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Exploring the Cosmic Frontier

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Table of contents

Part I. Future Astrophysical Facilities

1. Radio Astronomy Facilities
R.D. Ekers

2. Future Optical and Near-Infrared Facilities
R. Gilmozzi, M. Mountain, N. Panagia, P. Dierickx

3. The New 40-m Radiotelescope of OAN in Yebes, Spain
R. Bachiller, OAN Staff

4. Design of the Near-term Next Generation Space-VLBI Mission VSOP-2
H. Hirabayashi, Y. Murata, P.G. Edwards, Y. Asaki, N. Mochizuki, M. Inoue, T. Umemoto, S. Kameno, L.I. Gurvits, A.P. Lobanov

5. Imaging Across the Spectrum: Synergies Between SKA and Other Future Telescopes
A. Lobanov

6. The Korean VLBI Network Project
H.-G. Kim, S.-T. Han, B.W. Sohn

7. Frequency Protection for the 21st Century
W. van Driel

8. SCUBA-2: A Large-Format CCD-Style Imager for Submillimeter Astronomy
M.D. Audley, W. Holland, D. Atkinson, M. Cliffe, M. Ellis, X. Gao, D. Gostick, T. Hodson, D. Kelly, M. MacIntosh, H. McGregor, D. Montgomery, I. Smith, I. Robson, K. Irwin, W. Duncan, R. Doriese, G. Hilton, C. Reintsema, J. Ullom, L. Vale, A. Walton, W. Parkes, C. Dunare, P. Ade, D. Bintley, F. Gannaway, C. Hunt, G. Pisano, R. Sudiwala, I. Walker, A. Woodcraft, M. Fich, M. Halpern, J. Kycia, D. Naylor, P. Bastien, G. Mitchell

9. The Large Millimeter Telescope
F.P. Schloerb, L. Carrasco, E. Brinks

10. An Overview of the Submillimeter Array Telescope
A. Peck, A. Schinckel, SMA team

11. Tunable Heterodyne Receivers - A Promising Outlook for Future Mid-Infrared Interferometry
C. Straubmeier, R. Schieder, G. Sonnabend, D. Wirtz, V. Vetterle, M. Sornig, A. Eckart

12. ESPRIT – Exploratory Submillimeter sPace Radio Interferometric Telescope
W. Wild, L. Venema, J. Cernicharo

13. Fizeau Interferometry with the LBT Astronomy on the Way to ELTs
W. Gaessler, T.M. Herbst, R. Ragazzoni, A. Eckart, G. Weigelt

14. MUSE: 3D Spectroscopy with Large Telescopes
A. Kelz, M.M. Roth, M. Steinmetz

15. Layer-Oriented MCAO Projects for 8-m Class Telescopes and Possible Scientific Outcome
M. Lombini, R. Ragazzoni, C. Arcidiacono, A. Baruffolo, G. Cresci, E. Diolaiti, R. Falomo, W. Gaessler, F. Mannucci, E. Vernet, J. Vernet, M. Xompero

16. Prospects for an Extremely Large Synthesis Array
A. Quirrenbach

17. Interferometry in the Near-Infrared: 1 Mas Resolution at the Wavelength of 1 Micron
G. Weigelt, Y. Balega, T. Beckert, T. Driebe, K.-H. Hofmann, K. Ohnaka, T. Preibisch, D. Schertl, M. Wittkowski

18. Electrical and Geometrical Characterization of the Silicon Flight Sensors of the GLAST/LAT Tracking System
M. Brigida, C. Favuzzi, P.G. Fusco, F. Gargano, N. Giglietto, F. Giordano, F. Loparco, B. Marangelli, M.N. Mazziotta, N. Mirizzi, S. Rainó, P. Spinelli

19. Environmental Testing of the GLAST Tracker Subsystem
M. Brigida, C. Favuzzi, P.G. Fusco, F. Gargano, N. Giglietto, F. Giordano, F. Loparco, B. Marangelli, M.N. Mazziotta, N. Mirizzi, S. Rainó, P. Spinelli

