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The Andes

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Table of contents

Part I. The Big Picture

1. Deformation of the Central Andean Upper Plate System — Facts, Fiction, and Constraints for Plateau Models
Onno Oncken, David Hindle, Jonas Kley, Kirsten Elger, Pia Victor, Kerstin Schemmann

2. The Time-Space Distribution of Cenozoic Volcanism in the South-Central Andes: a New Data Compilation and Some Tectonic Implications
Robert B. Trumbull, Ulrich Riller, Onno Oncken, Ekkehard Scheuber, Kerstin Munier, Fernando Hongn

3. Crustal Evolution at the Central Andean Continental Margin: a Geochemical Record of Crustal Growth, Recycling and Destruction
Gerhard Franz, Friedrich Lucassen, Wolfgang Kramer, Robert B. Trumbull, Rolf L. Romer, Hans-Gerhard Wilke, José G. Viramonte, Raúl Becchio, Wolfgang Siebel

4. Long-Term Signals in the Present-Day Deformation Field of the Central and Southern Andes and Constraints on the Viscosity of the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Jürgen Klotz, Amir Abolghasem, Giorgi Khazaradze, Bertram Heinze, Tim Vietor, Ron Hackney, Klaus Bataille, Rodrigo Maturana, Jose Viramonte, Raul Perdomo

5. Tectonic Processes along the Chile Convergent Margin
César R. Ranero, Roland Huene, Wilhelm Weinrebe, Christian Reichert

Part II. Elements of the Subduction System

6. Oblique Convergence along the Chilean Margin: Partitioning, Margin-Parallel Faulting and Force Interaction at the Plate Interface
Arne Hoffmann-Rothe, Nina Kukowski, Georg Dresen, Helmut Echtler, Onno Oncken, Jürgen Klotz, Ekkehard Scheuber, Antje Kellner

7. Seismic Images of Accretive and Erosive Subduction Zones from the Chilean Margin
Christof Sick, Mi-Kyung Yoon, Klaus Rauch, Stefan Buske, Stefan Lüth, Manuel Araneda, Klaus Bataille, Guillermo Chong, Peter Giese, Charlotte Krawczyk, James Mechie, Heinrich Meyer, Onno Oncken, Christian Reichert, Michael Schmitz, Serge Shapiro, Manfred Stiller, Peter Wigger

8. Geophysical Signatures and Active Tectonics at the South-Central Chilean Margin
Charlotte M. Krawczyk, James Mechie, Stefan Lüth, Zuzana Tašárová, Peter Wigger, Manfred Stiller, Heinrich Brasse, Helmut P. Echtler, Manuel Araneda, Klaus Bataille

9. Latitudinal Variation in Sedimentary Processes in the Peru-Chile Trench off Central Chile
David Völker, Michael Wiedicke, Stefan Ladage, Christoph Gaedicke, Christian Reichert, Klaus Rauch, Wolfgang Kramer, Christoph Heubeck

10. Subduction Erosion — the “Normal” Mode of Fore-Arc Material Transfer along the Chilean Margin?
Nina Kukowski, Onno Oncken

11. Subduction Channel Evolution in Brittle Fore-Arc Wedges — a Combined Study with Scaled Sandbox Experiments, Seismological and Reflection Seismic Data and Geological Field Evidence
Jo Lohrmann, Nina Kukowski, Charlotte M. Krawczyk, Onno Oncken, Christof Sick, Monika Sobiesiak, Andreas Rietbro

Part III. Tectonics and Surface Processes — Responses to Change

12. Tectonics, Climate, and Landscape Evolution of the Southern Central Andes: the Argentine Puna Plateau and Adjacent Regions between 22 and 30°S
Ricardo N. Alonso, Bodo Bookhagen, Barbara Carrapa, Isabelle Coutand, Michael Haschke, George E. Hilley, Lindsay Schoenbohm, Edward R. Sobel, Manfred R. Strecker, Martin H. Trauth, Arturo Villanueva

13. Exhumation and Basin Development Related to Formation of the Central Andean Plateau, 21° S
Ekkehard Scheuber, Dorothee Mertmann, Harald Ege, Patricio Silva-González, Christoph Heubeck, Klaus-Joachim Reutter, Volker Jacobshagen

14. The Salar de Atacama Basin: a Subsiding Block within the Western Edge of the Altiplano-Puna Plateau
Klaus-J. Reutter, Reynaldo Charrier, Hans-J. Götze, Bernd Schurr, Peter Wigger, Ekkehard Scheuber, Peter Giese, Claus-Dieter Reuther, Sabine Schmidt, Andreas Rietbrock, Guillermo Chong, Arturo Belmonte-Pool

