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Computational Methods in Engineering & Science

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Table of contents

1. Management of Water Pollutants Based on Multi-Criteria Analysis and Fuzzy Logics
Serge Cescotto, Marc Roubens, Nicolas Rigo, Shixiang Gao, Xiaodong Wang, Aiquan Zhang, Nelson Lourenco, Jiti Zhou, Xuemin Xiang, Joao Paulo Lobo Ferreira

2. Enriched Element Method and Its Applications to Solid Mechanics
Genki Yagawa, Hitoshi Matsubara

3. Large-Scale Boundary Element Analysis in Solid Mechanics Using Fast Multipole Method
Z. H. Yao, P. B. Wang, T. Lei, H. T. Wang

4. Optimization and Robustness of Deformable Systems with Randomness
I. Doltsinis, Z. Kang

5. Simulation of Stochastic Fluctuating Wind Field Using the Wave Superposition Method with Random Frequencies
D. J. Han, J. J. Luo

6. Monotonic and Cyclic Analysis of Granular Soils
N. Khalili, M. A. Habte, S. Valliappan

7. Adaptive Meshfree Methods Using Local Nodes and Radial Basis Functions
G. R. Liu, Bernard B. T. Kee, Z. H. Zhong, G. Y. Li, X. Han

8. Multiresolution Mechanics for Material Design and Manufacturing
Wing Kam Liu

9. Application of Computational Mechanics to Reliability Studies of Electronic Packaging
N. Miyazaki, T. Ikeda

10. Topology Optimization of Structures: Applications in the Simulation and Design of Cellular Materials
H. C. Rodrigues

11. Rigid Body Considerations for Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Based on the Updated Lagrangian Formulation
Y. B. Yang, S. P. Lin, C. S. Chen

12. Nano-Modeling Structure and Micromechanical Properties of Mesoscopic Composite Systems
Yu. G. Yanovsky

13. An Extremely Efficient Finite-Element Model Updating Methodology with Applications to Damage Detection
Ka-Veng Yuen

14. Dynamic Infinite Elements for Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis in a Layered Soil Medium
C. B. Yun, J. M. Kim

15. Numerical Simulation of Cavitation Generation in Tandem Cascades
C. Kang, D. Liu, M. G. Yang

16. Numerical Simulation of Atrium Fire using Two CFD Tools
V. K. Sin, L. M. Tarn, S. K. Lao, H. F. Choi

17. Investigation of the Particulate Matters with the Aid of CFD
L. M. Tam, V. K. Sin, H. I. Sun, K. I. Wong

18. CFD Analysis of Fire in a Forced Ventilated Enclosure
L. M. Tam, V. K. Sin, S. K. Lao, H. F. Choi

19. Development of the Diffusion Control System using Air Shutter
T. Asami, Y. Nakabayashi

20. A High Order Compact Difference Scheme for Solving the Unsteady Convection-Diffusion Equation
Zhihua Xie, Jianguo Lin, Juntao Zhou

21. Computation of One-Dimensional Dam-Break Flow Using ENO Scheme
Yuling Liu, Yongtao Guo, W. B. Fan

22. Numerical Simulation of 2D Flood Waves Using TVD Scheme
Wenli Wei, W. Y. He

23. Motion Analysis of the Elevating Ball by the Effect of Buoyant Force
Y. Matsuo, Y. Nakabayashi

24. Development of an Educational Flow Simulation System
Tameo Nakanishi, Hironori Shibata, Mutsumi Sato

25. Using Finite Element Program Generator to Solve N-S Equation
S. Wan, M. P. Nielsen, G. Chai

26. Experimental and CFD Study of the Effects of Design Parameters on Reynolds Number in a Short Duration Hypersonic Test Facility
Amir Al-Falahi, T. Yusaf, M. Z. Yusoff

27. Investigation of Multiphase Flows near Walls with Textures by the Lattice Boltzmann Method
Y. T. Chew, J. J. Huang, C. Shu, H. W. Zheng

28. Numerical Simulation of the Microstructure of Magnetorheological Fluids in Magnetic Fields
X. H. Peng, H. T. Li

29. Implementation of a 3D Multilaminated Hydromechanical Model for Analysis of an Unlined High Pressure Tunnel
N. S. Leitão, L. N. Lamas

30. Prediction of Mixing and Reacting Flow Inside a Combustor
A. L. Bortoli

31. Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Flow
Y. Liu, Y. Q. Chen, J. G. Chen, R. Yang

