Genant, Harry K.

Advanced Bioimaging Technologies in Assessment of the Quality of Bone and Scaffold Materials

Genant, Harry K. - Advanced Bioimaging Technologies in Assessment of the Quality of Bone and Scaffold Materials, ebook


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Table of contents

Part I. Perspectives of Advances in Musculoskeletal and Scaffold Biomaterial Imaging Technologies and Applications

1. Perspectives on Advances in Bone Imaging for Osteoporosis
Harry K. Genant, Ye-Bin Jiang

2. Bone Structure and Biomechanical Analyses Using Imaging and Simulation Technology
Edmund Y. S. Chao

3. Imaging Technologies for Orthopaedic Visualization and Simulation
Pheng Ann Heng

4. In-Vivo Bone Mineral Density and Structures in Humans: From Isotom Over Densiscan to Xtreme-CT
Maximilian A. Dambacher, Maurus Neff, Helmut R. Radspieler, Peter Rüegsegger, Ling Qin

5. Calibration of Micro-CT Data for Quantifying Bone Mineral and Biomaterial Density and Microarchitecture
Bruno Koller, Andres Laib

6. Repositioning of the Region of Interest in the Radius of the Growing Child in Follow-up Measurements by pQCT
Thomas N. Hangartner, Dhruman Goradia, David F. Short

7. Non-invasive Bone Quality Assessment Using Quantitative Ultrasound Imaging and Acoustic Parameters
Yi-Xian Qin, Wei Lin, Yi Xia, Erik Mittra, Clint Rubin, Ralph Müller

8. Cortical Bone Mineral Status Evaluated by pQCT, Quantitative Backscattered Electron Imaging and Polarized Light Microscopy
Yau-Ming Lai, Wing-Chi Chan

9. High-Fidelity Histologic Three-Dimensional Analysis of Bone and Cartilage
Russell Kerschmann

10. Application of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy in Musculoskeletal Research
Kwong-Man Lee, Hiu-Yan Yeung

11. Fiber-optic Nano-biosensors and Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy for Biological Imaging
Kin-Fai Wu, Yuan-Ting Zhang, Mary Miu Yee Waye

12. Changes of Biological Function of Bone Cells and Effect of Anti-osteoporosis Agents on Bone Cells
Hong-Fu Wang, Weif-Ang Jin, Jian-Jun Gao, Hui Sheng

13. Bone Histomorphometry in Various Metabolic Bone Diseases Studied by Bone Biopsy in China
Mei Zhu, Ming-cai Qiu

14. Cell Traction Force Microscopy
James H. -C. Wang, Jeen-Shang Lin, Zhao-Chun Yang

15. Contrast-Enhanced Micro-CT Imaging of Soft Tissues
Angela S.P. Lin, Ashley W. Palmer, Craig L. Duvall, Galen C. Robertson, Megan E. Oest, Bina Rai, Marc E. Levenston, Robert E. Guldberg

16. Materials Selection and Scaffold Fabrication for Tissue Engineering in Orthopaedics
Min Wang

17. Quantification of Porosity, Connectivity and Material Density of Calcium Phosphate Ceramic Implants Using Micro-Computed Tomography
Hiu-Yan Yeung, Ling Qin, Kwong-Man Lee, Kwok-Sui Leung, Jack Chun-Yiu Cheng

18. Bone Densitometries in Assessing Bone Mineral and Structural Profiles in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Jack Chun-Yiu Cheng, Vivian Wing-Yin Hung, Ling Qin, Xia Guo

19. Application of Nano-CT and High-Resolution Micro-CT to Study Bone Quality and Ultrastructure, Scaffold Biomaterials and Vascular Networks
Phil L. Salmon, Alexander Y. Sasov

20. Bio-imaging Technologies in Studying Bone-Biomaterial Interface: Applications in Experimental Spinal Fusion Model
Chun Wai Chan, Jack Chun-Yiu Cheng, Hiu-Yan Yeung, Ling Qin

21. Assessment of Bone, Cartilage, Tendon and Bone Cells by Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Chris W. Jones, Kirk H. M. Yip, Jiake Xu, Ming-Hao Zheng

