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Table of contents

Part I. Joint IAG/IAPSO Papers

1. Combining altimetric/gravimetric and ocean model mean dynamic topography models in the GOCINA region
Per Knudsen, Ole B. Andersen, René Forsberg, Henning P. Föh, Arne V. Olesen, Anne L. Vest, Dag Solheim, Ove D. Omang, Roger Hipkin, Addisu Hunegnaw, Keith Haines, Rory Bingham, Jean-Philippe Drecourt, Johnny A. Johannessen, Helge Drange, Frank Siegismund, Fabrice Hernandez, Gilles Larnicol, Marie-Helene Rio, Philippe Schaeffer

2. Error Characteristics of Dynamic Topography Models Derived from Altimetry and GOCE Gravimetry
Per Knudsen, Carl Christian Tscherning

3. Detecting Ocean Currents from Satellite Altimetry, Satellite Gravity and Ocean Data
Zizhan Zhang, Yang Lu, Houtse Hsu

4. Sea Level in the British Isles: Combining Absolute Gravimetry and Continuous GPS to Infer Vertical Land Movements at Tide Gauges
F. N. Teferle, R. M. Bingley, A. I. Waugh, A. H. Dodson, S. D. P. Williams, T. F. Baker

5. Snow Accumulation and Snowmelt Monitoring in Greenland and Antarctica
S. V. Nghiem, K. Steffen, G. Neumann, R. Huff

6. Estimating Recent Global Sea Level Changes
H. -P. Plag

7. On the low-frequency variability in the Indian Ocean
I. V. Sakova, G. Meyers, R. Coleman

8. Satellite Altimetry: Multi-Mission Cross Calibration
Wolfgang Bosch, Roman Savcenko

9. Assessment of recent tidal models in the Mediterranean Sea
D. N. Arabelos, G. Asteriadis, M. E. Contadakis, D. Papazachariou, S. D. Spatalas

10. Scale-based comparison of Sea Level observations in the North Atlantic from Satellite Altimetry and Tide Gauges
S. M. Barbosa, M. J. Fernandes, M. E. Silva

11. European Sea Level Monitoring: Implementation of ESEAS Quality Control
María Jesús García, Begoña Pérez Gómez, Fabio Raicich, Lesley Rickards, Elizabeth Bradshaw, Hans-Peter Plag, Xiuhua Zhang, Bente Lilja Bye, Espen Isaksen

12. Brazilian Vertical Datum Monitoring - Vertical Land Movements and Sea Level Variations
R. Dalazoana, S. R. C. Freitas, J. C. Baez, R. T. Luz

13. Tide gauge monitoring using GPS
Maaria Tervo, Markku Poutanen, Hannu Koivula

14. Determination of Inland Lake Level and Its Variations in China from Satellite Altimetry
Yonghai Chu, J. Li, Weiping Jiang, Xiancai Zou, Xinyu Xu, Chunbo Fan

15. Sea Surface Variability of Upwelling Area Northwest of Luzon, Philippines
M. C. Martin, C. L. Villanoy

16. An Experiment of Precise Gravity Measurements on Ice Sheet, Antarctica
Y. Fukuda, Y. Hiraoka, K. Doi

17. Status of DORIS Stations in Antarctica for Precise Geodesy
M. Amalvict, P. Willis, K. Shibuya

18. High-Harmonic Gravity Signatures Related to Post-Glacial Rebound
H. H. A. Schotman, P. N. A. M. Visser, L. L. A. Vermeersen

Part II. Frontiers in the Analysis of Space Geodetic Measurements

19. GPS/GLONASS orbit determination based on combined microwave and SLR data analysis
C. Urschl, G. Beutler, W. Gurtner, U. Hugentobler, S. Schaer

20. BIFROST: Noise properties of GPS time series
Sten Bergstrand, Hans-Georg Scherneck, Martin Lidberg, Jan M. Johansson

21. Discrete Crossover Analysis
Wolfgang Bosch

22. A comparative analysis of uncertainty modelling in GPS data analysis
S. Schön, H. Kutterer

23. Looking for systematic error in scale from terrestrial reference frames derived from DORIS data
P. Willis, F. G. Lemoine, L. Soudarin