32. Computational Modeling of Coal Water Slurry Combustion Processes in Industrial Heating Boiler
L. J. Zhu, B. Q. Gu

33. Large Eddy Simulation of Unsteady Turbulent Flow and Pressure Fluctuation in an Axial-Flow Pump with Various SGS Models
Guohui Cong, Fujun Wang, Ling Zhang

34. Computation of Turbulent Flows in Natural Gas Pipes with Different Rectifiers
Z. L. Li, Y. X. Zhang

35. Computation of Unsteady Incompressible Turbulent Flow by Using an Implicit SMAC Method
Y. X. Zhang, Z. L. Li, B. S. Zhu

36. Simulation on Vortex Effect for Superconducing Devices
Siu-Long Lei, Man I Lao, Iat-Neng Chan

37. Simulation of Corrosion Rate of Carbon Steel Subjected to Elastic/Plastic Strain
M. Ridha, S. Aoki

38. Effect of Surface Traction on the Shakedown Limit under Moving Surface Loads
Jim Shiau

39. Elasto - Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Tapered Steel Silo
C. L. Xu, Y. F. Luo, H. J. Song

40. Numerical Simulation of Failure Process in Heterogeneous Elastoplastic Materials
Yazhe Li, Yongqiang Chen

41. Fatigue Damage Analysis of Reactor Vessel Model Under Repeated Thermal Loading
M. Takagaki, Y. Toi, T. Asayama

42. Interaction of Moving Interfacial Cracks between Bonded Dissimilar Elastic Strips under Antiplane Shear
Subir Das

43. Stress Intensity Factor of a Wide Range of Semi-Elliptical Partly Through-Wall Crack in a Finite-Thickness Plate
K. P. Kou

44. Numerical Simulation of the Fracture Spacing in Two-Layered Material Subjected to Thermal and Mechanical Loading
Lianchong Li, Chun’an Tang, Zhengzhao Liang

45. VCCM Rule-Based Meshing Algorithm for an Automatic 3D Analysis of Crack Propagation of Mixed Mode
Kohei Murotani, Kanda Yasuyoki, Toshimitsu Fujisawa, Genki Yagawa

46. The State-of-the-Art Methodology to Compute the 3-D Stress Intensity Factors for Arbitrary Shaped Cracks in Complex Shaped Structures
H. Okada, G. Yagawa, H. Kawai, K. Shijo, D. Fujita, Y. Kanda, T. Fujisawa, T. Iribe

47. 3D Crack Propagation Analysis Using Free Mesh Method
Hiroaki Osaki, Hitoshi Matsubara, Genki Yagawa

48. Finite Element Method for Analyzing Stress Intensity Factor of a Surface Crack in Tubular Joints
Yongbo Shao, Zhifu Du, Weidong Hu

49. The Solutions of Stress and Displacement Fields of Orthogonal Anisotropic Plate with Edge-Cracks
Z. R. Tian, Z. Sun, Z. Y. Li

50. Nonlinear FE Model for RC Shear Walls Based on Multi-Layer Shell Element and Micro-Plane Constitutive Model
Z. W. Miao, X. Z. Lu, J. J. Jiang, L. P. Ye

51. Numerical Modelling and Simulation of an Internal Combustion Engine Piston with a Surface Coating
Tadeusz Niezgoda, Zdzislaw Kurowski, Jerzy Malachowski

52. Reliability analysis using saddlepoint approximation
Jia Wang, Ka-Veng Yuen, Siu-Kui Au

53. Advanced Computational Method for Reliability Analysis of Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam
Qingxi Wu, KuiZhi Zhao, Mingzhu Yang

54. Structural Dynamic Reliability of Solid Rocket Motor Grains
Shujun Zhang, Junguo Ren

55. Wave Propagation in Orthotropic Elastic Shells: Theoretical and Numerical Modeling
B. Tie, D. Aubry

56. Study on the Criterion of In-plane Instability of Non-reinforced U-shaped Bellows
Ye Chen, Boqin Gu

57. Coupled Thermal-Dynamic Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Space Structures by FEM
Wei Li, Zhihai Xiang, Mingde Xue

58. Numerical Modelling of the Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Stainless Steel I-Beams: Comparison with Eurocode 3
N. Lopes, P. M. M. Vila Real, L. Simões da Silva, E. Mirambell

59. Research on Simulation Analysis for Stability Problem of Pressure-Penstock with Imperfection
Wenyuan Meng, Xiuqin Li, Jiashou Zhuo