Part II. Specific Applications of Advances in Musculoskeletal and Scaffold Biomaterial Imaging Technologies

22. TEM Study of Bone and Scaffold Materials
Shu-Xin Qu, Xiong Lu, Yang Leng

23. Material and Structural Basis of Bone Fragility: A Rational Approach to Therapy
Ego Seeman

24. Application of Micro-CT and MRI in Clinical and Preclinical Studies of Osteoporosis and Related Disorders
Ye-Bin Jiang, Jon Jacobson, Harry K. Genant, Jenny Zhao

25. CT-Based Microstructure Analysis for Assessment of Bone Fragility
Masako Ito

26. Discrimination of Contributing Factors to Bone Fragility Using vQCT In Vivo
Margarita Meta, Ying Lu, Joyce H. Keyak, Thomas F. Lang

27. Osteoporosis Research with the vivaCT40
Jürg A. Gasser, Peter Ingold

28. Mechanical Properties of Vertebral Trabeculae with Ageing Evaluated with Micro-CT
He Gong, Ming Zhang, Ling Qin

29. MRI Evaluation of Osteoporosis
James Francis Griffith

30. Multiple Bio-imaging Modalities in Evaluation of Epimedium-Derived Phytoestrogenic Fraction for Prevention of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Ge Zhang, Ling Qin, Yin-Yu Shi

31. Areal and Volumetric Bone Densitometry in Evaluation of Tai Chi Chuan Exercise for Prevention of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
Pauline Po-Yee Lui, Ling Qin, Wing-Yin Choi, Kai-Ming Chan

32. Enhancement of Osteoporotic Bone Using Injectable Hydroxyapatite in OVX Goats Evaluated by Multi-imaging Modalities
Wing-Hoi Cheung, Ling Qin, Kam-Fai Tam, Wing-Sum Siu, Kwok-Sui Leung

33. Quality of Healing Compared Between Osteoporotic Fracture and Normal Traumatic Fracture
Ke-Rong Dai, Yong-Qiang Hao

34. Monitoring Fracture Healing Using Digital Radiographies
Gang Li, Mark Murnaghan

35. Fracture Callus Under Anti-resorptive Agent Treatment Evaluated by pQCT
Yong-Ping Cao, Satoshi Mori, Tasuku Mashiba, Michael S. Westmore, Linda Ma

36. Volumetric Measurement of Osteonecrotic Femoral Head Using Computerized MRI and Prediction For Its Mechanical Properties
Zi-Rong Li, Zhen-Cai Shi

37. Biomedical Engineering in Surgical Repair of Osteonecrosis: the Role of Imaging Technology
Shi-Bi Lu, Jiang Peng, Ai-Yuan Wang, Ming-Xue Sun, Jie-Mo Tian, Li-Min Dong

38. Contrast-Enhanced MRI and Micro-CT Adopted for Evaluation of a Lipid-Lowering and Anticoagulant Herbal Epimedium-Derived Phytoestrogenic Extract for Prevention of Steroid-Associated Osteonecrosis
Ling Qin, Ge Zhang, Hui Sheng, James F. Griffth, Ka Wai Yeung, Kwok-Sui Leung

39. Nanomechanics of Bone and Bioactive Bone-Cement Interfaces
Guo-Xin Ni, William Wei-Jia Lu, Alfonso Hing-Wan Ngan, Keith Dip-Kei Luk

40. Subchondral Bone Microarchitecture Changes in Animal Models of Arthritis
Susanne X. Wang

41. Microarchitectural Adaptations of Primary Osteoarthrotic Subchondral Bone
Ming Ding

42. Ultrasonic Characterization of Dynamic Depth-Dependent Biomechanical Properties of Articular Cartilage
Yong-Ping Zheng, Qing Wang

43. Mechanical Property of Trabecular Bone of the Femoral Heads from Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis Patients
Cheng-Kung Cheng, Yu-Su Lai, Shih-Sheng Sun, Hsin-Wen Shen, Chan-Tsung Yang, Hung-Wen Wei


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