24. WVR calibration applied to European VLBI observing sessions
Axel Nothnagel, Jung-ho Cho, Alan Roy, Rüdiger Haas

25. Frontiers in the combination of space geodetic techniques
Manuela Krügel, Detlef Angermann

26. Modifying the Stochastic Model to Mitigate GPS Systematic Errors in Relative Positioning
D. B. M. Alves, J. F. G. Monico

27. GPS Ambiguity Resolution and Validation Under Multipath Effects: Improvements using Wavelets
E. M. Souza, J. F. G. Monico

28. An Empirical Stochastic Model for GPS
R. F. Leandro, M. C. Santos

29. Feeding Neural Network Models with GPS Observations: A Challenging Task
R. F. Leandro, C. A. U. Silva, M. C. Santos

30. Spatial spectral inversion of the changing geometry of the Earth from SOPAC GPS data
P. J. Mendes Cerveira, T. Hobiger, R. Weber, H. Schuh

31. Improved processing method of UEGN-2002 gravity network measurements in Hungary
L. Völgyesi, L. Földváry, G. Csapó

32. Spectra of rapid oscillations of Earth Rotation Parameters determined during the CONT02 Campaign
J. Nastula, B. Kolaczek, R. Weber, H. Schuh, J. Boehm

33. On the Establishing Project of Chinese Surveying and Control Network for Earth-orbit Satellite and Deep Space Detection
Erhu Wei, Jingnan Liu, Chuang Shi

34. Constructing a System to Monitor the Data Quality of GPS Receivers
T. K. Yeh, C. S. Chen

Part III. Gravity Field Determination from a Synthesis of Terrestrial, Satellite, Airborne and Altimetry Measurements

35. The use of mascons to resolve time-variable gravity from GRACE
F. G. Lemoine, S. B. Luthcke, D. D. Rowlands, D. S. Chinn, S. M. Klosko, C. M. Cox

36. GRACE Time-Variable Gravity Accuracy Assessment
R. Schmidt, F. Flechtner, R. König, Ul. Meyer, K -H. Neumayer, Ch. Reigber, M. Rothacher, S. Petrovic, S -Y. Zhu, A. Güntner

37. Combination of multi-satellite altimetry data with CHAMP and GRACE EGMs for geoid and sea surface topography determination
G. S. Vergos, V. N. Grigoriadis, I. N. Tziavos, M. G. Sideris

38. A new methodology to process airborne gravimetry data: advances and problems
B. A. Alberts, P. Ditmar, R. Klees

39. Ideal Combination of Deflection Components and Gravity Anomalies for Precise Geoid Computation
Norbert Kühtreiber, Hussein A. Abd-Elmotaal

40. SRTM evaluation in Brazil and Argentina with emphasis on the Amazon region
D. Blitzkow, A. C. O. C. Matos, J. P. Cintra

41. On the Estimation of the Regional Geoid Error in Canada
J. Huang, G. Fotopoulos, M. K. Cheng, M. Véronneau, M. G. Sideris

42. A Validation Procedure for Satellite Orbits and Force Function Models Based on a New Balance Equation Approach
A. Löcher, K. H. Ilk

43. Combining Gravity and Topographic Data for Local Gradient Modeling
L. Zhu, C. Jekeli

44. Numerical implementation of the gravity space approach - proof of concept
G. Austen, W. Keller

45. Local gravity field modelling with multi-pole wavelets
R. Klees, T. Wittwer

46. Accuracy assessment of the SRTM 90m DTM over Greece and its implications to geoid modelling
G. S. Vergos, V. N. Grigoriadis, G. Kalampoukas, I. N. Tziavos

47. High-Resolution Local Gravity Field Determination at the Sub-Millimeter Level using a Digital Zenith Camera System
Christian Hirt, Günter Seeber

48. A data-adaptive design of a spherical basis function network for gravity field modelling
R. Klees, T. Wittwer

49. Global gravity field recovery by merging regional focusing patches: an integrated approach
K. H. Ilk, A. Eicker, T. Mayer-Gürr

50. External calibration of GOCE SGG data with terrestrial gravity data: A simulation study
D. N. Arabelos, C. C. Tscherning, M. Veicherts

51. Towards an optimal combination of satellite data and prior information
J. P. Loon, J. Kusche

52. Kinematic and highly reduced-dynamic LEO orbit determination for gravity field estimation
A. Jäggi, G. Beutler, H. Bock, U. Hugentobler

53. On the Combination of Terrestrial Gravity Data with Satellite Gradiometry and Airborne Gravimetry Treated in Terms of Boundary-Value Problems
P. Holota

