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Climate Prediction and Agriculture

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Table of contents

1. Climate Prediction and Agriculture: Summary and the Way Forward
M. V. K. Sivakumar, J. Hansen

2. Climate Downscaling: Assessment of the Added Values Using Regional Climate Models
L. Sun, M. N. Ward

3. Development of a Combined Crop and Climate Forecasting System for Seasonal to Decadal Predictions
T. Wheeler, A. Challinor, T. Osborne, J. Slingo

4. Delivering Climate Forecast Products to Farmers: Ex Post Assessment of Impacts of Climate Information on Corn Production Systems in Isabela, Philippines
F. P. Lansigan, W. L. Santos, J. Hansen

5. Seasonal Predictions and Monitoring for Sahel Region
G. Maracchi, V. Capecchi, A. Crisci, F. Piani

6. Institutionalizing Climate Forecast Applications for Agriculture
A. R. Subbiah, R. Selvaraju

7. Climate Applications and Agriculture: CGIAR Efforts, Capacities and Partner Opportunities
B. I. Shapiro, M. Winslow, P. S. Traoré, V. Balaji, P. Cooper, K. P. C. Rao, S. Wani, S. Koala

8. Institutional Capacity Building in Developing Countries through Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOFs) Process
K. A. Konneh

9. Use of ENSO-Driven Climatic Information for Optimum Irrigation under Drought Conditions: Preliminary Assessment Based on Model Results for the Maipo River Basin, Chile
F. J. Meza

10. Towards the Development of a Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) for the Application of Climate Forecasts in Uruguayan Rice Production Sector
A. Roel, W. E. Baethgen

11. Assessing the Use of Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Support Farmers in the Andean Highlands
G. A. Baigorria

12. Application of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Telangana Subdivision of Andhra Pradesh, India
K. K. Singh, D. R. Reddy, S. Kaushik, L. S. Rathore, J. Hansen, G. Sreenivas

13. Localized Climate Forecasting System: Seasonal Climate and Weather Prediction for Farm-Level Decision-Making
R. Rengalakshmi

14. Use of Sea Surface Temperature for Predicting Optimum Planting Window for Potato at Pengalengan, West Java, Indonesia
R. Boer, I. Wahab

15. Climate Forecast for Better Water Management in Agriculture: A Case Study for Southern India
R. Selvaraju, H. Meinke, J. Hansen

16. Linking Corn Production, Climate Information and Farm-Level Decision-Making: A Case Study in Isabela, Philippines
W. L. Santos, F. P. Lansigan, J. Hansen

17. Use of ENSO-Based Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting for Informed Cropping Decisions by Farmers in the SAT India
V. Nageswara Rao, P. Singh, J. Hansen, T. Giridhara Krishna, S. K. Krishna Murthy

18. Application of Climate Prediction for Rice Production in the Mekong River Delta (Vietnam)
Nguyen T. Hien Thuan, Luong V. Viet, Nguyen T. Phuong, T. X. Lan, Nguyen D. Phu

19. Climate Prediction and Agriculture: What Is Different about Sudano-Sahelian West Africa?
P. C. S. Traoré, M. Kouressy, M. Vaksmann, R. Tabo, I. Maikano, S. B. Traoré, P. Cooper

20. Can ENSO Help in Agricultural Decision-Making in Ghana?
S. G. K. Adiku, F. D. Mawunya, J. W. Jones, M. Yangyouru

21. Application of Seasonal Climate Forecasts to Predict Regional Scale Crop Yields in South Africa
T. G. Lumsden, R. E. Schulze

22. Climate Information for Food Security: Responding to User’s Climate Information Needs
M. Waiswa, P. Mulamba, P. Isabirye

23. Improving Applications in Agriculture of ENSO-Based Seasonal Rainfall Forecasts Considering Atlantic Ocean Surface Temperatures
G. O. Magrin, M. I. Travasso, W. E. Baethgen, R. T. Boca

24. AGRIDEMA: An EU-Funded Effort to Promote the Use of Climate and Crop Simulation Models in Agricultural Decision-Making
A. Utset, J. Eitzinger, V. Alexandrov

25. Web-Based System to True-Forecast Disease Epidemics — Case Study for Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat
J. M. C. Fernandes, E. M. Ponte, W. Pavan, G. R. Cunha

26. Climate-Based Agricultural Risk Management Tools for Florida, Georgia and Alabama, USA
G. Hoogenboom, C. W. Fraisse, J. W. Jones, K. T. Ingram, J. J. O’Brien, J. G. Bellow, D. Zierden, D. E. Stooksbury, J. O. Paz, A. Garcia y Garcia, L. C. Guerra, D. Letson, N. E. Breuer, V. E. Cabrera, L. U. Hatch, C. Roncoli

27. Climate Prediction and Agriculture: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges from an Agricultural Development Perspective
J. R. Anderson

28. Conclusions and Recommendations
M. V. K. Sivakumar, J. Hansen


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