20. The Potential of a Large Cherenkov Array for Supersymmetry and Cosmology
E. Giraud, A. Falvard, J. Lavalle, S. Sajjad, G. Vasileiadis

21. MAGIC: First Observational Results and Perspectives for Future Developments
T. Hengstebeck, O. Kalekin, M. Merck, R. Mirzoyan, N. Pavel, T. Schweizer, M. Shayduk

22. LOBSTER - Astrophysics with Lobster Eye Telescopes
R. Hudec, L. Pina, A. Inneman, L. Sveda

23. Novel Light-Weight X-ray Optics for Future X-ray Telescopes
R. Hudec, L. Pina, A. Inneman, V. Brožek

24. GLAST LAT Science Prospects
O. Reimer

25. Astrophysics with Astronomical Plate Archives
R. Hudec

26. Virtual Observatories and Access to Radio Interferometry Data
A.M.S. Richards, S.T. Garrington, P.A. Harrison, T.W.B. Muxlow, A.M. Stirling, N. Winstanley, M.G. Allen, B. Vollmer, T. Venturi, P. Lamb, R. Power, N.A. Walton, P. Padovani

Part II. Fundamental Physics and Cosmology

27. Fundamental Physics with the SKA: Strong-Field Tests of Gravity Using Pulsars and Black Holes
M. Kramer

28. Measuring Variations in the Fundamental Constants with the Square Kilometre Array
S. Curran

29. ELT Observations of Supernovae at the Edge of the Universe
M.D. Valle, R. Gilmozzi, N. Panagia, J. Bergeron, P. Madau, J. Spyromilio, P. Dierickx

30. SKA and the Magnetic Universe
R. Beck, B. Gaensler, L. Feretti

31. SSF as a Manifestation of Protoobjects in the Dark Ages Epoch: Theory and Experiment
V.K. Dubrovich, A.T. Bajkova, V.B. Khaikin

32. Cosmic Ray Astrophysics with AMS-02
E. Lanciotti

33. Studying the Nature of Dark Energy with Current and Future Instruments
T.H. Reiprich

34. Project ASTRAL: All-sky Space Telescope to Record Afterglow Locations
G. Tsarevsky, G. Bisnovaty-Kogan, A. Pozanenko, G.M. Beskin, S. Bondar, V. Rumyantsev

Part III. High-redshift Universe, Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution

35. Overview of the Science Case for a 50–100m Extremely Large Telescope
I. Hook

36. Distant Galaxies and Extremely Large Telescopes
M.N. Bremer, M.D. Lehnert

37. Extragalactic Science with the Allen Telescope Array
G.C. Bower

38. Spectral Aging in the Relic Radio Galaxy B2 0924+30
L. Gregorini, M. Jamrozy, U. Klein, K.-H. Mack, P. Parma

39. Extragalactic Sources with Extended Radio Emission
M. Jamrozy, U. Klein, K.-H. Mack

40. The B3VLA Sample at Low Frequencies: Results from a Survey at 74 MHz
K.-H. Mack, M. Vigotti, L. Gregorini, U. Klein, W. Tschager, R.T. Schilizzi, I.A.G. Snellen

41. Modeling the Faint Radio Population: The NanoJY Radio Sky
I. Prandoni, H.R. de Ruiter, P. Parma

42. Radio View of Merging Clusters of Galaxies
T. Venturi, S. Bardelli, D. Dallacasa, S. Giacintucci, P. Rao, E. Zucca

Part IV. AGN and Compact Objects

43. Active Galactic Nuclei at the Crossroads of Astrophysics
A. Lobanov, J.A. Zensus

44. New Frontiers in AGN Astrophysics: The X-ray Perspective
T. Boller, L. Gallo

45. Deep Radio Source Surveys with the SKA
K.I. Kellermann

46. e-VLBI… a Wide-Field Imaging Instrument with Milliarcsecond Resolution & Microjy Sensitivity
M.A. Garrett