54. A Direct Method and its Numerical Interpretation in the Determination of the Earth’s Gravity Field from Terrestrial Data
O. Ncsvadba, P. Holota, R. Klees

55. Comparison of High Precision Geoid Models in Switzerland
Urs Marti

56. GOCE: a full-gradient simulated solution in the space-wise approach
F. Migliaccio, M. Reguzzoni, N. Tselfes

57. The determination of the effect of topographic masses on the second derivatives of gravity potential using various methods
Sz. Rózsa, Gy. Tóth

58. Density Effects on Rudzki, RTM and Airy-Heiskanen Reductions in Gravimetric Geoid Determination
S. Bajracharya, M. G. Sideris

59. Combined modeling of the Earth’s Gravity Field from GRACE and GOCE Satellite Observations: a Numerical Study
P. Ditmar, X. Liu, R. Klees, R. Tenzer, P. Moore

60. Analytical Solution of Newton’s Integral in Terms of Polar Spherical Coordinates
R. Tenzer, P. Moore, O. Nesvadba

61. A new high-precision gravimetric geoid model for Argentina
C. Tocho, G. Font, M. G. Sideris

62. Local gravity field modeling using surface gravity gradient measurements
Gy. Tóth, L. Völgyesi

Part IV. Earth Processes: Geodynamics, Tides Crustal Deformation and Temporal Gravity, Changes

63. Absolute Gravity Measurements in the Southern Indian Ocean
M. Amalvict, Y. Rogister, B. Luck, J. Hinderer

64. Slow Slip Events on the Hikurangi Subduction Interface, New Zealand
J. Beavan, L. Wallace, H. Fletcher, A. Douglas

65. A geodetic measurement of strain variation across the Central Southern Alps, New Zealand
P. H. Denys, M. Denham, C. F. Pearson

66. New analysis of a 50 years tide gauge record at Cananéia (SP-Brazil) with the VAV tidal analysis program
B. Ducarme, A. P. Venedikov, A. R. Mesquita, C. A. Sampaio Franca, D. S. Costa, D. Blitzkow, R. Vieira Diaz, S. R. C. Freitas

67. Atmospheric Mass Flow Reduction for Terrestrial Absolute Gravimetry in the Fennoscandian Land Uplift Network
O. Gitlein, L. Timmen

68. Tilt Observations Around the KTB-Site / Germany: Monitoring and Modelling of Fluid Induced Deformation of the Upper Crust of the Earth
T. Jahr, G. Jentzsch, H. Letz, A. Gebauer

69. Understanding Time-variable Gravity due to Core Dynamical Processes with Numerical Geodynamo Modeling
W. Jiang, W. Kuang, B. Chao, M. Fang, C. Cox

70. A New Height Datum for Iran Based on the Combination of the Gravimetric and Geometric Geoid Models
R. Kiamehr

71. Monthly mean water storage variations by the combination of GRACE and a regional hydrological model: application to the Zambezi River
R. Klees, E. A. Zapreeva, H. C. Winsemius, H. H. G. Savenije

72. The use of smooth piecewise algebraic approximation in the determination of vertical crustal movements in Eastern Canada
Azadeh Koohzare, Petr Vaníček, Marcelo Santos

73. Hydrological signals in gravity — foe or friend?
C. Kroner, T. Jahr, M. Naujoks, A. Weise

74. Applications of the KSM03 Harmonic Development of the Tidal Potential
S. M. Kudryavtsev

75. Continental hydrology retrieval from GPS time series and GRACE gravity solutions
J. Kusche, E. J. O. Schrama, M. J. F. Jansen

76. Gravity Changes in Northern Europe as Observed by GRACE
J. Müller, M. Neumann-Redlin, F. Jarecki, H. Denker, O. Gitlein

77. Investigations about earthquake swarm areas and processes
M. Naujoks, T. Jahr, G. Jentzsch, J. H. Kurz, Y. Hofmann

78. Sea level and gravity variations after the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake observed at Syowa Station, Antarctica
Kazunari Nawa, Kenji Satake, Naoki Suda, Koichiro Doi, Kazuo Shibuya, Tadahiro Sato

79. Improved determination of the atmospheric attraction with 3D air density data and its reduction on ground gravity measurements
J. Neumeyer, T. Schmidt, C. Stoeber