60. Nonlinear Finite Element Buckling Analysis of Square Reinforced Concrete long Columns Confined with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Sheets under Uniaxial Compression
Q. X. Ren, T. G. Chen, C. K. Huang, Y. H. Liu

61. A Kind of Channel-Section Beam Element for Transient Coupled Thermal-Structural Dynamic Analysis
J. Duan, M. D. Xue, Z. H. Xiang

62. Semi-Analytical Analysis of Super Tall Building Bundled-Tube Structures
Yaoqing Gong, Ke Li

63. Computational Design of Beam Sections under Impact Loading
Shujuan Hou, Qing Li, Shuyao Long, Xujing Yang

64. Pretension Control of the Long-span Roof Structure of South Shanghai Railway Station
Y. Huang, Y. F. Luo, R. Yu

65. Damage Detection and Sensor Placement Design for Two Highway Bridges
Y. Q. Li, Z. H. Xiang, M. S. Zhou, G. Swoboda, Z. Z. Cen

66. A new iterative method for solution of rectangular elastic structure
Fuyong Lin

67. Overall Stability of the Long Span Steel Roof Structure of Hangzhou International Conference Center
Y. F. Luo, X. Liu, Z. B. Wang

68. Regionwise Modeling Approach for the Analysis of Layered Structures
P. M. Mohite, C. S. Upadhyay

69. Computational and Experimental Study of Energy Absorption Metter by Composite Structures
T. Niezgoda, W. Barnat

70. The Dynamic Analysis of Main Building of Hangzhou International Conference Center
H. J. Song, Y. F. Luo, C. L. Xu, M. W. Yang

71. Second-Order Analysis for Steel Frame Structures with a Distributed Plasticity Numerical Model
Ke Wang, L. W. Tong, Tian Li

72. Pretension Simulation of the Long Span Truss String Supported by the Temporary Structures
R. Yu, Y. F. Luo, Y Huang

73. Accurate Form-Finding Method for Cable-Dome Structues Based on Catenary Element
X. Z. Zhao, R. W. Tang, Z. Y. Shen

74. Higher Order Modes in Thin-Walled Beam Analysis
R. Vieira, F. Virtuoso, E. Pereira

75. Research on Rigidity Limits of Bridge with Conventional Spans for Chinese High-speed Railway
Mangmang Gao, Jiaying Pan, Yiqian Yang

76. Numerical Implementation and Calibration of a Hysteretic Model for Cyclic Response of End-Plate Beam-to-Column Steel Joints under Arbitrary Cyclic Loading
Pedro Nogueiro, Luís Simões da Silva, Rita Bento

77. Finite Element Analysis of Singular Inplane Stress Field around an Inclusion’s Corner Tip
M.C. Chen, X.C. Ping

78. Finite Element Analysis for the Metallic Gasket Effective Width
X. Feng, B. Q. Gu, R. Liu

79. Finite Element Analysis of Electrochemical-Poroelastic Behaviors of Conducting Polymer (PPy) Films
W. S. Jung, Y. Toi

80. Finite Element Analyses of Multi-Material Wedges and Junctions with Singular Antiplane Stress Field
X. C. Ping, M. C. Chen, J. L. Xie

81. Plane Strain Finite Element Analysis of a Piled Bridge Abutment on Soft Ground
H. T. Wang, Z. P. Chen, L. J. Xiao

82. Finite Element Analysis of a Coal Liquefaction Reactor during Lifting
Z. B. Wang, Y. F. Luo, X. Liu

83. Finite Element Anaylsis of Welded Cruciform Joint
A. H. Wu, S. Syngellakis, B. G Mellor

84. Static and Dynamic Testing of the SATUOeiras Viaducts
M. Xu, L. O. Santos, J. Rodrigues

85. Finite Element Approach to Resin Flow during the Resin Film Infusion Process
M. Yang, S. L. Yan

86. Numerical Simulation of a New Complex FRP Pipe Culvert by FEA
M. W. Yang

87. Numerical Study of Two-Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction Using Finite Element Method
Lee Yuk Choi, Wong Sau Keong, Ooi Hooi Woon, Sia Chee Kiong

88. Chemical Reaction, Heat and Mass Transfer on Nonlinear MHD Boundary Layer Flow through a Vertical Porous Surface with Thermal Stratification in the Presence of Suction
R. Kandasamy, K. Periasamy, K. K. Sivagnana Prabhu

