Barral, Fabrice-Guy

Interventional Radiology in Pain Treatment

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Table of contents

1. Evaluating and Managing Pain in a Pain Management Center
Bernard Fergane

2. Pain and Psyche
Blandine Kastler, Jean-Georges Rohmer

3. Computertomography-guided Percutaneous Interventions
Bruno Kastler, Marc Couvreur, Jan Fritz, Philippe L. Pereira

4. Complications and Patient Management
Pierre Delassus, George Hadjidekov, Bruno Kastler

5. Foraminal Injections of Corticosteroids Under Tomodensitometric Control
Olivia Delmer, Vincent Dousset

6. Spinal Infiltrations: Technical Difficulties and Potential Complications
Philippe Brunner, Patrick Chevallier, Nicolas Amoretti, Jack Sedat, Elodie Cazaux, Françoise Fuerxer, Jean-Michel Cucchi, Michel-Yves Mourou

7. Trigeminal Neuralgia
Alain Czorny, Romain Billon-Grand

8. Arnold’s Neuralgia
Bruno Kastler, Zakia Boulahdour, Sebastien Aubry, Bernard Fergane, Zoltan Patay

9. Pterygopalatine Ganglion Neurolysis Under CT Guidance
Christophe Clair, Bruno Kastler, Gilles Cadel, Bernard Fergane

10. Stellate Ganglion Neurolysis Under CT-Guidance
Bruno Kastler, Démonsthène Michalakis, Nicolas Sailley, Philippe Pereira, Bernard Fergane

11. Percutaneous Neurolysis of the Celiac Plexus and Splanchnic Nerves
Bruno Kastler, Jean-François Litzler, Pierre-Yves Marcy, Gérard Schmutz

12. Other Sympatholysis
Bruno Kastler, Philippe Manzoni, Laurent Laborie, Hussein Haj Hussein, Jean-Yves Cornu, Florence Tiberghien-Chatelain, Bernard Fergane

13. Pudendal Nerve Infiltration Under CT Guidance
Bruno Kastler, Christophe Clair, Zakia Boulahdour, Julien Puget, Marjolaine Billy, Bernard Fergane

14. Injection of Inguinofemoral Nerves
Bruno Kastler, Guy Monnier, Bernard Fergane

15. Vertebroplasty and Cementoplasty
Fabrice-Guy Barral, Benoît Russias, Philippe Tanji, Jean-Sébastien Billiard, Bruno Kastler

16. Aspiration and Lavage of Calcific Shoulder Tendinitis
Jean-Michel Lerais, Philippe Sarliève, Georges Hadjidekov, Cyril Riboud, Bruno Kastler

17. Other Analgesic Bone Procedures
Bruno Kastler, Hatem Boulahdour, Jean-Michel Lerais, Philippe Sarlieve, Marie Jacamon, Annie Pousse, Michel Parmentier, Fabrice-Guy Barral, Benoît Billy, Christophe Clair, Jean-Pierre Cercueil, Denis Krause

18. Fractures of the Pelvic Girdle: CT-guided Percutaneous Fixation
Patrick Eude, Ghislaine Eude, Fernand Peretti

19. Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Pain Therapy
Philippe L. Pereira, Jan Fritz, Claus D. Claussen, Bruno Kastler

20. Treating Painful Osseous Metastases by Internal Radiation Therapy
Hatem Boulahdour, Sébastien Klingelschmitt


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