15. Upper-Crustal Structure of the Central Andes Inferred from Dip Curvature Analysis of Isostatic Residual Gravity
Ulrich Riller, Hans-Jürgen Götze, Sabine Schmidt, Robert B. Trumbull, Fernando Hongn, Ivan Alejandro Petrinovic

16. Central and Southern Andean Tectonic Evolution Inferred from Arc Magmatism
Michael Haschke, Andreas Günther, Daniel Melnick, Helmut Echtler, Klaus-Joachim Reutter, Ekkehard Scheuber, Onno Oncken

17. The Segmented Overriding Plate and Coupling at the South-Central Chilean Margin (36–42°S)
Ron I. Hackney, Helmut P. Echtler, Gerhard Franz, Hans-Jürgen Götze, Friedrich Lucassen, Dmitriy Marchenko, Daniel Melnick, Uwe Meyer, Sabine Schmidt, Zuzana Tašárová, Andrés Tassara, Susann Wienecke

18. Episodic Neogene Southward Growth of the Andean Subduction Orogen between 30°S and 40°S — Plate Motions, Mantle Flow, Climate, and Upper-Plate Structure
Tim Vietor, Helmut Echtler

19. Long-Term Geological Evolution and Mass-Flow Balance of the South-Central Andes
Johannes Glodny, Helmut Echtler, Oscar Figueroa, Gerhard Franz, Kirsten Gräfe, Helga Kemnitz, Wolfgang Kramer, Charlotte Krawczyk, Jo Lohrmann, Friedrich Lucassen, Daniel Melnick, Matthias Rosenau, Wolfgang Seifert

20. Links between Mountain Uplift, Climate, and Surface Processes in the Southern Patagonian Andes
Peter M. Blisniuk, Libby A. Stern, C. Page Chamberlain, Peter K. Zeitler, Victor A. Ramos, Edward R. Sobel, Michael Haschke, Manfred R. Strecker, Frank Warkus

Part IV. The System at Depth: Images and Models

21. Seismological Studies of the Central and Southern Andes
Günter Asch, Bernd Schurr, Mirjam Bohm, Xiaohui Yuan, Christian Haberland, Benjamin Heit, Rainer Kind, Ingo Woelbern, Klaus Bataille, Diana Comte, Mario Pardo, Jose Viramonte, Andreas Rietbrock, Peter Giese

22. Partial Melting in the Central Andean Crust: a Review of Geophysical, Petrophysical, and Petrologic Evidence
Frank R. Schilling, Robert B. Trumbull, Heinrich Brasse, Christian Haberland, Günter Asch, David Bruhn, Katrin Mai, Volker Haak, Peter Giese, Miguel Muñoz, Juliane Ramelow, Andreas Rietbrock, Edgar Ricaldi, Tim Vietor

23. Controls on the Deformation of the Central and Southern Andes (10–35° S): Insight from Thin-Sheet Numerical Modeling
Sergei Medvedev, Yuri Podladchikov, Mark R. Handy, Ekkehard Scheuber

24. Numerical Study of Weakening Processes in the Central Andean Back-Arc
Andrey Y. Babeyko, Stephan V. Sobolev, Tim Vietor, Onno Oncken, Robert B. Trumbull

25. Mechanism of the Andean Orogeny: Insight from Numerical Modeling
Stephan V. Sobolev, Andrey Y. Babeyko, Ivan Koulakov, Onno Oncken

Part V. The Andean Information System: Data, Maps and Movies

26. Data Management of the SFB 267 for the Andes — from Ink and Paper to Digital Databases
Hans-Jürgen Götze, Michael Alten, Heinz Burger, Patrick Goni, Daniel Melnick, Sabine Mohr, Kerstin Munier, Norbert Ott, Klaus Reutter, Sabine Schmidt

27. Digital Geological Map of the Central Andes between 20°S and 26°S
Klaus-J. Reutter, Kerstin Munier

28. Bouguer and Isostatic Maps of the Central Andes
Sabine Schmidt, Hans-Jürgen Götze

29. Digital Geological Map of the Southern and Central Puna Plateau, NW Argentina
Wolfgang B. W. Schnurr, Andreas Risse, Robert B. Trumbull, Kerstin Munier

30. Morphotectonic and Geologic Digital Map Compilations of the South-Central Andes (36°–42°S)
Daniel Melnick, Helmut P. Echtler

31. Introduction to the Attached DVD
Kerstin Munier, Jörn Levenhagen, Heinz Burger

Keywords: Geosciences, Geology, Geophysics/Geodesy, Computer Applications in Geosciences, Sedimentology, Geographical Information Systems/Cartography, Meteorology/Climatology

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Frontiers in Earth Sciences
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