80. Solid Earth Deformations Induced by the Sumatra Earthquakes of 2004–2005: GPS Detection of Co-Seismic Displacements and Tsunami-Induced Loading
H. -P. Plag, G. Blewitt, C. Kreemer, W. C. Hammond

81. Environmental effects in time-series of gravity measurements at the Astrometric-Geodetic Observatorium West-erbork (The Netherlands)
I. Prutkin, R. Klees

82. Numerical models of the rates of change of the geoid and orthometric heights over Canada
E. Rangelova, W. Wal, M. G. Sideris, P. Wu

83. Optimal Seismic Source Mechanisms to Excite the Slichter Mode
S. Rosat

84. Recent dynamic crustal movements in the Tokai Region, Central Japan, observed by GPS Measurements
S. Shimada, T. Kazakami

85. New Theory for Calculating Strains Changes Caused by Dislocations in a Spherically Symmetric Earth
Wenke Sun, Shuhei Okubo, Guangyu Fu

Part V. Advances in the Realization of Global and Regional Reference Frames

86. Advances in terrestrial reference frame computations
Detlef Angermann, Hermann Drewes, Manuela Krügel, Barbara Meisel

87. The Status and Future of the International Celestial Reference Frame
A. L. Fey

88. Is Scintillation the Key to a Better Celestial Reference Frame?
R. Ojha, A. L. Fey, D. L. Jauncey, J. E. J. Lovell, K. J. Johnston

89. Improvement and Extension of the International Celestial Reference Frame in the Southern Hemisphere
R. Ojha, A. L. Fey, P. Charlot, K. J. Johnston, D. L. Jauncey, J. E. Reynolds, A. K. Tzioumis, J. E. J. Lovell, J. F. H. Quick, G. D. Nicolson, S. P. Ellingsen, P. M. McCulloch, Y. Koyama

90. Limitations in the NZGD2000 Deformation Model
J. Beavan, G. Blick

91. Implementing Localised Deformation Models into a Semi-Dynamic Datum
A. Jordan, P. Denys, G. Blick

92. Definition and Realisation of the SIRGAS Vertical Reference System within a Globally Unified Height System
Laura Sanchez

93. Tests on Integrating Gravity and Leveling to Realize SIRGAS Vertical Reference System in Brazil
R. T. Luz, S. R. C. Freitas, R. Dalazoana, J. C. Baez, A. S. Palmeiro

94. Accessing the New SIRGAS2000 Reference Frame through a Modernized Brazilian Active Control Network
L. P. S. Fortes, S. M. A. Costa, M. A. A. Lima, J. A. Fazan, M. C. Santos

95. Deformations Control for the Chilean Part of the SIRGAS 2000 Frame
J. C. Báez, S. R. C. Freitas, H. Drewes, R. Dalazoana, R. T. Luz

96. Estimation of Horizontal Movement Function for Geodetic- or Mapping-Oriented Maintenance in the Taiwan Area
C. C. Chang, H. C. Huang

97. Activities Related to the Materialization of a New Vertical System for Argentina
M. C. Pacino, D. Cogliano, G. Font, J. Moirano, P. Natalí, E. Lauría, R. Ramos, S. Miranda

98. An Analysis of Errors Introduced by the Use of Transformation Grids
F. G. Nievinski, M. C. Santos

99. Preliminary Analysis in view of the ITRF2005
Z. Altamimi, X. Collilieux, C. Boucher

100. Long term consistency of multi-technique terrestrial reference frames, a spectral approach
K. Bail, M. Feissel-Vernier, J. -J. Valette, W. Zerhouni

Part VI. GGOS: Global Geodetic Observing System

101. Science Rationale of the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS)
Hermann Drewes

102. GGOS and it User Requirements, Linkage and Outreach
H. -P. Plag

103. GGOS Working Group on Ground Networks Communications
M. Pearlman, Z. Altamimi, N. Beck, R. Forsberg, W. Gurtner, S. Kenyon, D. Behrend, F. G. Lemoine, C. Ma, C. E. Noll, E. C. Pavlis, Z. Malkin, A. W. Moore, F. H. Webb, R. E. Neilan, J. C. Ries, M. Rothacher, P. Willis

104. Linking the Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) to the Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P) through the Theme ‘Earth System Dynamics’
H. -P. Plag, G. Beutler, R. Forsberg, C. Ma, R. Neilan, M. Pearlman, B. Richter, S. Zerbini

