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Handbook on Decision Support Systems 1

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Table of contents

I. Foundation of Decision Support Systems

1. The Decision-Making Process in a Complex Situation
Alex Bennet, David Bennet

2. Decisions and Knowledge
Clyde Holsapple

3. Decision Making and Sensemaking
Richard J. Boland

4. Data Quality and Decision Making
Rosanne Price, Graeme Shanks

5. Decision Makers and Their Need for Support
Dianne J. Hall

6. Decision Support Through Knowledge Management
Frada Burstein, Sven A. Carlsson

7. Decision Support Systems: A Historical Overview
Daniel J. Power

8. Reference Disciplines of Decision Support Systems
Sean B. Eom

II. Decision Support System Fundamentals

9. DSS Architecture and Types
Clyde Holsapple

10. Integrated Document Management for Decision Support
Len Asprey, Michael Middleton

11. Databases and Data Warehouses for Decision Support
Rob Meredith, Peter O’Donnell, David Arnott

12. Model Management and Solvers for Decision Support
Ting-Peng Liang, Ching-Chang Lee, Efraim Turban

13. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for Decision Support
Nenad Jukic, Boris Jukic, Mary Malliaris

14. Spreadsheet-Based Decision Support Systems
Michelle M.H. Seref, Ravindra K. Ahuja

15. Multi-Criteria Decision Support
David L. Olson

16. Web-Based Decision Support
Fatemeh “Mariam” Zahedi, Jaeki Song, Suprasith Jarupathirun

III. Multiparticipant Decision Support Systems

17. Collaborative Technologies
Anne P. Massey

18. A Motivational Model of Knowledge Sharing
Jay Palmisano

19. The Nature of Group Decision Support Systems
Paul Gray

20. GDSS Parameters and Benefits
Jay F. Nunamaker, Amit V. Deokar

21. The Nature of Organizational Decision Support Systems
Joey F. George

22. Organizational Decision Support Systems: Parameters and Benefits
Lei Chi, Edward Hartono, Clyde Holsapple, Xun Li

23. Negotiation Support and E-negotiation Systems
Gregory E. Kersten, Hsiangchu Lai

IV. Intelligent Decision Support Systems

24. Advisory Systems to Support Decision Making
Brandon A. Beemer, Dawn G. Gregg

25. Using Autonomous Software Agents in Decision Support Systems
Traci J. Hess, Loren Paul Rees, Terry R. Rakes

26. Artificial Neural Networks in Decision Support Systems
Dursun Delen, Ramesh Sharda

27. Data Mining and Data Fusion for Enhanced Decision Support
Shiraj Khan, Auroop R. Ganguly, Amar Gupta

28. Decision Support via Text Mining
Josh Froelich, Sergei Ananyan

29. Decision Support Based on Process Mining
Wil M.P. Aalst

30. Adaptive Decision Support Systems via Problem Processor Learning
Clyde Holsapple, Varghese S. Jacob, Ramakrishnan Pakath, Jigish S. Zaveri

31. A Learning-Enhanced Adaptive Decision Support System Framework
Michael Shaw, Selwyn Piramuthu

V. Effects of computer-Based Decision Support

32. Benefits of Decision Support Systems
Roger Alan Pick

33. Involvement and Decision-Making Satisfaction with a Decision Aid: The Influence of Social Multimedia, Gender, and Playfulness
Traci J. Hess, Mark A. Fuller, John Mathew

34. Decision Support Systems Failure
David Arnott, Gemma Dodson

35. Could the Use of a Knowledge-Based System Lead to Implicit Learning?
Solomon Antony, Radhika Santhanam

36. Group and Organizational Learning Effects from Multiparticipant DSS Usage
M. Shane Tomblin


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