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Plant Electrophysiology

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Table of contents

Part I. Methods of Plant Electrophysiology

1. Historical Introduction to Plant Electrophysiology
Rainer Stahlberg

2. Electrochemical Methods and Measuring Transmembrane Ion Gradients
Anthony J. Miller, Darren M. Wells

3. Non-Invasive Microelectrode Ion Flux Measurements In Plant Stress Physiology
Sergey Shabala

4. Electrochemical Sensor Applications to the Study of Molecular Physiology and Analyte Flux in Plants
Mark A. Messerli, Kenneth R. Robinson, Peter J. S. Smith

5. Use of Non-Invasive Ion-Selective Microelectrode Techniques for the Study of Plant Development
Joseph G. Kunkel, Sofia Cordeiro, Yu (Jeff) Xu, Alan M. Shipley, José A. Feijó

6. Use of Double Barrel Micropipettes to Voltage-Clamp Plant and Fungal Cells
Roger R. Lew

7. New Solid State Microsensors in Plant Physiology
Stefano Mancuso, Anna Maria Marras

8. Electrophysiological Characterization of Plant Cation Channels
Vadim Demidchik, Anatoly Sokolik, Vladimir Yurin

9. Magnetic Measurements in Plant Electrophysiology
Zvonko Trontelj, Gerhard Thiel, Vojko Jazbinsek

Part II. Plant Electrophysiology

10. Electrogenic Pumps
Roger M. Spanswick

11. Effects of Electrical and Electromagnetic Fields on Plants and Related Topics
Andrew Goldsworthy

12. Long-Distance Electrical Signaling and Physiological Functions in Higher Plants
Jörg Fromm

13. Potassium Homeostasis in Salinized Plant Tissues
Tracey A. Cuin, Sergey Shabala

14. Electrophysiology in Mechanosensing and Wounding Response
Teruo Shimmen

15. Electrochemical Potential Around the Plant Root in Relation to Metabolism and Growth Acceleration
Tsutomu Takamura

16. Electrophysiology of Turgor Regulation in Charophyte Cells
Mary J. Beilby, Mary A. Bisson, Virginia A. Shepherd

17. Electrical Signals in Plants: Facts and Hypotheses
Eric Davies

18. Electrophysiology of Plant Gravitropism
Bratislav Stankovi?

19. Electrochemistry of Plant Life
Alexander G. Volkov, Courtney L. Brown

20. Electrophysiology and Plant Responses to Biotic Stress
Massimo Maffei, Simone Bossi

21. Control of Plant Development by Hydro-Electrochemical Signal Transduction: a Means for Understanding Photoperiodic Flower Induction
Edgar Wagner, Lars Lehner, Justyna Veit, Johannes Normann, Marco Vervliet-Scheebaum, Jolana T. P. Albrechtová

Keywords: Life Sciences, Plant Physiology, Plant Biochemistry, Biological Techniques, Cell Biology, Plant Sciences

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