Lamattina, Lorenzo

Nitric Oxide in Plant Growth, Development and Stress Physiology

Lamattina, Lorenzo - Nitric Oxide in Plant Growth, Development and Stress Physiology, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Higher Plant Mitochondria as aSource for NO
Werner M. Kaiser, Kapuganti J. Gupta, Elisabeth Planchet

2. Nitric Oxide – AProduct of Plant Nitrogen Metabolism
Christine Stöhr

3. NO-Based Signaling in Plants
David Wendehenne, Cécile Courtois, Angélique Besson, Antoine Gravot, Annie Buchwalter, Alain Pugin, Olivier Lamotte

4. S-Nitrosylation in Plants – Spectrum and Selectivity
Christian Lindermayr, Jörg Durner

5. Enzymatic Sources of Nitric Oxide during Seed Germination
Marcela Simontacchi, Sebastián Jasid, Susana Puntarulo

6. Seeking the Role of NO in Breaking Seed Dormancy
Zlatko Giba, Dragoljub Grubišic, Radomir Konjevic

7. Nitric Oxide Functions as Intermediate in Auxin, Abscisic Acid, and Lipid Signaling Pathways
Natalia Correa-Aragunde, María Luciana Lanteri, Carlos García-Mata, Arjen Have, Ana María Laxalt, Magdalena Graziano, Lorenzo Lamattina

8. Nitric Oxide in Cytokinin and Polyamine Signaling: Similarities and Potential Crosstalk
Günther F. E. Scherer

9. Nitric Oxide and Plant Ion Channel Control
Sergei G. Sokolovski, Michael R. Blatt

10. Nitric Oxide in Nitrogen-Fixing Symbiosis
Emmanuel Baudouin, Nicolas Pauly, Alain Puppo

11. Nitrosative Stress in Plants: ANew Approach to Understand the Role of NO in Abiotic Stress
Francisco J. Corpas, Juan B. Barroso, Alfonso Carreras, Raquel Valderrama, José M. Palma, Luis A. Río

12. Nitric Oxide-Mediated Signaling Functions During the Plant Hypersensitive Response
Matteo Stefano, Elodie Vandelle, Annalisa Polverari, Alberto Ferrarini, Massimo Delledonne

13. Nitric Oxide in Cell-to-Cell Communication Coordinating the Plant Hypersensitive Response
Allan D. Shapiro

14. Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide Synthesis During Plant–Pathogen Interactions: Role of Nitrate Reductase in Providing Substrates
Ione Salgado, Luzia V. Modolo, Ohara Augusto, Márcia R. Braga, Halley C. Oliveira

15. Nitric Oxide as an Alternative Electron Carrier During Oxygen Deprivation
Abir U. Igamberdiev, Kevin N. Baron, Robert D. Hill

16. Fluorometric Detection of Nitric Oxide with Diaminofluoresceins (DAFs): Applications and Limitations for Plant NO Research
Nao O. Arita, Michael F. Cohen, Gaku Tokuda, Hideo Yamasaki


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