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Handbook on Decision Support Systems 2

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Table of contents

VI. Time and space issues for decision Support

1. Decision Support in Turbulent and High-Velocity Environments
Sven A. Carlsson, Omar A. Sawy

2. Supporting Decisions in Real-Time Enterprises: Autonomic Supply Chain Systems
Daniel E. O’Leary

3. Decision Support for Emergency Situations
Bartel Walle , Murray Turoff

4. Geographic Information and Analysis for Decision Support
Peter B. Keenan

5. Support for Real-Time Decision Making in Mobile Financial Applications
Frada Burstein, Julie Cowie, Arkady Zaslavsky, Jocelyn Pedro

6. Context-Sensitive Decision Support Systems in Road Safety
Patrick Brézillon, Juliette Brézillon

VII. Scopes of Decision Support

7. Personal Decision Support Systems
David Arnott

8. Developing Practical Decision Support Tools Using Dashboards of Information
Frédéric Adam, Jean-Charles Pomerol

9. Business Intelligence
Solomon Negash, Paul Gray

10. Competitive Intelligence Systems
Vicki L. Sauter

11. Process-Based Decision Support
Dina Neiger, Leonid Churilov

12. A Framework for Supporting Decisions in a Global Context – The Case of a Global DSS for Financial Planning
Mohan Tanniru

VIII. Developing and Managing Decision Support Systems

13. On the Design Features of Decision Support Systems: The Role of System Restrictiveness and Decisional Guidance
Mark S. Silver

14. DSS Systems Analysis and Design: The Role of the Analyst as Change Agent
Kenneth E. Kendall, Julie E. Kendall

15. Evaluation of Decision Support Systems
Cheul Rhee, H. Raghav Rao

16. Planning a Portfolio of Decision Support Systems
Albert L. Lederer

17. Decision Support System Evolution: Predicting, Facilitating, and Managing Knowledge Evolution
Daniel E. O’Leary

IX. Decision Support Cases and Application

18. Systems for Supporting Operations Management Decisions
Anita Lee-Post, Chen H. Chung

19. Systems for Supporting Marketing Decisions
Mike Hart

20. Financial DSS: Systems for Supporting Investment Decisions
Bruce W. Weber

21. Flying High with Real-Time Business Intelligence
Ron Anderson-Lehman, Hugh J. Watson, Barbara H. Wixom, Jeffrey A. Hoffer

22. Decision Support for Security: A Mixed Reality Approach to Bioterror Preparedness and Response
Alok Chaturvedi, Angela Mellema, Chih-Hui Hsieh, Tejas Bhatt, Mike Cheng, Eric Dietz, Simeon Stearns

23. DSS in Healthcare: Advances and Opportunities
Rajiv Kohli, Frank Piontek

24. Decision Support Systems in Forest Management
Keith M. Reynolds, Mark Twery, Manfred J. Lexer, Harald Vacik, Duncan Ray, Guofan Shao, Jose G. Borges

25. DSS Experiences in South America
Denis Borenstein, Fabrizio Almeida Marodin, Eugênio Oliveira Simonetto

26. DSS Experience in Africa – Cases from Egypt
Sherif Kamel

27. Evolution of Knowledge Management Towards Enterprise Decision Support: The Case of KPMG
Daniel E. O’Leary

X. Decision Support Horizons

28. Compositional Enterprise Modeling and Decision Support
Sulin Ba, Karl R. Lang, Andrew B. Whinston

29. Information Technology Support for Inquiring Organizations
James L. Parrish, James F. Courtney

30. Towards Decision Support for Participatory Democracy
David Rios Insua, Gregory E. Kersten, Jesus Rios, Carlos Grima

31. The Internet and DSS – Massive, Real-Time Data Availability Is Changing the DSS Landscape
James R. Marsden

32. Information Visualization for Decision Support
Bin Zhu, Hsinchun Chen

33. The Decision Hedgehog for Creative Decision Making
Patrick Humphreys, Garrick Jones

34. Creativity Support Systems
Monica J. Garfield

35. Systems for Strategic Learning
Fidan Boylu, Haldun Aytug, Gary J. Koehler


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