89. Development of a Mathematical Model for Heat and Mass Transfer Inside a Granular Medium
V. J. Petry, A. L. Bortoli, O. Khatchatourian

90. Factor Analysis for Convective Heat Transfer Problem by Using the ANN Method
H. K. Tarn, S. C. Tarn, A. J. Ghajar, L. M. Tam

91. Thermally Induced Mechanical Changes around a Potential Nuclear Waste Repository in China
Y. M. Liu, J. Wang, M. F. Cai, S. R. Wang

92. Research on Thermo Quality Transmission Problems for Large-Scale Slab with Creep
J. X. Wang, X. C. Wang

93. Current Developments on the Coupled Thermomechanical Computational Modeling of Metal Casting Processes
C. Agelet de Saracibar, M. Chiumenti, M. Cervera

94. Application of the Mushy Cell Tracking Method for Gallium Melting
S. -J. Liang, Y. -J. Jan, M. -S. Chung

95. New FDM for Plane Elasticity in Polar Coordinate
B. Q. Zhu, J. S. Zhuo, J. F. Zhou

96. Computational Strategies for Curved-side Elements Formulated by Quadrilateral Area Coordinates (QAC)
Song Cen, Depo Song, Xiaoming Chen, Yuqiu Long

97. Studies of 4-node Membrane Element with Analytical Stiffness-Matrix Based on the Quadrilateral Area Coordinates
Yu Du, Song Cen

98. Special Hybrid Multilayer Finite Elements for 3-D Stress Analyses Around Quasi-Elliptic Hole in Laminated Composites
Z. S. Tian, Q. P. Yang, X. Q. Zhang

99. A 3-Dimensional Assumed Stress Hybrid Element with Drilling Degrees of Freedom
A. P. Wang, Z. S. Tian, X. Q. Zhang

100. Suppression of Zero-Energy Modes in Hybrid Finite Elements via Assumed Stress Fields
Canhui Zhang, Dongdong Wang, Jianlin Zhang

101. Analysis of Concentrated Boundary Loads in the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method
T. H. Vu, A. J. Deeks

102. A Frequency-Domain Approach for Transient Dynamic Analysis Using Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method (I): Approach and Validation
Z. J. Yang, A. J. Deeks, H. Hong

103. A Frequency-Domain Approach for Transient Dynamic Analysis Using Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method (II): Application to Fracture Problems
Z. J. Yang, A. J. Deeks, H. Hong

104. A Novel Fuzzyexpert Diagnosis System of Inner-Faults for Three-Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
Tak Son Cheang, Si Leong Chan, Booma Devi Sekar, Ming Chui Dong

105. Updating Noise Parameters of Kalman Filter Using Bayesian Approach
K. I. Hoi, K. V. Yuen, K. M. Mok

106. Damage Detection of Vibrating Structure from Limited Natural Frequencies
X. L. Li, H. Okuda, G. Yagawa

107. Error Estimations in LBIEM and Other Meshless Methods
H. B. Chen, D. J. Fu, X. F. Guo, P. Q. Zhang

108. Parallel Computing for Enriched Free Mesh Method (EFMM)
Yosuke Kobayashi, Genki Yagawa

109. 3D Animation for Free Mesh Method
Shinsuke Nagaoka, Masakazu Inaba, Genki Yagawa

110. A Stabilized Conforming Integartion Procedure for Galerkin Meshfree Analysis of Thin Beam and Plate
Dongdong Wang

111. Element-Free Galerkin method with wavelet basis
Y. H. Liu, Y. N. Liu, Z. Z. Cen

112. The Numerical Prediction of Effective Properties of Non-Continuous Carbon Nano-Reinforced Composites by the Macro-Microscopic Homogenization Method
Dongmei Luo, Wenxue Wang, Yoshihiro Takao, Koichi Kakimoto

113. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Length Size Effect on Mechanical Properties of Nano-Metal
D. Huang, J. S. Zhuo

114. Molecular Dynamic Simulations of CNT-Water Nanostructures
J. Zou, X. Q. Feng, B. Ji, H. Gao

115. Computer Simulation of Quantum Dot Surface under Stress
Xiaoming Liu, Zhuo Zhuang, Tong Zhang

116. 3D BEM for Piezoelectric Solids of General Anisotropy
M. Denda, C. -Y. Wang

117. Analysis of Quantum Dots Induced Strain and Electric-Field in Piezoelectric Semiconductor Substrate of General Anisotropy
C. -Y. Wang, M. Denda, E. Pan

