcello M. Mariani

Part 6:. Patents — patenting strategies and impacts of patents

18. Innovation strategy and the patenting behavior of firms
Carine Peeters, Bruno Pottelsberghe de la Potterie

19. Effects of patenting behavior on corporate growth: A panel data analysis of German start-up firms
Michaela Niefert

Part 7:. Public Policy — competition policy and the patent system

20. What’s the aim for competition policy: Optimizing market structure or encouraging innovative behaviors?
Jean-Luc Gaffard, Michel Quéré

21. Social and technological efficiency of patent systems
Thomas Vallée, Murat Yildizoglu


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