105. IVS High Accurate Products for the Maintenance of the Global Reference Frames as Contribution to GGOS
W. Schlüter, D. Behrend, E. Himwich, A. Nothnagel, A. Niell, A. Whitney

106. The International Laser Ranging Service and Its Support for GGOS
M. Pearlman, C. Noll, W. Gurtner, R. Noomen

107. The Nordic Geodetic Observing System (NGOS)
Markku Poutanen, Per Knudsen, Mikael Lilje, Torbjørn Nørbech, Hans-Peter Plag, Hans-Georg Scherneck

108. VLBI2010: A Vision for Future Geodetic VLBI
A. Niell, A. Whitney, W. Petrachenko, W. Schlüter, N. Vandenberg, H. Hase, Y. Koyama, C. Ma, H. Schuh, G. Tuccari

109. Combination of different geodetic techniques for signal detection — a case study at Fundamental Station Wettzell on the occasion of the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake (Dec 26, 2004)
J. Ihde, W. Söhne, W. Schwahn, H. Wilmes, H. Wziontek, T. Klügel, W. Schlüter

Part VII. Systems and Methods for Airborne Mapping, Geophysics and Hazards and Disaster Monitoring

110. A Multi-Scale Monitoring Concept for Landslide Disaster Mitigation
H. Kahmen, A. Eichhorn, M. Haberler-Weber

111. High Speed Laser Scanning for Near Real-Time Monitoring of Structural Deformations
Hansjörg Kutterer, Christian Hesse

112. A method for modelling the non-stationary behaviour of structures in deformation analysis
H. Neuner

113. Volcano Deformation Monitoring in Indonesia: Status, Limitations and Prospects
H. Z. Abidin, H. Andreas, M. Gamal, M. A. Kusuma, M. Hendrasto, O. K. Suganda, M. A. Purbawinata, F. Kimata, Irwan Meilano

114. Vehicle Classification and Traffic Flow Estimation from Airborne LiDAR/CCD Data
Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska, Charles K. Toth, Shahram Moafipoor, Eva Paska, Nora Csanyi

115. Fine analysis of lever arm effects in moving gravimetry
B. Saint-Jean, J. Verdun, H. Duquenne, J. P. Barriot, S. Melachroinos, J. Cali

116. Improving LiDAR-based Surface Reconstruction Using Ground Control
Charles K. Toth, Nora Csanyi, Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska

117. The Use of GPS for Disaster Monitoring of Suspension Bridges
Gethin Wyn Roberts, Xiaolin Meng, Chris Brown

Part VIII. Atmospheric Studies Using Space Geodetic Techniques

118. The impact of mapping functions for the neutral atmosphere based on numerical weather models in GPS data analysis
J. Boehm, P. J. Mendes Cerveira, H. Schuh, P. Tregoning

119. Validation of improved atmospheric refraction models for Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR)
G. Hulley, E. C. Pavlis, V. B. Mendes

120. Correlation Analyses of Horizontal Gradients of Atmospheric Wet Delay versus Wind Direction and Velocity
Torao Tanaka

121. Ionospheric Scintillation Effects on GPS Carrier Phase Positioning Accuracy at Auroral and Sub-auroral Latitudes
M. Aquino, A. Dodson, J. Souter, T. Moore

122. The impact of severe ionospheric conditions on the GPS hardware in the Southern Polar Region
D. A. Grejner-Brzezinska, C -K. Hong, P. Wielgosz, L. Hothem

123. Preliminary research on imaging the ionosphere using CIT and China permanent GPS tracking station data
Y. B. Yuan, D. B. Wen, J. K. Ou, X. L. Huo, R. G. Yang, K. F. Zhang, R. Grenfel

Part IX. Geodesy of the Planets

124. Gravity, rotation, and interior of the terrestrial planets from planetary geodesy: example of Mars
V. Dehant, T. Hoolst

125. Mars Long Wavelength Gravity Field Time Variations: A New Solution from MGS Tracking Data
G. Balmino, J. C. Marty, J. Duron, Ö. Karatekin

126. Potential Capabilities of Lunar Laser Ranging for Geodesy and Relativity
Jürgen Müller, James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev, Peter J. Shelus

Keywords: Geosciences, Geophysics/Geodesy, Oceanography, Math. Applications in Geosciences, Planetology

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