47. Results from Observations of AGNs with the H·E·S·S· Telescope System and Future Plans
M. Punch

48. The Innermost Regions of AGN with Future mm-VLBI
I. Agudo, T.P. Krichbaum, U. Bach, A. Pagels, B.W. Sohn, D.A. Graham, A. Witzel, J.A. Zensus, J.L. Gómez, M. Bremer, M. Grewing

49. Probing the Gravitational Redshift Effect from the Relativistic Jets of Compact AGN
T.G. Arshakian

50. VLBA Surveys and Preparation of the “RADIOASTRON” Mission
A. Chuprikov, I. Guirin

51. The Radio Properties of Low Power BL Lacs
M. Giroletti, G. Giovannini

52. Probes of Jet-Disk-Coupling in AGN from Combined VLBI and X-Ray Observations
M. Kadler, J. Kerp, E. Ros, K.A. Weaver, J.A. Zensus

53. Towards the Event Horizon: High Resolution VLBI Imaging of Nuclei of Active Galaxies
T.P. Krichbaum, D.A. Graham, A. Witzel, J.A. Zensus, A. Greve, M. Grewing, M. Bremer, S. Doeleman, R.B. Phillips, A.E.E. Rogers, H. Fagg, P. Strittmatter, L. Ziurys

54. Two-Component Model for the AGN Broad Line Region
L. ?. Popovi?

Part V. ISM and Formation and Evolution of Stars

55. The Physics and Chemistry of High Mass Star Formation with ALMA
T.L. Wilson

56. Building Complex Molecules During Star- and Planet Formation: Synergy of Infrared and Millimeter Observations
E.F. van Dishoeck

57. GAIA: Composition, Formation and Evolution of Our Galaxy
G. Gilmore

58. Large—Scale Surveys with the Arecibo Multibeam System
P.F. Goldsmith

59. Preliminary Science Results from the Submillimeter Array
A.B. Peck

60. On the Relevance and Future of UV Astronomy
A.I.G. de Castro

61. Interrelations Between Strömgren and Vilnius Photometric Systems: An Improvement of Stellar Classification
N. Kaltcheva, J. Knude

62. HH 110 Proper Motions
R. López, A. Riera, R. Estalella, A.C. Raga

63. The Effect of the Galactic Gas Distribution on the Expected Cosmic Rays Spectrum
M. Mollá, M. Aguilar, J. Alcaraz, J. Berdugo, J. Casaus, C. Díaz, E. Lanciotti, C. Mañá, J. Marín, G. Martínez, C. Palomares, E. Sánchez, I. Sevilla, A.S. Torrentó

64. Exploring Star Formation in the Galactic Centre Region: From ISO to ALMA
F. Schuller, F. Bertoldi, M. Felli, K.M. Menten, A. Omont, L. Testi

65. Future Observations of Cosmic Masers
V. Slysh

Part VI. Planets and Origins of Life

66. Detection and Characterization of Extra-Solar Planets: Future Space Missions
M.A.C. Perryman

67. Down to Earths, with OWL
O.R. Hainaut, F. Rahoui, R. Gilmozzi

68. High-Precision Radio Astrometry: The Search for Extrasolar Planets
J.C. Guirado, E. Ros

69. The CHEOPS Project: Characterizing Exoplanets by Opto-infrared Polarimetry and Spectroscopy
M. Feldt, R. Gratton, S. Hippler, H.M. Schmid, M. Turatto, R. Waters, T. Henning

70. Towards High-Precision Astrometry: Diferential Delay Lines for PRIMA@VLTI
R. Launhardt, Th. Henning, D. Queloz, A. Quirrenbach

Keywords: Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Measurement Science, Instrumentation, Relativity and Cosmology

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ESO Astrophysics Symposia European Southern Observatory
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