118. Adaptive Under-Frequency Load Shedding Scheme by Genetic Algorithm
Chinwang Lou, Mingchui Dong, Chikong Wong

119. An Effective Computer Generation Method for the Domain with Random Distribution of Large Numbers of Heterogeneous Grains
Yan Yu, Junzhi Cui, Fei Han

120. Three-Dimensional Mesh Generation Using the Crossed Circle Method
H. Suzuki, Y. Ezawa

121. Study on Displacement Prediction of Landslide Based on Grey System and Evolutionary Neural Network
W. Gao

122. Prediction of Ambient PM10 Concentration with Artificial Neural Network
L. H. Lam, K. M. Mok

123. A Note on the Complexity of the PCG Algorithm for Solving Toeplitz Systems with a Fisher-Hartwig Singularity
Seak-Weng Vong, Wei Wang, Xiao-Qing Jin

124. One-Point Integration that Handles Shear-Locking in Cubic Splines
Simon Wang, Yingshun Zhang

125. An Improved ICCG Method of Large-Scale Sparse Linear Equation Group
Y. J. Zhang, Q. Sun

126. A Parallel Computing Method of Object-Oriented FEM Based on Substructure
H. M. Zhao, K. Zhang, Z. Z. Dong

127. Promotion of Frontier Science Research by Aid of Automatic Program Generation Technology
B. X. Wu, H. S. Qian, S. Wan

128. Uniformed NURBS Surface Deformation Subject to Boundary Conditions
Kin Man Lo, Zhixin Yang

129. The Pseudo-spectral method and Matlab Implement
Songling Wang, Zhengren Wu, Youliang Cheng

130. Composite Construction in Reinforced Concrete Taking into Consideration the Non-Rigid Bond of Interfaces in Joints
V. Lindig

131. Optimization of Observation Condition on Inverse Analysis for Identifying Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
Kazuhiro Suga, M. Ridha, Shigeru Aoki

132. A Study on Temperature Distribution in a Cross Section of Concrete Box Girder Bridge
Yiping Tan, Dajian Han

133. Stress-Based Effective Space Anisotropic Damage Model for Concrete
Jian-Ying Wu, Jie Li

134. Identification of Electric Conductivity and Impedance of Reinforced Concrete by Boundary Element Inverse Analysis
Masato Yoshida, Kazuhiro Suga, M Ridha, Shigeru Aoki, Kenji Amaya

135. Stresses and Cracking Caused by Hydration Heat in Massive Concrete Structures
Ziming Zhang, Zhitong Song, Yan Zhang

136. Numerical Modeling of Consolidation of Marine Clay under Vacuum Preloading Incorporating Prefabricated Vertical Drains
Sao Man Ho, Thomas Man Hoi Lok

137. Drag Forces Applied on Rock Matrix by Fluid Flow through Fracture Network in Rock Mass
Junrui Chai

138. A 2-D Natural Element Model for Jointed Rock Masses
Tiantang Yu, Qingwen Ren

139. Numerical Implementation of a Bounding Surface Bubble Model for Structured Soils
J. R. Maranha, A. Vieira

140. Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Interaction of Soil, Superstructure and Thick Raft with Irregular Plan
Yongfeng Du, Shengkui Di, Hui Li, Yu Song, Xinghai Dang

141. Soil Additionally Affected by Non Force Loading and Its Influence on Upper Structure
P. Kuklík, M. Broucek

142. Advances in Unsaturated Soil Mechanics
Zhankuan Mi, Zhujiang Shen

143. Numerical Simulations of the Behavior of Foundations on Reinforced Soil
C. M. Tou, T. M. H. Lok

144. Stress-Strain Modeling of Tire Chip-Sand Mixture
H. J. Yu, Thomas M. H. Lok

145. Multi-Objective Optimization for Shape Design of Arch Dams
Linsong Sun, Weihua Zhang, Nenggang Xie

146. Optimal Shape Control of Multilayered Piezoelectric Smart Plate Structure
Jianguo Wang, Genfang Ding, Yan Qin

147. Engineering Structural Optimization with an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
Y. B. Gong, Q. Y. Li

148. Optimization Studies for Crashworthiness Design using Response Surface Method
Xingtao Liao, Qing Li, Weigang Zhang

149. Path Optimization of Large-Scale Automated Three-Dimensional Garage Based on Ant Colony Algorithm
Jianjun Meng, Zeqing Yang, Zhenrui Peng

