Gil, Antonio J.

Geodetic Deformation Monitoring: From Geophysical to Engineering Roles

Gil, Antonio J. - Geodetic Deformation Monitoring: From Geophysical to Engineering Roles, ebook


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Table of contents

1. Recent Crustal Movements, Geodetic Tasks, History, Present and Future
H. G. Henneberg

Session A. General Methods for Deformation Analysis

2. Estimating Crustal Deformation Parameters from Geodetic Data: Review of Existing Methodologies, Open Problems and New Challenges
Athanasios Dermanis, Christopher Kotsakis

3. The Bayesian Approach Applied to Significant Deformation Identification
F. Sansò, M. Clara Lacy

4. Deformations Detection by a Bayesian Approach: Prior Information Representation and Testing Criteria Definition
A. Albertella, N. Cazzaniga, F. Sansò, F. Sacerdote, M. Crespi, L. Luzietti

5. Spectral Analysis of Geoidal Signals at Points of Geodynamical Interest Used in the Investigation of the Depth of Mass-Density Causal “Sources” of Ground Deformations
M. G. Doufexopoulou, B. A. Massinas, G. Bartha

6. Deformations Monitoring by Integrating Local and Global Reference Systems
J. Zurutuza, M. J. Sevilla

7. Uncertainty Modeling in Local Geodetic Networks
M. Chueca, S. Baselga, J. L. Berné, I. C. Maestro

Session B. Special Measurement Tools, Data Integration and Specific Models

8. PS InSAR Integrated with Geotechnical GIS: Some Examples from Southern Lombardia
C. Meisina, F. Zucca, D. Fossati, M. Ceriani, J. Allievi

9. Tidal Errors and Deformations in Regional GPS Networks
L. Biagi, G. Pietrantonio, F. Riguzzi

10. The Treatment of Time Continuous GPS Observations for the Determination of Regional Deformation Parameters
Ludovico Biagi, Athanasios Dermanis

11. High Precision GPS Deformation Monitoring using Single Receiver Carrier Phase Data
Noor Raziq, Philip Collier

12. Automated Form Recognition of Laser Scanned Deformable Objects
Christian Hesse, Hansjörg Kutterer

13. The Impact of Vertical Refraction at Local Three-Dimensional Engineering Control Networks
J. Casaca, M. J. Henriques, J. Coelho

14. Monitoring and Analysing Structural Movements with Precise Inclination Sensors
B. Erol, S. Erol, R. N. Çelik

Session C. Geodynamical Applications, Crustal Deformation

15. Tilting and Horizontal Movement at and across the Northern Border of the Adria Plate
Chiara Pinato Gabrieli, Carla Braitenberg, Ildiko’ Nagy, David Zuliani

16. Deformation Monitoring in Northern Israel between the Years 1996 and 2002
L. Shahar, G. Even-Tzur

17. Designing the Configuration of the Geodetic-Geodynamic Network in Israel
G. Even-Tzur

18. Monitoring of Deformations Along Fethiye-Burdur Fault Zone (Turkey) with GPS
S. Erdogan, M. Sahin, H. Yavasoglu, H. Karaman, T. Erden, S. Bilgi, G. Ruzgar, E. Tari, Z. Coskun, O. Tuysuz, M. Gullu, T. Baybura, I. Tiryakioglu, O. Erdogan, F. Taktak, E. Gokalp, Y. Boz

19. Monitoring Crustal Movements and Sea Level in Lanzarote
L. García-Cañada, M. J. Sevilla

20. GPS Measurements along the North Anatolian Fault Zone on the Mid-Anatolia Segment
H. Yavasoglu, E. Tari, H. Karaman, M. Sahin, O. Baykal, T. Erden, S. Bilgi, G. Ruzgar, C. D. Ince, S. Ergintav, R. Çakmak, U. Tari, O. Tuysuz

21. Assessment of Coulomb Stress Changes Associated with the 1995 Aigion Earthquake in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece)
C. Mitsakaki, M. Sakellariou, D. Tsinas, A. Marinou

22. Studies on Crustal Structure and Gravity in the Eastern Alps
E. Brückl, U. Mitterbauer, M. Behm

23. Observing Fennoscandian Gravity Change by Absolute Gravimetry
L. Timmen, O. Gitlein, J. Müller, H. Denker, J. Mäkinen, M. Bilker, B. R. Pettersen, D. I. Lysaker, O. C. D. Omang, J. G. G. Svendsen, H. Wilmes, R. Falk, A. Reinhold, W. Hoppe, H.-G. Scherneck, B. Engen, B. G. Harsson, A. Engfeldt, M. Lilje, G. Strykowski, R. Forsberg

24. A Model of Plate Motions
F. Riguzzi, M. Crespi, M. Cuffaro, C. Doglioni, F. Giannone

25. Geodetic Control of the Present Tectonic Deformation of the Betic Cordillera (Spain)
P. Alfaro, A. Estévez, E. B. Blázquez, M. J. Borque, M. S. Garrido, A. J. Gil, M. C. Lacy, A. M. Ruiz, J. Giménez, S. Molina, G. Rodríguez-Caderot, M. Ruiz-Morales, C. Sanz de Galdeano

26. Horizontal Deformation Models for Deception Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica)
M. Berrocoso, M. E. Ramírez, A. Fernández

27. Geodetic and Geophysical Repeated Measurements in Geodynamic Monitoring Networks of Estonia
Tarmo Kall, Tõnis Oja

Session D. Local and Engineering Applications

28. Modelling of Strains and Stresses of the Earth- Crust in the Zones of Ecologically Dangerous Objects
C. Aksamitauskas, A. Zakarevicius, A. Stanionis

29. Accuracy of Displacement Monitoring at Large Dams with GPS
Nuno Lima, J. Casaca, M. J. Henriques

30. Analyzing the Deformations of a Bridge Using GPS and Levelling Data
S. Erol, B. Erol, T. Ayan

31. GPS for Subsidence Detection, the Case Study of Aguascalientes
R. Esquivel, A. Hernández, M. E. Zermeño

32. Aerial Digital Photogrammetric Monitoring for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
J. Cardenal, J. Delgado, E. Mata, A. González, J. Remondo, R. Díaz de Terán, E. Francés, L. Salas, J. Bonaechea, I. Olague, A. M. Felicisimo, Ch. J. Chung, A. Fabbri, A. Soares

33. Deformation Analysis to Study Erosion in Sloped Olive Orchards.
M. I. Ramos, A. J. Gil, F. R. Feito.

34. Geodetic Inspections Using Distance Measurements: Applications to “La Cohilla” Dam (Cantabria, Spain)
R. Ferrer Torío, B. Piña Patón, J. M. Luis Ruiz, Ma L. Ruiz Bedia, E. Castillo López

35. Investigation of a Building’s Response in Tunnel Excavation
George D. Georgopoulos

36. Ground Surface Settlements due to Underground Works
Elisavet Telioni

37. GNSS/LPS Based Online Control and Alarm System (GOCA) - Mathematical Models and Technical Realization of a System for Natural and Geotechnical Deformation Monitoring and Hazard Prevention
R. Jäger, F. González


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