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Algorithms for Approximation

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Table of contents

Part I. Imaging and Data Mining

1. Ranking as Function Approximation
Christopher J. C. Burges

2. Two Algorithms for Approximation in Highly Complicated Planar Domains
Nira Dyn, Roman Kazinnik

3. Computational Intelligence in Clustering Algorithms, With Applications
Rui Xu, Donald Wunsch

4. Energy-Based Image Simplification with Nonlocal Data and Smoothness Terms
Stephan Didas, Mrázek Pavel, Joachim Weickert

5. Multiscale Voice Morphing Using Radial Basis Function Analysis
Christina Orphanidou, Irene M. Moroz, Stephen J. Roberts

6. Associating Families of Curves Using Feature Extraction and Cluster Analysis
Jane L. Terry, Andrew Crampton, Chris J. Talbot

Part II. Numerical Simulation

7. Particle Flow Simulation by Using Polyharmonic Splines
Armin Iske

8. Enhancing SPH using Moving Least-Squares and Radial Basis Functions
Robert Brownlee, Paul Houston, Jeremy Levesley, Stephan Rosswog

9. Stepwise Calculation of the Basin of Attractionin Dynamical Systems Using Radial Basis Functions
Peter Giesl

10. Integro-Differential Equation Models and Numerical Methods for Cell Motility and Alignment
Athena Makroglou

11. Spectral Galerkin Method Applied to Some Problems in Elasticity
Chris J. Talbot

Part III. Statistical Approximation Methods

12. Bayesian Field Theory Applied to Scattered Data Interpolation and Inverse Problems
Chris L. Farmer

13. Algorithms for Structured Gauss-Markov Regression
Alistair B. Forbes

14. Uncertainty Evaluation in Reservoir Forecasting by Bayes Linear Methodology
Daniel Busby, Chris L. Farmer, Armin Iske

Part IV. Data Fitting and Modelling

15. Integral Interpolation
Rick K. Beatson, Michael K. Langton

16. Shape Control in Powell-Sabin Quasi-Interpolation
Carla Manni

17. Approximation with Asymptotic Polynomials
Philip Cooper, Alistair B. Forbes, John C. Mason

18. Spline Approximation Using Knot Density Functions
Andrew Crampton, Alistair B. Forbes

19. Neutral Data Fitting by Lines and Planes
Tim Goodman, Chris Tofallis

20. Approximation on an Infinite Range to Ordinary Differential Equations Solutions by a Function of a Radial Basis function
Damian P. Jenkinson, John C. Mason

21. Weighted Integrals of Polynomial Splines
Mladen Rogina

Part V. Differential and Integral Equations

22. On Sequential Estimators for Affine Stochastic Delay Differential Equations
Uwe Küchler, Vyacheslav Vasiliev

23. Scalar Periodic Complex Delay Differential Equations: Small Solutions and their Detection
Neville J. Ford, Patricia M. Lumb

24. Using Approximations to Lyapunov Exponents to Predict Changes in Dynamical Behaviour in Numerical Solutions to Stochastic Delay Differential Equations
Neville J. Ford, Stewart J. Norton

25. Superconvergence of Quadratic Spline Collocation for Volterra Integral Equations
Darja Saveljeva

Part VI. Special Functions and Approximation on Manifolds

26. Asymptotic Approximations to Truncation Errors of Series Representations for Special Functions
Ernst Joachim Weniger

27. Strictly Positive Definite Functions on Generalized Motion Groups
Wolfgang zu Castell, Frank Filbir

28. Energy Estimates and the Weyl Criterion on Compact Homogeneous Manifolds
Steven B. Damelin, Jeremy Levesley, Xingping Sun

29. Minimal Discrete Energy Problems and Numerical Integration on Compact Sets in Euclidean Spaces
Steven B. Damelin, Viktor Maymeskul

30. Numerical Quadrature of Highly Oscillatory Integrals Using Derivatives
Sheehan Olver


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