150. A Continuous Approach to Discrete Structural Optimization
T. Tan, X. S. Li

151. Parametrical Analysis and Optimization of Partial Double-Layer Reticulated Shells Using Uniform Design Method and Second Order Rotation Method
J. C. Xiao, T. Liang, Y. Liu

152. Optimum Design of Spiral Grooved Mechanical Seal Based on Thermo-Hydrodynamics
J. F. Zhou, B. Q. Gu

153. Evolutionary Topological Design of Frame for Impact Loads
Xianyan Chen, Qing Li, Shuyao Long, Xujing Yang

154. Topology Optimization of Space Vehicle Structures Considering Attitude Control Effort
Z. Kang, C. Zhang

155. Application and Research of Structure Topology Optimization of Scraper Conveyer with MSC.Nastran.optishape
J. B. Sang, B. Liu, S. F. Xing, L. C. Yang, Y. H. Qie

156. Structural Topology Optimization Using Level Set Method
Michael Yu Wang

157. Topological Optimization Analysis of 3-D Continuum Structure with Stress and Displacement Constraints
H. L. Ye, Y. K. Sui

158. Cross-Level Sentence Alignment
Anna Ho, Francisco Oliveira, Fai Wong

159. CSAT: A Chinese Segmentation and Tagging Module Based on the Interpolated Probabilistic Model
Ka Seng Leong, Fai Wong, Chi Wai Tang, Ming Chui Dong

160. Overcoming Data Sparseness Problem in Statistical Corpus Based Sense Disambiguation
Francisco Oliveira, Fai Wong, Anna Ho, Yiping Li, Mingchui Dong

161. Application of Translation Corresponding Tree (TCT) Annotation Schema for Chinese to Portuguese Machine Translation
Chi-Wai Tang, Fai Wong, Ka-Seng Leong, Ming-Chui Dong, Yi-Ping Li

162. Development of a Knowledge Based System for the Portuguese Code for Building Acoustics
João Mariz Graça, Jorge Patrício, Luís Santos Lopes

163. Interfacing Vision System with Robot for Pick and Place Operation
R. Lalitha

164. A Web-Based Data Management and Decision Support System for Slope Safety Inspection and Evaluation
J. Wang, M. C. Hung

165. Simplified Doubly Asymptotic Approximation Boundary for Foundations Dynamic Analysis
Wenjun Lei, Demin Wei

166. Limit State Analysis of Seismically Excited 3D R/C Beam Bearing Structures
N. Kaufmann

167. Earthquake Response Analysis and Energy Calculation Based on Wavelet Transform
Chen Wu, Ruizhong Zhou

168. Elastoplastic Impact of the Sphere upon the Uflyand-Mindlin Plate
I. A. Lokteva, A. A. Loktev

169. Numerical Analysis of Impact between Cue and Ball in Billiard (Effect of Tip Structure)
Shinsuke Shimamura, Shigeru Aoki

170. A New Multi-Harmonic Method for Predicting the Forced Response of Mistuned Bladed Disks with Dry Friction Damping
Erming He, Hongjian Wang

171. Coupled Vibration Analysis of Multiple Launch Rocket System by Finite Element Method
Bingshang Li, Xinqi Xu

172. Three-Dimensional Vibration Analysis of Functionally Graded Material Rectangular Plates by Chebyshev Polynomials
Q. Li, V. P. Iu, K. P. Kou

173. A hybrid elasticity method for bending and free vibration of composite laminates
C. F. Lü, W. Q. Chen

174. Vibration Assessment of Railway Viaducts Under Real Traffic Using Bridge-Track Models
Constança Rigueiro, Carlos Rebelo, Luis Simões da Silva

175. In-Plane Vibrations of Rectangular Plates with Rectangular Cutouts
I. Shufrin, M. Eisenberger

176. Optimal Control of Temperature Gradient in a Large Size Magnetic Czochralski Silicon Crystal Growth by Response Surface Methodology
H. P. Yu, Y. K. Sui, J. Wang, X. L. Dai, G. P. An

177. Active Vibration Control Analysis of Piezoelectric Intelligent Beam
Tao Wang, Rong Qin, Guirong Li

178. Interval Dynamic Analysis Using Interval Factor Method
Wei Gao

179. Sensibility Analysis of Violin Plates
Mario Razeto, Claudia Staforelli, Gabriel Barrientos

180. Effect of Pier and Abutment Non-Uniform Settlement on Train Running Behavior
Jianzhen Xiong, Hanbin Yu, Mangmang Gao


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